7 Solar Eclipse Healing Rituals for New Beginnings

We are closing out the year with some gorgeous energy, earthlings, as a solar eclipse arrives under the New Moon in Capricorn on December 26.

The New Moon arrives December 26 and gives you peak eclipse energy until Saturday, December 28, but the energy is still available long after that. This is game-changing eclipse energy that you can make New Moon wishes on for things that will last right through January 2020 and the first month of the New Year.

It’s very difficult to make decisions, especially those involving new beginnings as a brand new year starts, without that information. So this is why eclipses can be a little dicey to work with, and why they are often feared.

But they shouldn’t be. They are opportunities for that tabula rasa, that clean slate of life we always look forward to after every wrinkle. And with a solar eclipse happening right before a new year begins, the Universe is saying, “here are some wishes on a silver platter for you, Earthlings.”

Today we are going to look at how to use healing crystals in solar eclipse healing rituals to help you manifest those very miracles.

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New Moon & Solar Eclipse Themes to Remember for 2020

New Moons are about new beginnings, and eclipses are often about information. The information could be on something romantic or domestic, like feelings. Or it could be related to a practical matter in your life, like a big real estate move or a job change. New Moon eclipses are always solar eclipses, where the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun on its orbit. So something is eclipsed from the information portal for the time being.

This is the physical sense of an eclipse when you consider using this physical meaning in an esoteric fashion. And that is what we are here for today, to show you how to dive into your toolbox of divination tools, including healing crystals, to use the last major Moon event of 2019 in an epic and game-changing way for 2020.

Solar eclipses are always accompanying New Moons, and it is the Sun that is eclipsed right now. New beginnings based in secrets are amok amok amok. The Sun represents your self, so you may have some secrets swirling around you connected to your sense of self.

So for example, if the New Moon solar eclipse falls in your home sector, your sense of self at home may experience some changes. Stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes to keep tabs on where and when to amplify your sense of self.

In the esoteric world, we use eclipse energy to explore a new portal of our consciousness. It’s a beautiful time to dive deeper into your own personal journey. This awareness in and of itself can help you to experience game-changing things in your life, even if nobody else can see it. That could be what is eclipsed from the picture. You have a secret about yourself that nobody else knows. Intuitive exploration is favored and rewarded under this eclipse, but only if you are doing so with clear intent.

One of the easiest ways to explore this solar eclipse New Moon portal of potential is with healing crystals. We are going to talk about how to do solar eclipse rituals with healing crystals, and these are rituals you can use right through the first month of 2020, as you work on manifesting some beautiful new beginnings in your life. Shop the full set of healing crystals and begin this empowering and uplifting work today.

The themes you are focusing your intent on now are about your sense of self, who you are and how the world sees you, and the information you need to access to get yourself there. This intent, paired with these solar eclipse rituals, will help you to manifest some amazing New Moon wishes this week, and well into January 2020.

Ritual Tools You Will Need:

A solar eclipse healing ritual with healing crystal is as long or as short as you want it to be. You can have a quick one during an inter-office meeting to get clarity on where your focus needs to be. Nobody ever needs to know about it. Make sure your tools are calibrated for use during these rituals that you can do anytime.

Sage. Sage is the universal cleanser of all negative energy. It always helps you reboot and reset your tools to an even and clear plate. Use sage on all of your healing crystals between uses. New Moons and solar eclipses are about new beginnings and what better way to manifest those than with a cleaning reboot with sage every now and then under the New Moon and solar eclipse.

Establish symbols. Decide what an ending and what a new beginning looks like. You may get messages, signs, or synchronicities under this New Moon or eclipse that you aren’t sure of. Ask your guides and angels to show you what a new beginning symbol is, and then look for that. Those are more present under a New Moon eclipse. When you use healing crystals in conjunction with this symbol work, a new world awakens. And this is exactly what New Moon eclipses are all about. It’s a new day. Decide with your angels what you should look for when that happens.

Choose your eclipse healing crystals. The most common ones for solar eclipse healing rituals are obsidian, agate, and Sun or Moonstone. We’ll get to the why’s on that in a minute. Be sure that you are stocked up. You may also want to consider a chakra pendulum to add to your toolkit for 2020 eclipse season. It has all of the healing crystals you will need to navigate the change-making energy of the 2020 eclipse season.

Let there be light. A candle is the purest way to bring light into the picture under a solar eclipse healing ritual. But even the light from the flashlight on your phone on your break at work helps too. Bring light into your solar eclipse ritual. Use the vibrations of your healing crystals with your powerful intentions clear the way to manifesting your New Moon solar eclipse wishes.

Solar Eclipse Healing Rituals

Now that you have the tools you will need, you can start practicing your solar eclipse healing rituals with healing crystals right away. Keep your thoughts and intentions pure, and you will manifest more than you think. There’s a ritual for each of the three healing crystals mentioned above.

1. Sunstone or Moonstone

You enjoy both Sun and Moon energy in a New Moon and solar eclipse, so sunstone or moonstone are excellent stones to use in healing rituals. Have your stones charged by the Sun the day before by just laying them in the Sun the day before. Then, use the light of the Moon the night before your ritual to continue the charge. This will bring a balance into your wishes.

Light a candle, write your wish down. Hold the Sunstone or Moonstone in one hand as you burn your wish on the candle with your other. Just hold the wish on its paper to the flame and let the Universe take the smoke from this wish to the Netherlands of a different dimension that grants your wishes.

2. Agate

Green or black agate is another powerful to use in solar eclipse healing rituals. It is a stone that restores inner peace. If a wrinkle arises during this year’s last Moon event that is a solar eclipse event, use agate to help you bring it all back to center. This stone can be used to meditate on your Root chakra, red in color, to remind you of what really matters in life. It could be your people you come home to every night, or, something or someone else.

Eclipse energy can be emotionally intense. Keep your agate cleansed every day, recharge it as often as you do your phone but using the moonlight, and make wishes that help you feel balanced. Tucking agate into pockets and desk drawers around you, in areas of significance in your life, can help you to always stay rooted and grounded in what really matters in life.

3. Obsidian

Obsidian is the next ideal tool to have for solar eclipse healing rituals because it is the naturalist of all-natural healing stones. If you are experiencing recent emotional wounds, Obsidian is the Universe’s way of putting a band-aid on it. It can repair and heal wounds in your spiritual aura and psychic phenomenon. But you can also just use it to feel emotionally better during this New Moon and solar eclipse.

Cleanse your obsidian with sage, light a candle, and use it to make wishes on new beginnings that stimulate who you are as a person. Your soul wants to sing right now, and obsidian is going to help you find the way to bring that voice out. When you do, magic happens.

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4. Rose Quartz

This is among the most commonly used healing crystals, and it serves the all-purpose function of spreading love. Rose quartz is also a crystal of healing, and can be used for those in need of wellness or the pink light that heals all wounds, emotional, spiritual, or physical. Rose quartz also activates the light of unconditional love. Use rose quartz during a solar eclipse ritual to heal, forgive, and find that spot of unconditional love. Hold it over your heart, and you will actually hear your Heart chakra sing. Now, make your New Moon wish! Your new beginning awaits.

5. Carnelian

This is a traditional stone that connects you to your Root chakra, and is the color of the Root chakra. It offers a stabilizing rustic hue that can even be red. Carnelian gives you the grounding you need to stand and sit up tall, feeling grounded by your people and your work that sustains your needs on your path to abundance. Carnelian is a stone of courage, and it takes great courage to make big wishes under a New Moon eclipse.

6. Clear Quartz

When there is a New Moon and solar eclipse, the veil between this side and the Other Side is very thin. This is why we often encourage you to use your psychic senses when making your New Moon eclipse rituals and wishes. But one problem you could have if you are not careful is the opening of the door to negative spirit, and it is out there.

Negative spirit does not like the celebration and joy of the holiday. Keep some cleansed clear quartz around your New Moon eclipse ritual, whether you are wearing it or just placing it near your bed, you are warding off all negative energy.

7. Lapis Lazuli

This is another all-purpose stone that will provide a beautiful healing energy to any New Moon solar eclipse ritual. This is the stone that is intended to activate your Crown chakra, which is the one that contains your connection to the Divine. It is this simple white cord of light that you can draw on when your Crown chakra is activated, to access your guides and angels.

That is only one means of accessing them, prayer, meditation, and yoga work wonders. These are all things you can do and incorporate the healing crystal of lapis lazuli in order to strengthen your “hearing” and “seeing” when the Divine sends you messages. These messages will protect you and give you the clarity you need to word those New Moon solar eclipse wishes wisely.

Final Thoughts…

If your first response is to freak out at the thought of a solar eclipse and a New Moon event, right before a new year, don’t. Look at it as a refreshing validation of the banquet of opportunities for new beginnings you have available to you.

Keep doing what you are doing with your divination tools, healing crystals, and all of the other tools in your toolkit such as your Daily Horoscopes. Take the New Moon solar eclipse one day and one healing crystal ritual at a time. What wishes are you hoping will manifest under this energy?

What are your New Moon wishes?

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