Are you a Narcissist? Here’s What the Stars Have to Say

Did you ever run into a narcissist? Or are you one yourself?

Raise your hand (both hands) if you agree that pathological narcissists are awful people.

A narcissist’s denial of their own childhood trauma and ability to inflict pain upon others makes them an interesting case study in both psychology and astrology.

But, did you know? Planetary placements in a birth chart can give definitive clues to narcissism. Let’s get into what it means to be a narcissist and the astrological impacts that might be contributing.

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Personality Traits of A Narcissist

  • Inflated ego
  • Control freak
  • Low self-esteem
  • Manipulative behavior
  • Lack empathy
  • Arrogance
  • Envy others (or) believe that others envy them
  • Isolated and loner
  • Power-hungry
  • Need for constant admiration
  • Need for revenge, willful
  • Grandiose fantasies of power, love, success
  • Compulsive lying

Do Narcissists Believe in Astrology?

A recent (and controversial!) psychology study presented a strong correlation between narcissism and belief in astrology.

Per this research, narcissists prefer to shun fact-based thinking and lean into astrology. A belief in astrology conveniently boosts their already inflated ego and keeps them in a state of denial.

While this is an interesting correlation, does it have astrological validity?

Belief in the occult (Tarot, astrology, numerology, etc.) is defined by spiritual planets in the birth chart. Narcissist or not, the presence of Jupiter, Pluto, and the Rahu-Ketu axis defines the spiritual compass of a person.

It’s important to remember that:

  • Everyone who follows astrology is not a narcissist.
  • Not every narcissist is interested in astrology.

The Astrology of Narcissism

A combination of one or more challenging planetary positions in a birth chart can contribute to pathological narcissism.

Disclaimer: One planet alone can never decide a person’s entire personality. Nobody can be labeled as a “narcissist” with just one poorly placed planet in the natal chart. An extensive astrological analysis of the entire birth chart is necessary to confirm full-blown pathological narcissism.

You might consider speaking with a spiritual advisor to break down the intricacies of your birth chart.

So which planets are the good guys? Which ones are straight-up evil?

Let’s break this down.

The Moon

In astrology, the Moon is a feminine planet and represents:

  • Emotions
  • Empathy
  • Capacity to nurture
  • Selfless contribution to another
  • Home, family, and early childhood

A debilitated Moon (for example, a Scorpio Moon) in a birth chart points to a person’s turbulent inner world. Its root cause often stems from unmet emotional needs and troubled childhood.

Here’s the thing, though! Every Scorpio Moon isn’t necessarily a narcissist.

But when combined with other challenged planets, a troubled birth Moon can show:

  • A lack of empathy
  • Willful nature
  • Need for vengeance
  • Holding onto grudges
  • Lack of remorse

When the Moon conjuncts Rahu (North Node) or Moon conjunct Pluto are also indicative of narcissistic traits of a person. This dissociates the narcissist from their emotions. It can even show up as innate cruelty.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Your Moon Sign to learn how your birth moon shapes your personality.

The Sun

Quiz time: What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of the Sun?

Full points if you said anything along the lines of warmth, joy, or positivity.

Per astrology, the Sun is our soul and ego. It also shows healing and Heart chakra, among other things.

So, how can the Sun be the bad guy?

Here’s why!

The Sun is incredibly bright! It burns up any planet in its close vicinity. The Sun conjunct Venus is a good example. Combust Venus in the birth chart translates to Venus energy literally burning up in the presence of the scorching Sun.

Sun conjunct Venus (in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, for example) shows up as:

  • Love bombing
  • Upfront charming swag and bravado but shallow inside
  • Navigating life without knowing deep love
  • Superficial connections that lack depth
  • Multiple short-term relationships
  • Inability to sustain a long-term relationship
  • Need for constant validation in love
  • At their core, these people are unable to feel, express, and receive true love.

Sad, but true!

Also, a strong Sun in and of itself or with other conjunctions can make a person extremely self-centered, egotistical with an exaggerated sense of self.

For example:

  • Sun conjunct Ketu – Such people lack confidence and have low self-esteem but project themselves to be superior with an air of haughty arrogance.
  • Sun conjunct Rahu – particularly in the 1st house or in Leo

Have your vibe alert ON at all times around these people until you can determine their true personalities! Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, is extremely materialistic and has insatiable desires. These people might go to any extent to fulfill them.

You might find their sense of self does not correlate to reality. What’s worse, they feel superior by showing others down.

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Let’s be honest! This stern planet is nobody’s fav.

The taskmaster of the heavens teaches us tough lessons. But here’s the real deal—Saturn wants you to know that he means well.

This malefic planet shows us our limitations and boundaries. By restricting us, the Lord of Karma instills structure, discipline, and hard work. He also wants us to serve the underprivileged, support law, and stand up against injustice.

Lawyers, non-profit workers, social reformers, law enforcement officers, etc., have a strong presence of Saturn in their natal chart.

Do you see how Saturn isn’t really the bad guy?

So, what happens if the planet of law & justice is unhappy in your natal chart?

Debilitated Saturn in Aries, Saturn conjunct Ketu (in specific zodiac signs), and several other difficult aspects to Saturn can show that a person might:

  • Have trouble following the law
  • Violate another person’s boundaries in a blink
  • Does not fear negative consequences of their actions
  • Does not take responsibility for their actions
  • Is Impatient or desires instant gratification
  • Will easily use shortcuts (at the expense of other’s well-being) to achieve success

Here’s a rundown of what else in a birth chart can point to narcissistic traits:narcissistic traits:

  1. Rahu-Ketu Axis in the 1st-7th house.
  2. Mars-Rahu conjunction can make a person cruel.
  3. Mercury is intellect. Unhappy Mercury can show twisted thinking to cause intentional harm to others.
  4. Neptune challenged by Mars-The illusion of self backed by the aggression of Mars.

The Top 5 Narcissistic Zodiac Signs

  1. Aries
  2. Leo
  3. Virgo
  4. Scorpio
  5. Aquarius

Narcissist or Not, Let Astrology Be Your Guide

Do you want to learn more about a co-worker/a new hire in your team? Did you just start dating a new person but your intuition points to red flags?

The planets have a magical way of spilling the beans on hidden behaviors that are otherwise concealed from you.

Are you an empath? Watch out for narcissists! Use astrology and be a step ahead so you don’t fall prey to narcissistic abuse.

Did you read this article and go – “OMG, I think I’m a Narcissist!”

Chances that a true narcissist will ever admit this is rare! Kudos to you if you really called yourself out!

But guess what, there’s no hiding from the planets! The skies know it all! Be kind to yourself and others. Here’s a gentle reminder that it’s never too late to transform yourself.

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