Solar Return: Your Personal New Year

What if I told you that your birthday is actually your own personal New Year? No, not just a reason to drink too much champagne and celebrate. I mean a new year in your life where you are faced with a fresh set of experiences that are intended for your own personal growth. In astrology, we call this your Solar Return.

How to Calculate your Solar Return

When you are born, the Sun in your birth chart was in a specific position in the zodiac. This position is measured to the exact degree, minute, and second. Each year the transiting Sun goes through the entire wheel of the zodiac crossing over every degree of the 12 signs. Your Solar Return happens when the transiting Sun returns to the exact position of your natal Sun in your birth chart.

For example, let’s say you were born with the Sun in Libra at 28 degrees, 11 minutes and 10 seconds. When the transiting Sun returns to 28 degrees, 11 minutes and 10 seconds of Libra, it conjuncts your natal Sun. That is the exact moment of your Solar Return. The stars align and your new year intentions are set.

A Map for Your New Year

Your Solar Return runs birthday to birthday and presents a personal horoscope for the year ahead. The intentions of your personal new year are outlined in a Solar Return chart. Think of the Solar Return chart as the birth chart of a new year in your life. It contains planetary placements that detail life lessons and experiences that you will encounter in order to promote your growth and evolution during the next 12 months.

The placement of the personal planets in your Solar Return chart provides a road map of how to navigate the year ahead. They show you where to focus your attention and outline the resolutions that are intended to bring about change and growth.

The Sun in Your Solar Return

As the name might suggest, the Sun is the most significant planet in the Solar Return. Its position and sign indicate the main area of life that will be in focus and how you will be expending most of your energy as you aim to achieve your new year resolutions.

For example, if the Sun falls within your 1st House in your Solar Return, it shows a need to develop your sense of self. To be assertive in your quest for self-development and personal achievement. Much of the energy you will expend will be on projects or goals that relate to self-interest and much of it will be done alone.

The Moon in Your Solar Return

The placement, sign and aspects of your Solar Return Moon indicate the area of life that you will see great emotional change and also reflects your emotional nature for the year ahead. It indicates your feelings, temperament, and emotional needs. Unlike the Sun, which is associated with external experience, the Moon is more closely associated with the inner experience and the need for internal emotional fulfillment.

For example, if the Moon falls in the 11th House of your Solar Return, it indicates that you have a dream or goal you are working toward that has implications for serving the greater good of society. As you work to complete this goal, you will feel a deep sense of purpose and emotional fulfillment. Much of your emotional growth will be tied to your personal commitment to this project, idea, or goal.

Mercury in Your Solar Return

Mercury’s placement and sign in your Solar Return symbolize your mental conditioning for the year ahead. It emphasizes what you are thinking about and how your mind will react to what you experience.

For example, if Mercury is in a Mutable sign it indicates a certain lack of focus and organization of your thoughts. It may be difficult to clearly focus on a particular experience or issue and you may seek the advice of others. Growth comes from finding alone time to reflect on what is important to you and how to mentally process what you are experiencing without influence from external forces.

Venus in Your Solar Return

Venus in your Solar Return is key to understanding the role of relationships (both personal and material) in your year ahead. How you connect with others, what you value in your life, and how you will find comfort. The placement of Venus will show what relationships will be important during the coming year.

For example, Venus in the 6th House, will emphasize pleasant work conditions and relationships with those you serve. It will also indicate a need to reevaluate your health and daily habits. It will ask, what are your turning to for comfort?

Mars in Your Solar Return

Mars represents how you will be expending energy during the year ahead in order to manifest the intention(s) you set. Its placement and sign show what external influences will be taking up much of your energy and how much you will have to give towards your goal.

For example, Mars in the 5th house indicates your energy will be focused on a more creative style of self-expression. You may see shifts in how assertive you are and are likely to take risks to find external outlets in which to shine.

Jupiter in Your Solar Return

Where you find Jupiter in your Solar Return you are sure to see beneficial events! The house placement of Jupiter in your Solar Return brings expansion and prosperity to that area of your life, typically accompanied by some type of learning in the form of education, self-teaching, or life experience.

For example, having Jupiter in the 2nd house indicates your financial situation will improve as you learn how best to earn money in a way that aligns with your values. This is all about you earning money doing what you love. For some, that may be pursuing a second job or what I like to call a “side hustle”.

Saturn in Your Solar Return

Oh, Saturn. Our favourite father figure of astrology. The placement of Saturn in your Solar Return chart shows you where structure and organization are needed in order to release the limitations imposed by your present pattern of living in a specific area of your life.

For example, Saturn in the 12th house implies the presence of deep emotional blockages which must be overcome, such as fear and guilt. By facing your fears and focusing on inner reflections, you will be able to release the anxieties and emotional responses which may be limiting your full growth and potential.


I no longer celebrate birthdays, I celebrate Solar Returns. By celebrating your Solar Return, you release the attachment to age and focus on your potential.

I ask you, on your next Solar Return, to create an intention setting ritual and come up with resolutions for the year ahead that have a deep personal meaning and are aligned with what is written in the stars for you!

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