What is the Universe Trying to Tell You this May?

The Universe is always whispering messages to you. Given the action-packed cosmic forecast of May, its whispers can be heard much more clearly this month than in other months.

May 2022 offers us a powerful window for death and rebirth. An enormous wave of transformation-filled energy is upon us this spring. Retrograde season plus all the eclipse energy floating around is sure to make several people feel like they are on edge.

We’re halfway through May, so let’s see what else is in store for you.

Scroll down to learn what messages from the Universe await you.

May 2022 – What Messages Can You Find?

When the gateway to the heavens opens up, messages come to us in the form of dreams, repeating numbers, bird feathers, special animal chance encounters, and several other synchronistic events.

Ease up on your hustle game and take out time for yourself in the near future, so you can remain open to receiving these messages from beyond.

1. Have You Seen These Animals Lately?

Typically, snakes, butterflies, and moths signify that big changes are awaiting you.

If owls and spiders show up in your dreams or in your daily life, the Universe wants you to hone in on your intuition.

Eagles, hawks, and falcons are signs from the Universe that you should step up into a leadership position and actively create your own reality.

Feathers signify your spirit guides are watching over you. It asks you to focus on harmony and peace within your relationships.

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2. Use May Numerology to Decipher Universal Energy

May 2022 (5+2022) reduces to 11, a powerful spiritual number. The number 11 in numerology is an angel number that manifestation. 11:11 is a sign that a portal to the spiritual realms has opened up for you.

A few other dates per numerology to watch out for are:

May 5th – 5/5/2022 – angel number 55 is the prominent theme of this day. It’s a time to release fears and embrace change.

May 7th and May 25th – 5/7/2022 and 5/25/2022, when added, reduce to the number 9, which signifies endings and a completion of a cycle. Each month, angel number 9 appears thrice.

Tune into your body and mind at this time. Notice what emotions are bubbling up to be processed and released.

What’s remarkable is how your body is also closely tuned-in to the 1-9 cycle. Subtle changes in your hair, skin, digestive system and other bodily functioning can be witnessed on certain angel number days, particularly on the number 9 days.

When we slow down and listen, we will be able to comprehend how our mind and body are in sync with the cycles of the Universe.

May 11th – 5/11/2022 is an 11:11 day.

May 16th – This Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Scorpio also happens to be an angel number 9 days per numerology. It speaks of a time of fruition of what started not just on the New Moon and Solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th but also during the 2021 eclipse cycle.

Are you feeling all that cosmic double whammy energy yet?

May 22nd – In case you missed looking within, May 22nd brings yet another day for introspection and intention setting. This day holds the energy of 11/22. Remember that the presence of the number 22 is a time for amplification of the 11 energy.

Get a personal numerology reading and survive this super intense cosmic month.

3. Use Your May Astrology Forecast for Discovery

Astrologically speaking, the planets have set up quite a showstopper season in May 2022.

Reflect on the significant days that have passed this month:

  • Did you feel the energy of these major transits?
  • How did you take advantage of them?
  • What can you do for the remainder of the month to utilize this energy to your advantage?

May 1st – This happens to be the 1st day after a New Moon Solar eclipse. Per the lunar cyclical calendar, days 1-3 right after a New Moon day are considered super auspicious for starting new projects.

May 4th – The Moon enters the emotion-filled Water sign of Cancer. If you feel you or others are extra nurturing and protective, now you know why.

May 10th – Messenger god Mercury begins its backward march, which ends on June 3rd, 2022. Expect chaos, delays, and miscommunication this Mercury retrograde season.

Additionally, the gas giant Jupiter is transiting from watery Pisces into Fiery Aries on this day and is sure to expand the spontaneity of the Aries sign. People will want to kick start new initiatives, but it’s best to hold off until the end of the Mercury retrograde shadow period in June.

May 20th – The start of Gemini season, signifying a time when we all can use the Sun’s presence in Gemini to shine a light on matters of communication and Throat chakra.

May 24thMars joins Jupiter in Aries and sets fire to all things you Rams are known for. Did you know? Mars and Jupiter are buddies? Expect an explosion of Aries theme at this time.

May 30thNew Moon in Gemini right in the midst of retrograde and eclipse energy. Don’t begin anything yet. This, however, is a great time to extend and expand your communication with the spiritual realm.

Most people don’t think of Gemini to be a sign of spirituality. In contrast to popular opinion, one twin of the Gemini sign is oriented towards this material physical world, while the other has a foot firmly placed in the spiritual higher realms.

Are You Listening?

This month is a time that can swerve the direction of your life in unthinkable ways. Plus, this whole month and into the next, the Universe will amplify its communication with you.

Expect to be bombarded with angel numbers, synchronicities, and cosmic messages in every way. Tuning into these messages from the Universe will help you better navigate transformation and curveball-like events.

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