Capricorn Sex Horoscope: Yesterday

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Mar 25, 2023 - It’s time to get back to the people in your life, Capricorn. For the last seven months motivator Mars has been working his way through mercurial Gemini and your systematic 6th House of work and routine, and while he’s been occupying this sector of your chart it wouldn’t be one bit surprising if life has felt a little less exciting than you’d prefer. Too much routine is never a good thing for any sign, ever if you do belong to the Earth element.

Today, however, Mars moves into emotional Cancer and your 7th House of one-on-one relationships, orienting your focus and your energy to the special people in your life. If there isn’t anyone you deem especially special, then just know that with the sex god of the zodiac currently occupying this sector of your chart you’ve got a whole new slew of opportunities coming your way. Sparks are about to fly, so get ready.

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