3 Planets Are Entering Gemini Along With the Sun & Moon – Find Out What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign!

gemini stellium

Happy Gemini Season! The Sun moved into Gemini on May 20th, 2024, which means we’re now into Gemini season for the next month (until the Sun exits Gemini on June 20th).

Gemini Season is a fantastic time for conversation, learning, teaching, being engaged, keeping busy, and being on the go. It’s a busy time during Gemini season, so pack that schedule!

This Gemini season is ESPECIALLY big because Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are ALL moving to Gemini too! They join the Sun in this sign, and we have a Gemini New Moon coming to boot.

So huge, let’s go!

P.S. Make sure to use the free astrology calendar to keep track of all the movements of the planets through the zodiac signs!

About Gemini in Astrology

Gemini is an Air sign, and the Air signs include Libra and Aquarius. These signs are the signs of the mind and are intellectual, curious, and connected mentally. They are also highly sociable and easily engage with others.

Gemini is also a Mutable sign, along with Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. The Mutable signs are highly adaptable and go with the flow of situations and relationships. These signs don’t get stuck and keep things moving no matter what.

Put this together, and Gemini is a sign that is mentally adaptable and quick on its (mental) feet. Gemini is quick with short-term plans, jumps from one idea to the next, and can take in lots of new information, but also forget it pretty easily sometimes.

The natural ruling planet for Gemini is Mercury, the planet of the mind. Mercury is active and doesn’t like to sit still, so neither does Gemini.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and it can be of two minds about anything and everything. One idea is not enough, and there must always be more to play with.

So, all of this is extra strong during Gemini season and extra-extra strong during this one with all of these planets moving to Gemini! In fact, we’ll experience what’s called a stellium, which is when three or more planets are together in one zodiac sign, and this time we’ll have four (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter).

Stelliums pack a big punch and house a ton of energy with whatever the sign they occur in rules, so that’s Gemini for us now. It’s a time for lots of new ideas, lots of new learning, lots of information flowing, lots of communication, lots of social activity, and lots of movement in every way.

The Sun in Gemini

Light Up Ideas

The base energy of the Sun is to shine a light, so the Sun in Gemini shines a light on our ideas, plans, and activities. We can give more attention to mental talents and have more to say.

We can give more attention to the ideas of others as well and can be more engaging than usual. We may also give more attention to matters within our communities and involve our neighbors since Gemini rules our immediate environment.

There can be more movement, but it’s short and quick since Gemini rules short travel. We may walk more, take the bus or drive more, ride bicycles, skateboard, and rollerblade.

We can give more attention to education since Gemini is a ruler of learning, but this is our primary learning in our younger years rather than higher learning to gain expertise. We may help someone out who needs some guidance with something elementary or do some mentoring for kids.

Mercury in Gemini

Comfortable With the Mind

As mentioned, Mercury is the natural ruling planet of Gemini, which means Mercury in Gemini puts Mercury at home. Since Mercury rules this sign, that means we’re all more comfortable with our mental energy, communication, and engagement when Mercury is touring Gemini.

We can strive to express ourselves and come up with new ways of doing so. We can share our opinions and thoughts more easily, and we want to be and demand to be heard.

We can gather information, which helps with the short-term plans we’re working on and may lead to new ideas. We can share our knowledge as well and help others with their own plans.

Mercury will enter Gemini on June 3rd to stay until June 17th, so it’s only two weeks as Mercury moves quickly when it’s got momentum. This is when we’re most comfortable with this energy.

Venus in Gemini

Pleasant Conversation

Venus is the planet of relationships and connections, and is a pleasant and easy planet, so when Venus is in Gemini, this means our communications are much more pleasant. We can be more agreeable, and we can find a way to express ourselves that isn’t offensive or irritating so others can understand us.

Mental connection can be more important in our relationships, partnerships, and alliances, and we can work to improve where that may be weak. We can engage in long conversations with others online, via text, over the phone, or in person, and once we get talking, we can cover everything and then some!

We can also enjoy using our minds, so we can enjoy learning something new, doing some writing, or teaching others. This may benefit us with projects and any work.

Venus is going to enter Gemini very soon, on May 23rd, and stays in Gemini until June 17th. This period is when we’re able to connect mentally and pleasantly communicate.

Jupiter in Gemini

Expand the Mind

Jupiter spends about one year in each zodiac sign, so it’s a big deal when Jupiter changes signs and we embark on a whole new Jupiter cycle. Jupiter moving into Gemini lasts until June of next year.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, opportunity, expansion, experiences, and possibilities, so Jupiter in Gemini brings many new ideas, plans, communications, and conversations, which benefit us by leading to new opportunities and experiences.

Jupiter focuses on the bright side, and Gemini rules the mind, so Jupiter in Gemini means we will be super optimistic. We have a good view of both the big picture, thanks to Jupiter, and the little picture, thanks to Gemini, so we can create excellent plans that help us create our own opportunities.

Mental talents can also be super beneficial, and this could be a great time to write a book, start a blog, hone your expertise, or teach a class. You can also expand your mind and work on learning something that benefits your life.

This isn’t a time to take it easy and go slow. Jupiter in Taurus was all about that, but that is coming to a close very soon, and everything starts to speed up. Stay active and engaged, keep up, and make the most of it!

Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25th and, as mentioned, stays for one year. But we do have this stellium energy right now with planets piled up in Gemini, so this is one of the best periods over the next year to use the energy (so don’t wait too long).

Gemini New Moon

Opportunities Now

On June 6th, we’ll have a Gemini New Moon. New Moons are times of new beginnings, energy, enthusiasm, and excitement, and they can act as triggers for new developments and new pursuits. This is a time of opportunity.

With the New Moon in Gemini, this is an opportunity to pursue ideas, to take an idea and do something tangible with it, to take action with your plans, to get the news you need, to learn a helpful skill, to have important engagements, and to utilize your mind.

This Gemini New Moon comes with all four planets in Gemini as Mercury enters just three days earlier, so this Gemini energy is likely at its strongest around this New Moon.

Make a list of your ideas, and pick one or two that you can get started with around the New Moon. What steps do you need to take? How can you make progress quickly? Leave flexibility in your plans, and don’t get stalled.

Gemini Stellium 2024 Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs


This is a big period for you to be active and busy, Aries, and you can focus on opportunities for your ideas. You can be flexible, and your mind can operate so quickly that you think yourself out of jams fast.

Use the New Moon to focus on taking action with one of your ideas. You can see activity with it quickly, but it might also be something that you focus on for the next year, thanks to Jupiter, so keep with it.


All four of these planets exit your sign, Taurus, and you’ve been a beneficiary of Jupiter in your sign for the last year. With that coming to a close, you may feel that the rapid rush of unexpected opportunities slows down, and you can focus on utilizing this energy to stabilize.

The next year is one where you build on what you’ve already started and maybe relax a little bit. Use ideas to ground yourself, improve security, and get access to new resources. This period can be one full of abundance if you let it come to you.


This is your time to shine, Gemini! It’s all for you, and the next year is a great one for you with Jupiter in your sign, but you’ve got a boost over the next month thanks to the stellium and New Moon. Take action fast.

Focus on what you want for yourself, something that excites you and that you feel motivated to pursue. Gather ideas, work on plans, and utilize opportunities that come your way.


This might seem a little quieter for you than the other signs, Cancer, as this energy keeps you more in the background. That’s okay, though, and you can thrive there, out of the spotlight and away from prying eyes slowing you down.

You can pursue opportunities to work on your own and may come up with ideas for how you can get something important either finished or cleared out. You may also want to sort through your ideas and clear some subconscious sludge to pave the way for healing and growth.


This period is excellent for focusing on your dreams for the future, Leo, and you can feel excited about what’s possible for you now. Hopefully, Jupiter brought progress and achievement in Taurus for you, and you can now focus on taking that to the next level over the next year in Gemini.

Be hopeful, think outside the box, and be okay with doing things differently. Your social circle might expand, which can bring more opportunities to you, and you can benefit from the friends you have.


This is an amazing period for success for you, Virgo, and you can hit your stride, reach new heights, get recognition, and succeed in big ways with anything you’ve been working on for some time and have done the right way and for the right reasons.

If there hasn’t been a goal to work on, that can change, and you can come up with ideas for new goals that excite you. The New Moon can bring opportunities for quick progress and new long-term plans.


Expanding and exploring can be a big priority for you now, Libra, and you likely want to get out and go. The last year may have had you focused on serious matters and how you want to focus on the good and leave the past behind you.

Take risks in smart ways, and believe in yourself and your abilities. Open up to what’s possible, and start taking action to have new experiences you can learn from.


The next year can be one focused on empowerment for you, Scorpio, and you can strive to take more control in life and strengthen your will. This empowers you, and you become more comfortable with your personal power, which can be considerable.

You may opt to pursue mutually beneficial projects and ventures at the New Moon, and you can be open to sharing. You can also do more research, and this helps you solve long-standing problems.


This Gemini energy highlights the connections in your life, Sagittarius, and you can focus on your relationships, commitments, partnerships, and alliances. You can strengthen them, commit further, or create new ones that benefit you in many ways.

You can be a great cheerleader for others and enjoy being of help and giving support. This can be rewarded as opportunities come to you through other people, especially around the New Moon.


This is a time for work, Capricorn, and you can get new work projects started, embark on a new job, or devote yourself to some sort of new pursuit in your daily life. You can be focused, detailed, engaged, and thorough.

This might get you some attention, and the New Moon can bring recognition for work you’ve done or opportunities to get started with new projects. You can focus on making sure you’re enjoying yourself daily with whatever you do.


Your heart opens wide now, Aquarius, and you can be more romantic, affectionate, and generous with love. If single, you can find you have way more suitors over the next year, and especially over the next month, and are open to love; if attached, the love you have can grow.

Creativity can also surge, and you might even get a little attention for your creative talents and hobbies. You may embark on a new creative project with the New Moon and feel inspired.


A stable foundation becomes more important for you now, Pisces, and it can be easier for you to feel stronger internally, soothe yourself emotionally, and tackle home and family matters. You can build a support system and find comfort.

This allows you to work on something from the ground up, and this might get started with the New Moon. This is a project or plan where you can see some big developments in about six months, but it might be a focus for up to six more years.

Good Luck This Gemini Season!

This is such a great time for Gemini energy, and it’s only just beginning! Enjoy the next month, be engaging and expressive, and open your mind.

A reminder of the dates:

  • Sun in Gemini: May 20th – June 20th, 2024
  • Mercury in Gemini: June 3 – 17, 2024
  • Venus in Gemini: March 23rd – June 17th, 2024
  • Jupiter in Gemini: May 23rd, 2024 – June 9th, 2025
  • Gemini New Moon: June 6th, 2024

They’re all in Gemini June 3 – 17th, 2024, and the New Moon is in that period as well.

Good luck, and get moving!

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