Ahmad Alsayyed

Ahmad Alsayyed studied with the renowned and celebrity astrologer Debra Silverman. He is on Debra’s team of mentors who help teach her online Astrology program. Ahmad has studied the asteroids with Demetra George, one of the leading astrologers on the subject and is currently studying Traditional, Hellenistic Astrology under her tutelage. He has also finished the 1-year course with the Center for Psychological Astrology and is now going through the Mercury Internet School for Psychological Astrology diploma course. He has attended webinars with esteemed astrologers such as Chani Nicholas, Liz Greene, Robert Hand and Steven Forrest.Ahmad is presently participating in an Astrology course with Richard Tarnas and Stan Grof, called Psyche and Cosmos, Using Archetypal Astrology as a Telescope Into Your Depths.Ahmad currently writes Astrology Answers’ Daily Extended Horoscopes, Love Horoscopes and Daily Money Horoscopes

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