Capricorn Sex Horoscope: Tomorrow

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Feb 22, 2024 - Jealousy can flare up at the most unexpected times, and while you tend to avoid messy emotions to the best of your ability, today the green-eyed monster might set up camp in your heart. With bountiful Jupiter moving through your romantic and glamorous 5th House, you’re a little more prone to Machiavellian power plays when it comes to romance.

Couple this with the Moon in your secretive and sexy 8th House sending both of these planets a tough square, and you’ve got a recipe for a romantic explosion. This could lead to some raucous romps in the bedroom, but you’ll probably have to cross a minefield to get there first.

Before you invite someone to come back home with you make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons; is this for fun or something else? With 8th House energy in the mix your motivations can get more than a little murky.

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