Taurus Season Love Horoscopes: Shine with Venus

Has Spring Fever hit you yet? If not, there’s still plenty of time. This week we have the exciting transit of commitment arriving: the beautiful glow of the Sun shining on the Fixed sign of the Earth sign Taurus.

Taurus is the most sensual of the Earth signs because Bulls are ruled by love planet Venus. When we have energy focused in Taurus, we have a little bit of the best of both worlds when it comes to romance. As a Fixed Sign, Taurus is loyal, and in it for the long haul, in friendship, work, and love. And Venus well, you know how saucy she can be.

So the next question you are asking is, how can I use this magical glow in my own life? We’re so glad you asked. Because that’s exactly what we are talking about today.

Get Your Venus Shine On With Your Taurus Season Love Horoscopes:

Aries – To thine own self be true.

When the Sun leaves your zodiac sign, Aries, you may feel a little bounce leave your step. But that’s okay. All of the amazing plans that you’ve had during your birthday month can now get rolling. Especially in love. The Sun in Taurus is working your second house of self-confidence, gifts, and talents. Single or attached, it’s time to show your real Self to who you want to woo this Spring. It’s never too late to get real. That creates love bonds that last, so hop to it!

Taurus – Shine, baby, shine.

Happy birthday, Taurus! It’s your time to shine in all areas, including love. Your inner Venus is just sparkling now. Whether you are single or attached, bring your bling to love. Sparkle. That could be an actual sparkle, like a little extra bling on when you go out. Or, it could just be that big beautiful smile of yours. It’s time to show yourself off because baby, they are eating out of the palm of your gorgeous hand. Who do you want, Taurus? OR, what do you want your current relationship to look like? With the Sun in your first house, you decide. This is the long haul, baby, and you know it. Time to lock that in.

Gemini – A chapter closes.

It’s a bit of the end of an era for you, Gemini, when it comes to relationships and love right now. With the Sun in Taurus working your twelfth house of endings for a few weeks, and this means that you will need to focus on your spirituality and what is really working and what isn’t in love. Karma is key in this transit, but don’t worry, if yours needs some help, it’s not too late to tweak things back in order. Make something right in love right now, and you set off a powerful chain reaction of karma that sends something beautiful your way.

Cancer – Get social!

With Sun in Taurus, Cancer, your eleventh house of groups and friendships is activated, and you have a lot of social activity in your favor. Time to get your networking hat on! Or just connect with people that mean a lot to you. When you do, some magical love happens. If you are single, this is the perfect time to tweak that online profile or put yourself out there. You aren’t going to catch any courters by staying home and catching up on Netflix. It’s time to get your inner Venus glowing and put yourself out there. If you are attached, connect with some friends or find some new group settings with your partner to have fun with. A cooking class, a pottery class, some couple’s aerobics, you decide. Get all up with your people, or people in general, and you ignite some sparks in love.

Leo – Your star is rising!

With the Sun in Taurus, your tenth house of career destiny and public image are activated, Leo, and so you are feeling the glow of this transit. You may be more focused on work than you are on love right now, but that’s okay. Your star is rising either way. With this transit in your reputation house, your love life could enhance your current reputation, or, it could harm it. It’s a very public experience right now and you need to decide if that is what you want in love. Something looks shiny, and if your karma is intact, then it is absolutely destined to be yours.

Virgo – Dream big.

With the Sun in Taurus, Virgo, you have your ninth house of foreign affairs and big picture matters lit up for a few weeks. You are thinking long and into the future, and you are thinking big. The little things don’t mean anything in love right now, at least not as much as the big things do. Travel could be a part of your Spring romance, whether you are single or attached. Take a road trip on your own to do some thinking, or, take your honey and go unplugged for a day or two. You will find you are so refreshed you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Libra – Sharing is caring.

You and Taurus share ruler-planets in Venus, Libra, so you both have very similar traits in your own special way. Venus themes ring true in both of you, and that includes enjoying your love of all things pretty. So when the Sun enters Taurus, the Sun is shining on some of these traits of yours as well, in your own special way. With the Sun in Taurus, you have the Sun in your eighth house of shared secrets and shared resources. Because this transit is ruled by the number 8, an upright infinity symbol, this is a very karmic transit where you may see a lot of wonderful blessings, such as more money coming from a partner, or more information sharing with a partner. Secrets are going to help your relationship, Libra, whether you are single or attached. Share your Self, be more open, and magical sparks in love will arrive.

Scorpio – Love blooms.

Taurus is your opposite sign, Scorpio, and that means that you both are extremely compatible. As your opposite sign, when the Fixed sign of the Earth signs Taurus shines, so does your relationship. You may not know what your relationship status is right now, Scorpio, or have a few things available on your plate, as usual. But with the Sun in Taurus, you are going to have the light on some exciting relationship potential. Uranus is also in Taurus right now, and so this transit complements the Sun in Taurus for you by sending you some unexpected moments in love for the next few weeks. No matter what your relationship status is now, expect to have more clarity in love in the coming weeks. Love blooms. So let it, Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Details matter.

With the Sun in Taurus, your sixth house of details and schedules is being activated, and this has some wonderful potential for your love life. It’s all about the little things right now, Sagittarius. Whether you are single or attached, work on these little things in love and you will be noticed. Don’t say no to invitations if you are single, and don’t be afraid to wiggle your schedule around for someone new. Or someone that isn’t so new. These little things are going to be big things soon enough. If you are attached, take care of the little things around the house and this will get noticed as well. Do the dishes for your love while they are taking a bath or putting the kids to bed. Or, do the dishes for your love so that they can take that long-awaited spa bath. You get the picture. It’s all about the little things, Sag. Details matter.

Capricorn – Life’s little pleasures.

You are in for some fun times in love, Capricorn, as the Sun shines in fellow Earth sign Taurus and works your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment. This is also your house of true love, and so you are feeling the good times in love. This is all about the saucy little details in love that make someone feel like they are in the honeymoon stage. You’ll feel this whether you have just met someone, or whether you’ve been with them for decades. Spark up that honeymoon stage again, or just pour on the romance if you are single. And, if you are single, it’s time to get that saucy little Taurus spin on your romantic pursuits. Be sexy, be saucy, and life’s little pleasures will find you.

Aquarius – Home is where the heart is.

With the Sun in Taurus, your fourth house of roots and foundations is activated, Aquarius, and this puts an emphasis on your home sector. The roots of the matters in your life are going to be very important in the coming weeks. But so is your actual home, and just the foundations of life that make your life feel important. Where other zodiac signs are being encouraged to go out and get their saucy on, you will be better served if you stay in, and get your saucy on. This is true whether you are single or attached. Show a part of your legacy and your roots to someone that may be new in your life. Bring them home to meet the family. But you may also be thinking about moving in with someone, buying a home with someone, or making real estate dealings with someone. Attached Aquarius may nurture their domestic center with their partner and see bonds deepen.

Pisces – Lead with feeling words.

With the Sun in Fixed Earth sign Taurus, your third house of communication is being amplified and this gives communication as the upper advantage right now. Especially in love! Taurus is an Earth sign that needs commitment in love, and so if you are looking for a commitment, time to break out those feelings words. Use them, and use them often. Start The Talk now, and don’t be afraid. Or, just use communication gadgets as your tool to open the door there. If you are attached, use communication to deepen current love bonds and bring that spark back. When your lover is away, send them those saucy little texts that are on your mind. Slip little notes in their lunch pack, briefcase, or purse, and let them enjoy some fun little surprises in love when they least expect it. It will bring the love back, Pisces!

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