Find Clarity for your Sign with the Enlightening Energy of 11/11

By this point, you probably know a bit of the magic, mystique, and wonder that surrounds 11:11 — so what’s with all the hype? And more importantly, how can you be using it too?

There’s definitely something inherently satisfying about numbers aligning like how 11:11 does, and it’s not a new phenomenon to see hype surrounding dates that hold an interesting set of numbers.

Think of all the hubbub surrounding the year 2000 alone or the way we excite ourselves over dates that line up in order (like 11/12/13, for example).

So, what’s the deal with 11/11? It comes around once a year, and there seems to be a mystery to unveil with this date.

What is 11/11?

We have a few sources at play when it comes to understanding this special digit.

Numerology is obviously the biggest, with “1” being a number of particular power and potency. Its association with creation and beginnings means that we often connect its power to manifestation and our own goals.

So when everything aligns, and 11/11 rolls around, or even 11:11 on the clock, we like to make wishes and set intentions, calling in that sweet generative energy of the number one. Plus, there are some that believe 1111 is a sign from the angels, which grants this set of digits its own kind of divine power.

In other words, this date is a special one, and we only get it once per year — so do jot it down on your calendar!

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What Makes This Year’s 11/11 Unique?

Even for a date that only pops up once a year, considering the astrology of this year’s 11/11 makes the date all the more unique.

Every year, 11/11 inevitably occurs during Scorpio season, which makes sense if you consider the Scorpion’s reputation for intuitive power and creative potential (thanks to its Mars ruling).

However, this year, we will see not only the Sun in Scorpio but also Mercury and Mars showing up in this passionate sign. This means its energy is particularly amplified, especially with Scorpio sitting in its home turf of Mars as is.

That’s not all! The Moon, which changes with more frequency, will manage to have joined Saturn and Jupiter in the humanitarian and social sign of Aquarius.

This means that 11/11 is exhibiting some themes of psychic awareness and emotional intensity while also tussling with the concept of community and how our identities fit into that. Intense stuff! But there’s always a way to prepare.

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Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Affected?

With the chart of 11/11 being overtaken with Scorpio and Aquarius energy, which tend to challenge each other in a tense square aspect, it’s no surprise that Scorpio and Aquarius placements will be feeling this energy the most.

However, Taurus placements, who sit opposite Scorpio and square Aquarius, will likely have a challenging time with this array of zodiac alignments as well.

The same goes for Leo placements, which are opposite Aquarius but squaring Scorpio — all tricky but valuable aspects that teach harsh but necessary lessons.

These placements are likely to feel the challenges of 11/11 the most intensely, and after the fog clears, they may be able to use those epiphanies to their advantage in setting new goals and intentions.

That said, anyone can, and should, take advantage of 11/11. Let’s find out how!

Your Checklist to Prepare for 11/11

1. Pause & Reflect

Before jumping into action, the first thing of note is to check in with yourself and your own intuition.

After all, how can you get access to any powerful 11/11 insights or ideas without some silence in order to listen to and receive them first?

This doesn’t have to be as complicated as expecting a grand epiphany. It can be ten minutes of quiet meditation or perhaps even finding a restful time for a quick nap in order to let the mind quiet itself.

2. Give First With Gratitude

Most spiritualists who teach manifestation techniques can tell you that there’s one component of calling in abundance, opportunities, and new insights that goes vastly underrated: putting out gratitude.

And it’s not just spiritualists: science backs up the benefits, pointing to even improvements in health and wellbeing.

Even when the astrological transits are looking tough, getting in touch with gratitude on this day can put you in the right headspace to take advantage of the blessings you want to call in.

3. Manifestation & Intention Setting

Now, with those essential steps out of the way, a major item on the checklist is, of course, working towards your manifestations and goals.

11/11 is a potent day for intention setting, and once the mind is clear and intuition is all reared up and ready to jump to action, you’ll be able to employ your favorite manifestation method to align with the future of your dreams.

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4. Release & Surrender

Finally, remember what this day truly is all about: alignment.

This may mean letting go of plans and ideas you were previously attached to in order to make room for new things. Or surrendering yourself to trust in order to truly align with what you want moving forward.

In order to get, sometimes we have to give a little. And 11/11 is no exception — and in fact, it’s a stark reminder of that.

When you’re busy dreaming up a storm about what you want next on your wishlist of manifestations, don’t forget what it might require of you in order to truly make those wishes a reality.

11/11 is Calling!

You’re officially an expert on what’s to come with this year’s 11/11, and we’re sure that you’re stoked. (Or, okay, maybe you’re a little nervous too).

No matter the feeling, know that these special dates and times are nothing to really be afraid of. Astrology and numerology are beautiful tools that help us understand ourselves in relation to the world and the cosmos a little better, but they never doom us to one fate.

In reality, these tools, and 11/11, are compasses to help us navigate what is to come with a little extra power and foresight of what to expect.

So with that information at your disposal, what are you going to do with your 11/11? And what are you ready to create?

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The astrology answers November 2021 calendar is here. Find out what this month has in store.

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