Libra Love Horoscope: Yesterday

Libra Zodiac Sign

May 17, 2024 - Today is the perfect day for you to communicate those feelings that you generally don't feel comfortable sharing with your partner. The Moon is in Virgo and in your 12th house.

True connection is not possible if you are not willing to share your "darker" secrets with your partner. We generally think that if we were to express certain things that we would scare our partners away, but the reality is, if that is a relationship worth keeping, it will actually only bring you closer.

How can you develop an agreement with your partner where you promise to be transparent and honest with one another while holding safe space for each other?

May 17, 2024 - The stars are coming together in a lucrative alignment, and while you’ve got the ability to make use of this positive energy, it might be a little more difficult for you to harness than other signs. The reason for this is that the intuitive…

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May 17, 2024 - The stars are coming together overhead in a sensual alignment, and while some signs might take this energy to the bank, you should focus on taking it to the bedroom. The reason for this is that the emotional Moon will be sending out a…


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