10 Crystals to Promote Positivity This Holiday Season

Crystals and gemstones have been around for ages, and it’s no surprise that using them can bring a multitude of different benefits.

Since the dawn of time, their beauty has been crafted by Mother Earth in the depths beneath our civilizations. People have cultivated, mined, cut, and perfected crystals to display, meditate, and heal. Whether the crystals have been bought, gifted, or found, it is important to understand the properties they hold.

Today, we are looking at ten crystals to promote positivity this holiday season because we all could use a boost as we finish off the year.

10 Crystals to Promote Positivity This Holiday Season

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful, semi-transparent gemstone with pink hues. With its deep connection to the Heart chakra, it magnifies emotions of passion and devotion.

Its presence is felt most when worn around the neck, keeping it close to the chest as a pendant. NYC psychic, Midtown Manhattan Psychic, notes that rose quartz is the crystal of self-love. This makes it perfect for those who need to raise their spirits and find enjoyment in their alone time.

2. Golden Tiger’s Eye

Golden tiger’s eye is a favorite crystal for many. The empowerment felt from grasping a tiger’s eye in the palm of your hand is intoxicating. The crystal’s physical properties promote meditation. Its beauty and smooth surface are captivating. The streaks of copper and gold pigments seem to reverberate.

Look inward for strengthening self-promoting positivity while holding this crystal.

3. Amethyst

Amethysts’ royal colors are sure to captivate any gaze.

Amethyst is a rigid crystal with deep purples resonating throughout its body. This crystal will work to rid you of your negative thoughts and is known for being incredibly purifying. It has become a very “trendy” crystal and has physical properties favored for wire wrapping, making it a popular jewelry gem.

Embrace this gem’s powers by keeping it on your person or in your bedroom.

4. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a gem of true intentions and is commonly found tumbled and smooth as well as in its raw crystalline form. It promotes humility as a presenting gem of no color and is an amplifying crystal that is perfect for all situations. It essentially amplifies the energies of other crystals as well as its owner!

Those who keep crystal quartz boosts the immune system by restoring balance and empowering the self.

5. Obsidian

Reinforce your Root chakra by bonding with obsidian. This stark crystal will draw out negative energy with its gravitational presence. Keep this in the “center” of your home by displaying the crystal in your living room.

Its positive qualities lie heavily in protecting those around it from negative energy rather than promoting the positive energy itself. Imagine the tension in your mind and body that will release while keeping this crystal close!


6. Jade

Jade is a beautiful crystal known for its youthful green. Jade’s green ranges from a very light, almost white shade to the deep green it is most recognized for. It is the crystal of eternal youth and promotes positive energy and productivity.

Aligned with the Heart chakra, jade will promote good luck.

Jade rollers have also become increasingly popular and could be an easy way for you to incorporate jade into your routine; try one out this holiday season to indulge in some self-care!





7. Malachite

Malachite is a healing crystal that resonates with the Heart and Throat chakras. Its soft green appearance is reminiscent of the breath of nature found in the forest. Malachite is thought to support healthy dreams and reconnect people with their empathetic selves.

Work on positivity this holiday season by using malachite in your life to better understand others. Carry it with you when having deep conversations with others.

8. Hematite

Let the reflective properties of hematite guide you into a better state of consciousness. Hematite is a heavy crystal that works well to promote self-grounding. Keep this stone in your pocket as a keepsake to share its vigor throughout the day.

You can also use hematite at the end of the day to reflect and meditate before bed instead of scrolling through your social media feeds. This will leave you feeling more refreshed and joyful when you start your morning.

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9. Aquamarine

Aquamarine can refresh your spirits this holiday season. This healing crystal cleanses the mind, body, and spirit with its rejuvenating presence. Aquamarine replenishes and heals just as water does.

Embrace this gemstone with your full self and let it work to heal you of your stress and trauma. Although best kept by empaths, aquamarine can benefit all people.

10. Citrine

Rediscover yourself with citrine! Rockville’s Spiritual Insight by Joyce suggests that citrine’s warm atmosphere promotes self-expression. Welcome new hobbies, or pick up old ones, along with citrine as encouragement.

Spend this time inside during this holiday season to create something. Explore hobbies like knitting and whittling and keep citrine close as a supportive trinket.

Break Free From Negativity This Holiday Season Using Crystals

Rarely do people find themselves with every single one of these crystals mentioned in their collection. While some people shop and hunt to find different crystals, others let crystals find them.

Do not covet your desires.

Instead, work with what you have and truly embrace the crystals that are already in your possession. Use just one of these ten crystals to promote positivity this holiday season, and see how your energy transforms!

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