Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for April 4 – 10, 2022

We’re still in the midst of Aries season, but this week, other planets seem to be taking the stage too.

We’ve got two exciting transits this week. With these planetary movements sandwiching the week ahead, it’s sure to be an interesting mix of energies in the air!

  1. Venus, the planet of love, moves into dreamy Pisces on April 5th.
  2. Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, enters grounded and Earthy Taurus on April 10th.

Keep up with the stars using the free April 2022 astrology calendar!

Staying up-to-date with the cosmos is important, of course, but what does it all mean for you?

This is where your weekly Tarotscope comes in, where we use the Tarot to dive into the week ahead for you and your particular zodiac sign!

Your Tarotscope for this Week


8 of Cups (Reversed)

What are you waiting for, Aries?

The 8 of Cups typically indicates a need to move on from something or someone — even if everything is technically fine “on paper.” The intuition doesn’t lie, and sometimes it alerts you to something not quite being right.

However, the reversal here illuminates some hesitancy, as if you’re not fully sure whether to stay or to go. Right now, listening to your intuition is key, as this card on the table always points to that inner voice of yours having the real answer.

Tune in to yourself and your intuition this week and tune out the extra fluff and opinions coming from the outside.

reminder of the guidance the Tarot has to offer can be a great option to have up your sleeve!

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9 of Swords

Hang in there, Taurus — this week may not be easy breezy.

The 9 of Swords brings an air of anxiety to anything it touches. You may be feeling more “in your head” about work, your relationships, your own identity, and path — just about anything. It may seriously feel like you have to re-evaluate everything you thought you once knew.

Although this week may be hard on the headspace, know that it’s a temporary wave that will pass with some time and patience.

Plus, sometimes, a slump like this can lead to more awareness and appreciation for life when you come out the other end.


The Fool (Reversed)

Ready, set… stop?

Geminis are hitting a bit of a road bump this week. The Fool usually calls forth great new paths and open horizons, but its reversal makes the energy feel more stunted or closed off.

It’s like having a word that you know you know on the tip of your tongue, except the “word” in this case is more to do with your plans and goals moving forward. The key is to not overthink it, Gemini, no matter how tempting it is to let your mind run wild as it typically does.

Deep breaths, and be ready to take a leap and say “yes” to new things without stressing the details too hard.


9 of Wands

It’s not surprising to see the sensitive crab retreat back into their shell every now and then.

The 9 of Wands foretells a bit of a “retreat” in this way, only it’s less about the R&R kind and more about safeguarding your heart and personal matters this time. Cancerians have a tendency to be protective over what matters most to them, and this week it looks like you’re putting that into practice.

It may feel like you have to schedule more “me time” than usual to mull things over, for example, or double or triple check your boxes more often than you normally would.

This sense of caution can be a good thing if it’s not overdone. Just make sure to keep it in balance, Cancer!


The Sun

You’ve come out the other end of a difficult time, Leo, and now it’s time to shine again!

The Sun paints your week with a beautiful ray of light. Now is a time to celebrate the little things in life, tune back in with your inner child, and let your creative and intuitive spirit run wild and free.

Most importantly, The Sun is also about choosing optimism even though you’ve seen hard times. It won’t be coming out of nowhere, but rather from within that bold and beautiful Leo heart!

It’s a good week ahead for you, Leo. Enjoy the sunshine!

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The World

One cycle is nearing its end for Virgo.

The World is the end of a cycle — a signal of completion and fulfillment. This may indicate that some Virgos are literally closing deals, ending a difficult time in your life, or at the endpoint of a goal or project you’ve been working on so far.

With all doors that close, new ones open, of course. It’s very typical for Virgos to have the long-term sights in mind, always preparing for the “next big thing.”

However, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses this week, and celebrate the end of a hard-fought battle.


6 of Pentacles

Feeling generous, Libra?

This week is all about giving and receiving. You may feel more inclined to share your resources with others this week — and this isn’t just about money (although if you’re feeling a donation towards a good cause, this may indeed scratch this card’s itch).

The 6 of Pentacles could also indicate, however, that you’re giving your time, energy, space, and effort, for example. You only have to be cautious that you’re not giving too much, and that there are no ulterior motives involved.

In other words, just be mindful of why and how you give to others this week. You’re all about fairness anyhow, Libra — so we’re not too worried!


6 of Wands

The glory and adoration are yours for the taking, Scorpio — if you want them, of course.

Scorpios are not typically ones to snag the spotlight first, but the 6 of Wands hints that it’s been a long time coming for you to be getting your dues. This isn’t so much about a tangible reward, but about you receiving the recognition and affection that you deserve.

Mostly, this week is about you receiving what you’re owed, so you shouldn’t necessarily expect a random reward. The scales are just tipping back into balance for you, so you don’t need to worry about paying anyone or anything back either.

Accept the pats on the back and the praise, Scorpio. All eyes are on you!


8 of Pentacles

Sagittarians are on their next big adventure… to get some work done!

This week is a productive one for Sagittarius. The 8 of Pentacles shows that you’re hard at work, although this likely isn’t something arising out of nowhere. Most likely, this has to do with projects, goals, and plans you’ve already had floating around for a while.

This is overall a great signal for work, finances, and career for Sagittarius. Rewards won’t come out of thin air, but it’s a productive week nonetheless!


4 of Swords

Rest up, Capricorn — you often need it more than anyone else, after all.

The 4 of Swords is a sign of rest and rejuvenation, although it often comes with a bit of an intense flair too. This week, “rest” may have to be more intensive than just a bit of extra self-care.

It’s more likely that the rest has been a long time coming, and you need to rest up within your mind, body, soul, and heart — a whole holistic treatment.

Taking a break from the chaos of the world and your responsibilities may seem daunting, but it’s often a necessary task to make sure that you don’t face worse burnout later!


Queen of Swords

You’re wielding a sword of intelligence, wit, and communication this week, Aquarius.

With an independent and level-headed approach, you’re channeling the strong-willed energy of the Queen of Swords this week. Her strong will lies in the mind and how she leads with clear, strong, and decisive self-expression, rather than in physical strength.

You may feel more empowered to speak up for yourself, set firm boundaries, and make firm decisions this week.

Be sure to take advantage of this powerful energy!

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The Magician

If you’re ready to channel some creative energy, this week’s card is on your side, Pisces!

The Magician is a beautiful omen for new projects, ideas, and manifestations. This isn’t about the Universe handing you something new though, necessarily.

The truth is that it highlights the talents and skills that already exist. This means that taking advantage of this energy at its best should come with the confidence to take up the spotlight, as well as the awareness of all the goods you possess within you.

You’re a talented soul with much to share to the world — it’s time to put that into action!

Keep in Mind…

Your Tarotscope is only one piece of the pie when it comes to accessing guidance and insights from the Universe.

Experimenting with multiple routes to discerning messages can take on many looks. Maybe you’re a personal Tarot reading kind of person, or you prefer sitting with your personal horoscope instead.

Or, maybe you prefer getting all of the insights all at once and putting the pieces together to see where they overlap. For the biggest picture, sometimes this is a smart move!

Whatever the case, knowing yourself and tuning in with your intuition is the most important part. But, whenever you’re feeling out of sync, returning to your Tarotscope for a reminder of the guidance the Tarot has to offer can be a great option to have up your sleeve!

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