The Best Thing That Will Happen to You Before 2021 Ends, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Doesn’t it feel like 2021 just flew by in a blink? Fall is officially upon us, and with just 80 days left for the year to end, it’s a great time to consider what else the stars have to offer us in 2021.

Scroll down to learn more about your 2021 zodiac predictions for what is left of the year and what exactly you can expect before the year ends.

What Has Happened in 2021 So Far?

There’s been a lot of team-spirited activity going on astrologically this year.

For starters, 2021 has seen rebellious Uranus (in Fixed Taurus) square off with tradition-loving Saturn in Aquarius. While the actual square is marked by three important dates, the entire year was sprinkled with the theme of this planetary war bringing transformational changes for many zodiac signs.

The cupid of the zodiac, Venus, will be going retrograde on December 19th, setting the stage for an interesting holiday season. If you hear back from an ex, remember to stay grounded while making the decision to let back this old flame of yours.

The mischievous messenger of the zodiac, Mercury, will be in retrograde (Hello, chaos!) for the last time this year between September 27th to October 18th, 2021.

How were your last two Mercury Retrogrades this year? This last one being in Libra, has its central theme around relationships. This makes for a great time to be re-evaluating where you stand in your relationships and how you can strive to make them healthier.

Brace yourself for the fall/winter eclipse season this year.

A Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19th has a good chance of redefining what intense means for each of our zodiac signs. This November, we will be getting a feel for what will unfold in 2022 eclipses, all of which fall on the Scorpio-Taurus axis. Better start getting used to a whole new level of intense!

The December 4th Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius should bring completion to story themes that began earlier during the summer eclipses of this year.

Finally, Jupiter is hanging out in Aquarius for the rest of the year, putting a positive spin on reform and change at the grassroots level. From December 28th onwards, it moves into Pisces, so expect it to expand all-things-Pisces in your life.

2021 Predictions for the Zodiac Signs


With Saturn in your 11th house of network circles, Aries, this year might have felt like a giant ol’ social bonanza for all you rams.

Your Cardinal energy might have been expended in socializing, zoom calls, and making the most of professional networking. For the rest of the year, the November Lunar Eclipse brings a key focus on how you value your resources, wealth, and expenses. It’s all about that money, after all!

Plus, the December 4th Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius asks that you question the validity of your beliefs.


Let’s just say it out loud, shall we, Taurus?

Coping with sudden change is not your favorite thing to do! A Fixed sign such as you, who is all about structure, plan, stability, consistency, might have had a challenging time this year with unpredictable Uranus in your sign driving its lightning bolt down onto you.

The last Uranus Saturn square on December 24th is the last one you will have to deal with in a while. Bet this planetary transit has made resilience your new last name this whole year. Ain’t that a good thing?!

You will be feeling this winter’s eclipse season (particularly the November 19th Lunar Eclipse in your own sign) to be extra intense. It will herald a powerful time to reflect and release whatever is not serving you.

But inhale and exhale (now do it two more times!) because, with newfound perspective and a new transformation, you can make the most of the year-end and step into 2022 as a whole new you!


Mercury Retrograde affects you more so than other signs, Gemini. Watch out for chaos and miscommunication till October 18th. Also, know that you have a whole lot of Mutable energy, which gives you the ability to handle the sudden change at a moment’s notice.

The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius helps you tie up loose ends with relationships and other 7th house-related themes that might have started summer of this year.

Plus, the last Saturn-Uranus square is likely to push you to re-evaluate your beliefs if you already haven’t. Out with the old Gemini!

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We all love security and loads of money, don’t we, Cancer? But this winter, expect to receive clumps of cash.

Did you scream and shout yet? What are you waiting for?

The theme of Saturn in Aquarius makes you rethink and transform your values when it comes to inherited wealth and alternate sources of income. Additionally, all-things-hidden could be brought to the fore on December 24th when Uranus and Saturn meet for their final clash of this year.

By the end of the year, you would have transformed the 8th house matters (truth, sex, hidden mysteries, and hidden wealth) of your life to a considerable extent.


Love, partnerships, marriage, and long-term relationships may have been on your mind this year, Leo. Saturn, the taskmaster of the planets, has been hanging out in your 7th house of partnerships this year and might have made sure to re-examine where you stand with your relationships.

The final square off on December 24th is likely to be a big one on the relationship front for you. Expect to see some deep transformation in this area of your life.

Venus is going retrograde in your 6th house of work and daily routines on December 19th and will be asking you to revisit and revise your routines for the better, just in time for the holidays.


From December 19th onwards, know that you will be heavily focused on matters of the heart, romance, and creativity thanks to the planet of love Venus going retrograde in Capricorn, your 5th house of pleasure.

You might hear back from an ex during this time, Virgo! Bet your reticent, introverted sign can’t wait for it to be over and done with already?

But chin up buttercup, any relationship awkwardness can be easily navigated thanks to the gas giant Jupiter getting ready to station himself in Pisces, your 7th house of relationships, on December 28th.


The third and final Mercury Retrograde of the year happens to be in your sign, Libra. We have to ask – How’s it going? Are your balances all thrown off? Fortunately, being an Air sign, we trust you have what it takes to navigate this chaotic mayhem.

With Saturn positioned in Aquarius, your 5th house might have put a strain on your ability to get onto dating apps and get some romance going in the air. This tension is likely to peak on December 24th, with the last and final Uranus-Saturn square of the year.

But with that being said, you can actually use Saturn’s patterns to your advantage. This planet’s energy in Aquarius, another Air sign, might leave you feeling lighter and brighter. Your outlook for this year’s end is bright, Libra!

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Intense – isn’t that your middle name, Scorpio?

This winter Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is intense and puts your focus straight on relationships.

Consider – what are some of your unhealthy thought patterns and habits that are hindering genuine connection and deep intimacy for you? Reflect and let it go with this Lunar Eclipse.

Also, prepare for a whole year of eclipses on the Scorpio-Taurus axis. Eclipses have a way of bringing fated endings and clear the slate for new beginnings. And while relationships are what you hold onto with your dear heart, remind yourself that you are a master of death and rebirth, Scorpio.

You got this!


Saturn in your 3rd house of communication, short distance travel, relation with siblings must have put a dent in your ability to communicate in general, but more so with your siblings. Any sibling/communication drama will intensify on December 24th during the last Uranus-Saturn square. Know that it is for the better and molds you into a better version of yourself, Sagittarius.

Jupiter is entering Pisces, your 4th house of home and family, on December 28th. Expect yourself to be cozying with a blanket by the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate shots with your family.

Did you ask, “Why isn’t it the holidays yet?” We’re kind of with you on that.


Venus is going retrograde in your own sign, Capricorn! All attention on you from December 19th onwards and into 2022. Did you cringe just a little hearing this? We’re sure you will manage just fine!

This year, Saturn has been testing your ability to manage material resources and wealth management in your 2nd house of Aquarius. Have you not been able to make your typical material purchases and watched some niggles come through? Well, now you know why!

Don’t fret, Cap. You always figure out a way.


Lights, camera, action! Look! Saturn Uranus square has put a spotlight straight on you.

Your 1st house has been highlighted through the year, but most of all, on February 14th, June 14th, and December 24th. Did you feel thrown out of your comfort zone this year, Aquarius? If you did and coping with change was hard for you, remember that growth happens only outside your comfort zone.

Remind yourself that you did the best you could. This transformative energy is sure to hit a high note during the November 19th and December 4th eclipses. But don’t say “Oh-No!” just yet – abundant Jupiter will enter Pisces, your 2nd house, on December 28th, making this an excellent time for focusing on material wealth.

We say, go ahead and make your holiday shopping list extra indulgent and guilt-free.


You are the natural 12th house of the zodiac ruling all-things-subconscious mind. While all-things-subconscious seem like the home ground for you, Saturn in Aquarius (your 12th house), this year is asking you to plunge deeper than ever before into the depths of your subconscious ocean.

Your inner world has been thus far a prime focus, dear Pisces. Even if it might have felt intense at times, the year-end puts a positive spin for you, with expansive Jupiter entering your sign on December 28th, bringing good luck and abundance your way.

Additionally, the eclipses put a spotlight on home and family allowing you to see that home is where happiness begins.

Are You Saying, Yay or Nay?

Okay, so each of you’ve checked your 2021 zodiac predictions (and that of your crush/partner/friend/bae, too! Psst: We get it! It’s now become the norm).

Let us know what shaped the year for you and what you are looking forward to the most for the fall and winter of 2021.

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