Survive the Upcoming New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Mark your calendars cosmic warriors! We’re officially in eclipse season!

After a month of raring-to-go Aries energy, get ready to step into earthy vibes with a New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th, 2022.

Eclipses herald a time of abrupt life changes.

There’s an “It’s-meant-to-be” energy this month that’s hard to miss. To add to this mayhem, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, stations retrograde on April 29th. Clearly, the skies want you to know that life could shift in a monumental way this month.

This energy can be unnerving for many. We get it! Nobody’s a fan of sudden unexpected events.

Scroll down to learn what this solar eclipse in Taurus means for you. We’ve also included a solar eclipse ritual to help you survive this April 30th lunation.

What is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus?

Yearly twice, a set of lunar and solar eclipses (they always occur in pairs) shine a light on our soul path and serve to correct our course if we are lost.

Lunar eclipses are typically a time to let go of the old while solar eclipses symbolize new beginnings and a fresh start.

Eclipses along the Taurus – Scorpio axis began on November 19th, 2021 and will continue to illuminate Taurean matters of:

  • Stability,
  • Security
  • Material needs
  • And what we value.

Additionally, prep yourself to deep dive into all things Scorpio:

  • Death, rebirth, and transformation
  • Occult, Mysticism, Astrology, Psychology
  • Dark emotions
  • And taxes

Needless to say, Fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius will be most affected.

For the rest of the Cardinal and Mutable signs, think back to the November 2021 eclipse.

  • What was the narrative in your life?
  • Which area of life was most affected for you?

Notice how the events of April/May could be a continuation of it. Whatever has been bubbling beneath for the past six months is likely to be amplified. Knowing this should hopefully give you a head start to prepare for your karmic lessons.

Astro tip: Check your birth chart to see which zodiac sign houses your lunar nodes. If these happen to be Taurus – Scorpio, fasten your seat belts folks! It’s about to get real bumpy!

Use this free birth chart calculator to find out the location of your lunar nodes.

Energy Shifts During a Solar Eclipse

During a solar eclipse, the Sun is temporarily masked by the Moon. Astrologically speaking, the Sun is our self-identity, our health, and vitality. Expect a temporary dip in these areas and whatever your sun sign is in your birth chart.

Solar eclipses open up a new chapter in your life. That said, given the unpredictability, it’s best to wait till the end of eclipse season before you begin new projects or sign a new contract.

Letters from beyond: Did you know? This is a time when the veil between the spiritual realm and our world is lifted.

Tune in to subtle messages in the form of repeating numbers and even coincidences. Don’t forget to notice heightened synchronicities that are happening to you.

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Why Detox During a Solar Eclipse?

Per Vedic astrology, the lunar nodes swallow the Sun’s vibrant rays, exposing us to its negative elements (harmful UV rays), proven by scientific research.

Health takes a back seat, and our digestion slows down during a solar eclipse. Thankfully, practicing the wisdom of ancient civilizations can help us mitigate these health risks. Detoxing, fasting, staying indoors, and amping up spiritual practices are a few must-try steps.

Detoxing during a solar eclipse is TLC for your mind, body, and soul. Read on to find out how!

Try These 3 Detox Rituals

1. Physical Detox

Contrary to what the detox market would have you believe, you don’t need fancy products or liver-cleanse supplements to do a detox. Here’s a simple-yet-effective detox using all-natural products.

Your Eclipse Day Physical Detox Ritual:

  1. Start your day with warm lemon water.
  2. “Hydration, hydration, hydration” is a great mantra to push out toxins from the body.
  3. Dry brushing: Try this before your shower on eclipse day. It’s a great way to activate your lymphatic circulation, which also helps with exfoliation for younger healthier-looking skin.
  4. Eat real food: Food is solar energy. The Sun is going M.I.A. during this Taurus solar eclipse, which makes it extra important to maximize solar energy intake. Also, give your gut a much-needed break and say no to canned food, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and any other gut stimulants. So, wear your meal-planning hat and whip up some eat-the-rainbow recipes!
  5. Cruciferous vegetables are your new best friend: A warm meal with broccoli/Brussel sprouts/kale/ and/or cauliflower is exactly what your liver needs on eclipse day. The liver and spleen are central organs of the Solar Plexus chakra and depend on the Sun’s radiance for their function. So go ahead and show these always-working organs some love.
  6. Movement is medicine: We’re being exposed to cosmic energy during eclipse month. Movement helps ward off harmful cosmic rays and makes space for the high-frequency energy to settle into our bodies. What’s your favorite way to move? Be it yoga, pilates, kickboxing, or running, be sure to include a movement routine on eclipse day. Moving your body is a great way to ground especially this Taurus month.

2. Mental Detox

Nothing screams social media/screen-time detox more than an eclipse. It’s a great time to ask ourselves: “Is the content we consume nourishing our mind?”

Raise your hand if you are ready to detox on your phone! While this is hard to do, it is surely worth it! 

Let the following steps serve as your guide for a mental detox during the eclipse.

Your Eclipse Day Mental Detox Ritual:

  1. Go off the grid: Delete unused apps, unfollow those who aren’t adding value to you on social media, add screen-time locks and switch off your phone for a few hours during eclipse day.
  2. Practice mindfulness: Being present in the now is extra-important this month. Down-to-Earth Taurus energy brings about sensual vibes. It’s a time to get in tune with our senses and immerse ourselves in the moment. Take note of distractions that your mind tricks you to make mindfulness difficult for you.
  3. Get grounded: Ground yourself daily the week of the eclipse to release negative thoughts. Maximize time outdoors.
  4. Intention setting: Get crystal clear on what you want to manifest. Visualize a day-in-my-life of a future dream life you want for yourself. (Remember, solar eclipses offer us a clean slate for a fresh start). Even if results aren’t immediately visible, know that the Universe is working for you behind the scenes.

3. Emotional Detox

This Taurus New Moon solar eclipse is a pivotal time to confront your deep-seated fears and insecurities.

Ask yourself these five questions to help you get through whatever is weighing you down.

  1. What emotions is this eclipse bringing up right now for me?
  2. What is my current crisis asking me to let go of?
  3. How is this karmic/soul lesson helping me grow?
  4. What new beginnings is my soul seeking?
  5. What steps can I take in my daily life for manifesting my soul’s desire?

Remember to feel your feelings—this is key for emotional purging.

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Find Release with this Eclipse

The Universe is pushing us to release what’s not serving our higher self this eclipse season. While abrupt endings are hard, life is never linear; its cyclical tide reminds us that new beginnings are awaiting us.

And although, the results of this lunation can feel like a sudden jolt, know that the skies mean well and want you to up your vibe.

Who is ready to give a high-five to the most anticipated cosmic event of spring 2022? The upcoming solar eclipse in Taurus already whispered “You’re welcome!”

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