What Angel Deck You Should Buy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You’ve heard of an oracle deck and have probably ventured into the mystical world of Tarot. But what about angel decks?

Whether you work with or send your intentions to angels or not, anyone can use an angel deck to gain insight and understanding from the divine. Think about how we use “angel numbers” to decipher spiritual messages — anyone can gain some deeper wisdom about their life or path.

But if you’re new to the world of angel decks, maybe you’re on the hunt for a recommendation. If so, you’re in luck! We’re going to delve into some of our favorite angel decks… with a twist!

Read all of our favorites, or you can jump to find your zodiac sign and see which one is most suited for your tastes based on the energy of the cosmos.

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The Best Angel Deck For Your Sign

It’s always a good idea to take a look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs to get a full picture, but you can also look at your Venus sign (which can speak to your personal sense of style) in this case!

Aries – Ascension Angel Cards

Colorful and full of purpose, the Ascension Angel Cards deck is all about empowered choices through divine guidance.

Aries is already a sign of drive and willpower, and having a goal in order to channel the bold Aries spirit properly is often your key to success. An angel oracle that is conscious of choices and encourages you to step into a better version of yourself is a perfect match for you, bold ram!

Taurus – Guardian Angel Messages Tarot

Venus-ruled and therefore full of love, a Taurus might be a somewhat private figure until it comes to those they love and care about.

The steady bull protects and takes care of its own, which is why you’re likely to understand the intentions and nature of a guardian angel. We think the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot is perfect for discerning messages of love, protection, and greater insight in general.

Gemini – Oracle of the Angels

Full of light and beauty, the Oracle of the Angels is full of untapped, unpredictable potential.

Like our Mutable Gemini friends, this deck goes above and beyond to discern insights that, without an open mind, you may otherwise have missed. This deck radiates love, but it also has the potential to open up your mind and ways of thinking to new heights.

Cancer – Angel Wisdom Tarot

Full of symbolism-packed imagery and still within the standard structure of a Tarot deck, the Angel Wisdom Tarot is a great match for hard-shelled Cancer.

Having some kind of foundation is often ideal for you, and an angel deck that bridges angelic wisdom with the standard structure of Tarot is likely to resonate with your intuitive yet homebody spirit.

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Leo – Influence of the Angels Tarot

Majestic, gold-bordered, and full of beautiful art, the Influence of the Angels Tarot is perfectly classic and a show-stopping delight.

And what a better fit than for our equally spotlight-stealing sign Leo?

Don’t be fooled either by its pretty exterior. This deck is just as capable of delivering spiritual messages and insights from the angelic realm, drawing upon the wisdom of the angels just as well.

Virgo – The 72 Angel Cards

A meditative and study tool, the 72 Angel Cards deck is unlike most angel decks out there in its intended purpose.

With written explanations for each angel, this deck may resonate with studious Virgo. Like you, this deck is down-to-earth and easy to understand, but it can also be a great springboard for learning more about angels in general.

Being whip-smart and Mutable, however, we’d be unsurprised if you found more uses outside of the ones mentioned for this deck!

Libra – Angel Feather Messages Deck

The Angel Feather Messages deck is a bit of an untraditional angel-style deck, focusing on minimalist feather imagery with a colorful touch.

Airy and open-minded Libra is always a bit of an unexpected trailblazer themselves, being a Cardinal sign. So a deck that’s (literally) feather-light and innovative is a great fit for you!

Use your previous knowledge of the angels to connect with your desired divine beings with this deck, or use it to create a whole new kind of connection of your own!

Scorpio – Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards

This deck is inspired by the archangels of Atlantis, knee-deep in mystical wisdom and insight from a different realm.

Deep and psychically in-tune, Scorpio tends to appreciate a venture outside of the typical, and the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards will do the trick more than fine.

While we can see the potential for wisdom and beautiful messages already, there’s no doubt that a Scorpio placement will be able to find more insight than we even initially expected!

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Sagittarius – Archangel Light Codes Deck

Full of colorful symbolism and jam-packed with multi-dimensional images and insight, the Archangel Light Codes deck may just be on wild Sagittarius’ level when it comes to moving outside of the box.

This deck is expansive, gilded, and full of cosmic goodness. Whether you want to learn from the guidebook, or you want to use your intuition and sense of adventure to lead the way, this deck is prepared for either experience!

Capricorn – Angel Number Messages & Affirmations Oracle Deck

Down-to-earth and practical Capricorn needs angel messages to be able to match that energy.

The Angel Number Messages & Affirmations Oracle deck focuses on angel numbers and simple, written guidance attached to them.

Searching for the right number or piece of insight can be the right move for the wise old goat who usually has so much to do and get done throughout the day! This deck ensures that your messages are divinely offered but still grounded, practical, and applicable to your day-to-day life.

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Aquarius – Archangels Oracle Deck

With beautiful pops of color and an eccentric, modern feel, this deck is a perfect match for our rebel Aquarius.

The Archangels Oracle deck veers outside of tradition, keeping the divine essence and energy of the archangels but portraying them in a fresh new way. If anyone were to appreciate the innovation, it’s Aquarius, the innovator themselves!

Pisces – Ask Angels Oracle Cards

Light and intuitive, the Ask Angels Oracle Cards can be a great fit for contemplative Pisces.

Do you have thoughts and questions? This deck has answers! But rooted in the guidance of the angels, this deck still has room for unexpected, intuitive insight that you couldn’t get anywhere else — perfect for psychic and open-minded Pisces.

Answering the Call of the Angels

The angels are calling — are you ready to pick up?

An angel deck is a clear one-track way to garner divine insight from angelic beings or just connect on a deeper level with your intuition. However, whether or not you choose a deck from our list, the call of the angels will always be there.

Whether it’s a Tarot, oracle, an angel deck, or something else entirely, there is an abundance of ways to connect with the Universe or something beyond.

How will you take the leap and answer the call?

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