What Crystal Should You Wear, Based on Your Life Path Number?

Your life path number is a special blueprint that reveals your core personality, natural strengths, and weaknesses based on the system of numerology. You can find out yours with our free life path number calculator. Once you know what your special number is, you are ready to amplify the energy of your natural abilities to bring out your potential. This isreally exciting because all of a sudden, you get into your own flow where things feel natural and that means you get to enjoy things a lot more. If you’ve noticed, people who enjoy themselves, tend to be a lot more successful in every aspect of life too!

Today we are focusing on amplifying your strengths by pairing your number up with a few crystals that are known to help with the things you’re already naturally good at. It’s like a natural athlete getting a football scholarship so they can really shine. Even if you’re new to numerology and crystals, this is a pretty straight forward way to focus your energy on your talents by wearing a crystal that reminds you of them daily. The natural resonance of the crystal will bring forward your own best traits.

We’ve given you two options so you can see if you’re more drawn to one. Your intuition often knows which one is best for you at each moment of your life. You can also click on each life path number to learn more about your number.

Which Crystal Should Each Life Path Number Wear?

Life Path 1

Because one is a natural leader and very independent, a great crystal for this frequency is tiger’s eyeTiger’s eye helps one feel confident and ready to start new projects. Because number 1 is going to need to communicate without arrogance, we recommend the soothing blue lace agate which can help you come across without pushing people away.

Life Path 2

This number is a natural mediator and loves to help others. We recommend black obsidian because someone this kind, who is often smoothing out differences, needs a stone that will absorb negativity so they don’t take it on themselves. Additionally, we love turquoise for this number because it facilitates your natural inclination to speak from the heart. So get some turquoise or black obsidian and use it to heal your heart, you deserve it.

Life Path 3

This creative number is one that is playful and helps people see new perspectives. We love the charm and eccentricity that makes three unique and so shiva lingam is a great stone for building passion that you already have naturally. Because your emotions can sometimes get the best of you, a calming amethyst will also help you cool your jets so you stay calm and collected.

Life Path 4

This hardworking sign is practical, reliable, and focused. They like to be productive and have the patience to do a good job. The crystal moss agate can help accentuate your strong sense of order and groundedness that give you opportunities with significant responsibility in life. Because you work so hard, we recommend rose quartz to help you make sure you stay balanced by taking time for yourself.

Life Path 5

The traveller, as the five is known, is one that loves adventure and new experiences. They are bold, courageous and inspire others to get outside of the box. They are creative and thrive on meeting new people and understanding new cultures. Onyx is a great stone that will help you stay protected in the travels you’re sure to have and can help protect you from negativity since you find yourself in any number of environments. Your creativity can be stimulated by citrine, which will also help you attract abundance since you sometimes don’t like holding a steady job.

Life Path 6

This kind and giving nurturer is innocent and idealistic. They will help others until they practically fall over and they are sensitive by nature. We love orange calcite to help maintain a sense of positivity and counteract the highly sensitive emotions of the six. We also love the blue kyanite for the six because this healer’s stone helps protect the aura and grounds higher vibrations into their field so they can do what they do best and assist others.

Life Path 7

This alien-like person is always outside of the box and looks to unconventional methods that can bring people to new ways of thinking. They are not materialistic so we recommend a grounding stone like red garnet to help them keep one foot in the real world to maintain some stability. The enigmatic crystal moldavite which is actually not from the earth as it came from a meteor, is perfect for this number because it heightens their naturally creative and unique mind to see things from an elevated spiritual perspective.

Life Path 8

This business-minded success magnet is someone who has the practicality of a four and the steadfastness of a two. They are hardworking and a natural leader who needs to keep their compassion on to make sure they don’t become driven for the wrong reasons. For that we recommend moonstone which will help activate the upper chakras to keep them spiritually minded in their life. Because they are so driven, we can accentuate that focus with fluorite, which helps with focus and retaining information.

Life Path 9

The spiritual healer is someone who doesn’t think like most people and is almost always ahead of their time. They will talk about new ideas and often be a teacher or inspirational figure in some way. We recommend labradorite because it’s a great stone to ground spiritual energy and snowflake obsidian because it will help them handle the pressure of feeling like they need to do so much that can feel a bit depressing as this stone transmutes negativity.

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Closing Thoughts…

There is no exact perfect crystal for each life path number, but because these numbers are so highly accurate, we can really work with the energy that is unique to you. The neat thing about life path numbers is when you read them for say, the five people closest to you, they are very on point for their tendencies. Think about how you could inspire someone to live their best life by gifting them a piece of jewelry with a crystal that will bring out their personal superpowers.

Crystals carry specific resonance that intuitive people of completely separate cultures have picked up on. They are unique gifts from nature to help us unlock and harness our soul’s purpose.

As you read this, perhaps you feel an excitement building about your own purpose and are starting to get a sense that life can get even better because you can align with the energy you were born with. Every person has gifts and we help you unlock them and remind you they are there so you can love every day and love what you do.

You can also read more about your gifts in your free birth chart. There is much to learn about crystals and gemstones, so be sure to browse our many articles that will help you know how to use them in your home, in meditation, and as spiritual accessories.

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