Your Weekly Tarotscope for May 8 – 14, 2023

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You may not be ready to believe that we’re nearing the midway through May, but this week is undoubtedly ready for you.

We’ve been dealing with the effects of Mercury retrograde in Taurus for a hot minute, but this week we’re closing things out with this communicative celestial body going direct (finally).

In other words, on May 14th, we’ll finally catch our breaths and say goodbye to this retrograde, “unstucking” ourselves from holding our tongues or (seemingly excessively long) planning and reflective phases.

So, you’ll obviously want to know what this all means for you personally. And that’s why we’ve pulled out the trusty Tarot to help us with that part yet again!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for May 8 – 14, 2023


10 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aries may be known for their Fiery ambitions and spirit, but this week has you in a strange slump.

With the 10 of Pentacles reversed you may be feeling weirdly focused on long-term visions and stability — more concerned with practicality, groundedness, the home, and “traditional” standards of security.

Sometimes your go-getter spirit can seem so opposed to how everyone else cautiously plans out their lives. Occasionally, you may spiral into self-doubt about whether or not you’re doing the right thing.

This week is one of those tricky times. Remember, Aries — you can never truly go wrong from listening to your heart.


Judgement (Reversed)

Taurus may need to double and triple-check themselves before proceeding.

Judgement reversed shakes up your headspace, calling into question your ability to pass judgement and deliberation on important things.

Alternatively, you may feel like overbearing voices of authority are clouding your mind and heart right now, impacting your ability to choose things fully on your own. The standards of the world may seem much louder.

Key advice: it’s important to solidify your own voice before you try to gauge what is “right” or “wrong” in the grand scheme of the world or collective.


Queen of Wands

You’ve had a rough go these past couple of weeks, Gemini.

This week finally brings in a break in the form of the Queen of Wands. Now is a time for confidence, celebration, self-expression, and creativity.

And if you’ve been wanting to start something new, show off an entrepreneurial idea, jet set on a mini-adventure, or even something else, this week is prime time for just going for it.

No more planning, waiting, or questioning. Spread your wings and fly, Gemini.


2 of Wands (Reversed)

Cancer may be finding themselves at a crossroads.

You’re stuck at the 2 of Wands reversed, perhaps questioning whether or not you’re “good enough” to go after your biggest, most real dreams. Or maybe you’re pretty that you’re on the right track, and yet you’re procrastinating the full plunge.

Whatever it is, this energy is not one you’ll want to just let slide. 

Face these anxieties, roadblocks, and concerns head-on, or you risk that stagnancy building up even more.


4 of Wands

Leo is vibing, thriving, and living alongside some of the greatest.

And by that, we mean: this is a fantastic week for connecting with friends and loved ones. With the 4 of Wands in play, this week is all about having fun, celebrating, and uplifting those around you.

Of course, no one really needs to teach Leo, of all signs, how to party, self-express boldly, or hype up their favorite people. This energy radiates out of you naturally.

So in another way… this is also the Tarot’s way of just telling you to be yourself!


The Lovers

Life is full of choices, Virgo, and not all of them can be assessed with pure logic.

The Lovers puts you at a crossroads, but not just a black-and-white one. This week is one where emotions run high, and options are abundant. 

And they’re not all as obvious as an A or B choice — sometimes it’s about choosing your words thoughtfully, knowing when to self-express in a vulnerable moment, or juggling a few options at the same time.

Choose with your heart this week, Virgo. Running with instead of against the current of emotional flow will aid you greatly.


10 of Swords (Reversed)

Libra is ready to move on… for real this time.

The 10 of Swords reversed shows you acknowledging that there have been situations that have held you back, hurt you, or even seriously brought you to your knees.

At the same time, its reversal indicates that it’s time to see the light of day and no longer focus on the dead of night. This week is about turning a new leaf and saying “goodbye” to the past.

Of course, saying “goodbye” is much more genuine if you’re willing to face it all first. Don’t take any shortcuts either on your way out.


King of Cups (Reversed)

Scorpio is deep in their feelings this week, and it’s not all a good thing.

With you, it doesn’t always have to be all sunshine and rainbows to be meaningful, of course. Scorpios know and appreciate the depth, and sometimes that comes with a kind of emotional honesty that isn’t always pretty.

So, on the one hand, the King of Cups reversed can be a productive look at some of your shadowy traits, memories, and past issues. You may find that a lot of them resurface right now.

However, you must also be careful not to stew too deeply in all of this. Eventually, you’ll have to turn the page and take a step forward.


5 of Wands

Sagittarius is no stranger to chaos, but this week offers a brand of chaos that you may not find all too appealing.

The 5 of Wands is something you can handle as an adaptable, quick-witted, and adventurous sign. This card of chaos with seemingly no source or solution can often require those traits in order to make it out unscathed.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Tensions are running high, disagreements are still running amok, and it seems like the tail end of Mercury retrograde is destined to go out with a bang for you, wild archer.

With some patience and flexibility, you’ll still come out the other side just fine.


Death (Reversed)

Capricorn isn’t interested in changing too much right now, but change is interested in Capricorn.

Death reversed knocks at your door, demanding that you pay attention to the parts of your life (and yourself) that have room for growth.

You’re a fan of sticking to your plans, but sometimes the Universe knows that you have room to blossom into more things that you previously didn’t even think you were capable of.

Now is a time to trust that moving outside of your comfort zone may be more rewarding than you realize.


Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

Lately, it seems like the Universe is conspiring against Aquarius.

Or at least, that’s certainly how it can feel with the Wheel of Fortune reversed on the table. It’s harder to trust that you’re “on the right path” when everything seems to work weirdly against you or fall apart unexpectedly at the seams.

But no matter what, a little glitch in the journey isn’t going to prevent Aquarius from getting to where they’re destined to go.

And while it may be hard to trust that right now, this card asks that you still surrender to the whims of the forces that may be… and have a little faith.


10 of Cups (Reversed)

Pisces is going through it this week.

Mostly, your emotional state is out of balance, as the 10 of Cups reversed centers your desires and dreams and hints that you’re feeling disconnected from and possibly unworthy of them.

For Pisces, it’s easy for the imagination to run wild. When things seemingly aren’t going well (especially in an abstract, emotional way), it’s hard to ground yourself back to reality and be productive.

This vicious loop is best broken with a little practical self-care, mediation, and affirmations (to remind yourself how worthy you truly are, of course).

Make the Most of Mercury Direct

The Tarot has spoken, and now you can too!

Although Mercury retrograde is a semi-common occurrence in the grand scheme of astrological movements, we tend to hear about it more frequently than most other events.

It has quite a notorious reputation, and we often hear about how we can prepare for its reckoning and learn how to deal with it properly. Because of it, we have been dealing with frequent miscommunications, strange brushes with the past, and more.

But we don’t often hear how we can appreciate Mercury direct when it’s finally here. And now, this week actually gives you the space to prepare for and appreciate it!

How will you be taking advantage of the clear air?

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