Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for March 11th – 17th, 2024

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As the emotional waters still run deep for this week, we’ve turned to the Tarot for some wisdom and expertise.

Although Pisces energy can be deeply informative, transformative, and full of wisdom, it can equally be just the thing to put us right into our feels (especially with Venus in Pisces forcing us to examine our relationships with ourselves and others).

Venus enters Pisces on the 11th this week, so we’re still riding out all that emotional Piscean energy (fresh off of a New Moon in Pisces, nonetheless).

But even if you don’t have all the answers for what that means or should look like for you… the Tarot does!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for March 4 – 10, 2024


Page of Swords (Reversed)

Aries, patience will be the most important (yet most difficult) virtue to pin down this week.

Although the Page of Swords can be a lovely sign for fresh ideas and inspired, youthful motivations, the reversal of this card can make its energy feel scattered and misdirected instead.

So, while you’re still getting a lot of thoughts and bits of information to contemplate, you may want to hold off on executing any of them just yet.

It’s especially important to think before you speak this week. Instead of spontaneous conversation, a journal may be your best friend.


The Fool

Taurus, everything is out in the open now, and no possibility is too far away.

The Fool broadens your horizons and asks you to take a few leaps in order to see them properly. In other words, it is time for adventure, trying new things, and risk-taking when it feels right.

Say what’s on your mind, try bold plans, and experiment with how you express or present yourself in the world.

Right now, nothing is off-limits for Taurus.


Knight of Swords

Gemini finally has a bit of momentum going for their week ahead.

Instead of hitting snags and roadblocks, the Knight of Swords is a signal for progress, clear-cut communication, and receiving important messages (so keep an open ear, too).

Ultimately, this is a powerful card for receiving and properly understanding truths.

Pay attention to the words people say this week, and don’t be afraid to speak your opinion at the moment, either.


5 of Swords

Cancer, trouble has officially been spotted in paradise.

Well… it may not have been “paradise” exactly, but life suddenly looks a lot more complicated this week with the 5 of Swords. Others around you may be stirring up gossip, mischievous plans, and overall very uncomfortable vibes.

Some people are trying to cut in line to get ahead, so to speak. You may feel undercut or undermined in your successes and ideas, struggling to be properly seen for your work and accomplishments.

It’s important not to stoop to their level, though, Cancer. Although it may seem bleak right now, karma always finds its way back around.


The Empress (Reversed)

Although Leo is never too shy to take center stage, this week has you retreating from the spotlight.

The Empress reversed indicates that some Leos may be second-guessing themselves and fixating more on their own insecurities. It can be easier to focus on what you think you don’t have instead of what you do.

Remember that true abundance and wealth start from within, Leo.

You may not have all the accolades or have fulfilled every ambitious dream of yours (yet), but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy and capable of great things.


Queen of Swords

Virgo held onto the brave and bold Knight of Swords last week, and you’ve received quite a promotion this week!

The Queen of Swords affirms your communicative prowess and leadership skills. Although this card is not the most fun or warmest energy in the bunch, it can still create productive conversations in other ways.

For example, this is a great vibe for important career-related conversations, writers, setting boundaries, signing contracts, and more. Is anything serious still sitting on your to-do list?

This is the week to check it off.


The Moon (Reversed)

Libra, the truth is out there… in theory.

Although The Moon can usually be a beacon of intuitive insight and profound unconscious awakenings, its reversal can cloud your understanding of what is true and what isn’t.

Dreams may be particularly potent right now, but you may also have a hard time decoding them. Your intuition may seem to be buzzing off, but it’s suddenly difficult to trust it.

Although this strange time of intuitive fog seems to be overtaking everything, remember that this fog will also pass like all other weather phenomena.


3 of Wands (Reversed)

The 3 of Wands reversed points to potential frustrations with your plans and intentions. You’ve put ideas and energy out into the Universe, but it’s not easy to just wait around to see what happens.

The impatience that comes with this card can be difficult to deal with, but ultimately, it is asking you to trust yourself, your ideas, and the Universe to carry things through naturally.

Interfering with the muse before the painter is finished can be what prevents the making of a masterpiece, Scorpio.


The Sun (Reversed)

Sagittarius is not experiencing all sunshine and rainbows this week (but instead, the opposite).

The Sun reversed is a royally unfun card to receive, as it indicates that you’re feeling down in your spirits, uncertain about yourself and what brings you joy, and second-guessing your dreams, joys, and capabilities.

The absence of the light of The Sun can put a damper on things. Still, it’s also an opportunity for deeper self-reflection, prompting you to recognize what causes you to experience these difficult thought processes.

Remember: it’s often only through the darkness that we can come to appreciate the light.


The Devil

Capricorn has their very own card sitting on the table this week.

That’s right — Capricorn and The Devil actually go hand in hand. And no, it’s not because you embody baggage and burdens — it’s because you manage them with the grace and fortitude of the wise goat.

You currently have the potential to properly see, examine, and then effectively dissect and dismantle some serious issues that have been outstanding for a while.

This work isn’t easy, but you’re called to be honest about what’s been holding you (and others) back… and then take charge in handling those uncomfortable shadows.


Strength (Reversed)

Aquarius, it may feel like an uphill battle from here… but that doesn’t mean it’s unwinnable.

Although Strength reversed feels exactly what it seems like (sluggish, uncomfortable, and disconnected from some of your best qualities), you need to remember that these periods of stagnancy, lulls, and frustration always come to an end with time.

Instead of expecting too much of yourself at this time, you’re called to practice self-care and self-forgiveness and grant yourself plenty of grace.

If the standards seem too high, remember that it’s not always necessary to reach for them.


The Chariot

Pisces, this is your week to show everyone what you can really do.

The Chariot is a fortuitous card of powerful success, affirming so much of the progress and drive you’ve devoted to your path already.

This is a week to continue driving down your already-chosen path — showing up boldly and bravely, making confident decisions, and putting in the work. At the same time, it’s also a reminder to celebrate the wins that you receive as they come.

Enjoy running the race, but remember that the finish line is always yours for the taking, Pisces.

Your Handy Guide to Pisces Energy

Your Tarotscope has now illuminated how this week’s Pisces energy may hit for you.

In case you haven’t gathered it already — this week is full of Pisces energy, and the wave of potent, spiritual, and emotionally attuned vibes is not going away just yet. However, we all have our fair share of strong or intense energy to work through in one way or another, literally being a Pisces or not.

Here are some key resources to connecting with this week’s energy, now with your own personal insights also fresh in your mind:

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