Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for June 20 – 26, 2022

Another week, another set of astrological changes on the horizon. (Are you ready for Cancer season?).

Before the Sun moves into nurturing and empathetic Cancer on the 21st, we’ll experience a Last Quarter Moon in Pisces on the 20th, already kicking our week off into the dreamy Water sign energy that we know and love.

That’s not quite all. Right after on the 22nd, Venusthe planet of love and beauty — will be making its move into intellectual Gemini, supporting meaningful but fast-paced communication as a means of connecting with others.

In other words, there’s quite a bit occurring in the first half of the week. But you have the second half of it to process everything that’s taken place! Let’s see how the zodiac aligns with the Tarot this week to make that processing a little clearer and easier.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for June 20 – 26, 2022


Ace of Swords

This week is finally moving at the pace speedy Aries prefers.

The Ace of Swords supports your desire to think, speak, and act quickly on your feet. This energy hints to new ideas, fresh starts, and opportunities popping into your path faster than you can blink.

Just remember that random and speedy can still be purposeful and meaningful! Don’t just accept everything that comes your way, and continue to be discerning about what’s actually best for you.


6 of Cups

Taurus is feeling a bit nostalgic this week.

The 6 of Cups indicates that your heart and head are stuck in the past. You may be pondering some “what if’s,” or revisiting old memories that seem more appealing than your present situations.

There may be some fruitful lessons to be picked up from these old flames and closed doors, but just remember not to linger there too long.

So if you’re going to revisit the past, Taurus, just make it a worthwhile trip!


The Hermit (Reversed)

Last week, Gemini received the reflective Hermit card.

You explored contemplative energy, being more thoughtful, and asking important questions. Some of you also spent more time alone than usual, embracing solitude and giving space to your thoughts.

This week, the reversal indicates that you may have taken it a little too far now. You don’t need to think so much that you lean into overthinking.

So pull back, and remember that it’s ok to put down a thought and come back to it later.

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5 of Wands

Cancer seems to be caught up in a little bit of a mess this week.

You’re not one to adore conflict, but the 5 of Wands shows that you may have to deal with it anyway. From where did it come, and why is it here? With this card, it’s not usually all that clear.

Sometimes chaos erupts from seemingly nothing at all. Rather than try to solve life’s mysteries, it’s more productive to focus on keeping yourself and close loved ones safe and cared for this week.

As quickly as it came, the chaos of petty arguments, gossip, and strange miscommunications may disappear by the end of the week anyway.


Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

Leo is used to creating their own flow, but this week you’re called to align with a different one.

The Wheel of Fortune casts good luck and fortune over your week, but its reversal hints toward resistance from your end.

You may instead only see disruption of your daily routine and goals, even though this energy only seeks to bring you blessings (even if they’re in disguise).

Trust that the obstacles that arise this week are for the greater good. With time, patience, and your cooperation, you’ll see the light of its purpose.


The High Priestess (Reversed)

Virgo, you know the answers, but aren’t fully confident in accepting them.

The High Priestess shines a light on your intuition. What do you know deep down? What insights have you been ignoring and casting aside (possibly because they’re “not logical”)?

Although this card is usually ideal for connecting with that powerful internal wisdom, the reversal indicates that you’ve been closing your ears to its words.

But if there’s a time to start listening, it seems to be this week.

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Ace of Pentacles

Libra, you’re being offered a little gift from the Universe, so pay attention!

The Ace of Pentacles especially points to opened doors in finances, work and career, and your hobbies (think: projects and ideas that you want to set into motion).

However, you have to be willing to say “yes” and take the chances when you see them. Some of them might be more subtle conversations and hints in the right direction, so look closely and be ready to take a leap.

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Page of Wands

Scorpio, this week is all about adventure, exploration, and venturing a bit outside of your comfort zone.

The Page of Wands radiates outgoing, spontaneous energy and a readiness to accept new ideas. While in this energy, we embrace newness and push out creative sparks just as easily as we find them.

This week you’re called to take on this role, even if it pushes you outside of your typical Scorpion territory.

Life looks a little more colorful this week — you just need to be the one to hold the paintbrush.


The Lovers

Sagittarius, love (and choices) are in the air!

On the one hand, The Lovers calls in lighthearted, sweet energy that makes for easy connection with others this week. You may feel more receptive to breezy communication and meeting new people.

On the other hand, you still have to be discerning about what you let into your energy. The Lovers also hints at some naivety that needs occasional checking.

You don’t know everything (and you don’t have to), which makes discovering new connections an exciting possibility. But it also means being a little cautious and thoughtful about what you eventually commit to.

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The Magician

Capricorn is in a highly productive, creative flow this week. (But what else is new?).

With The Magician on your side, you’re feeling resourceful and embracing a positive, productive workflow. You may hit some breakthroughs in your field of work or study, and/or initiate an important project this week.

This energy ultimately is just about that flow though, and not necessarily about immediate reward or gratification.

So remain patient and enjoy the process!


The Empress (Reversed)

Aquarius is feeling out of sync with their environments and sense of abundance this week.

The Empress reversed calls stability into question. You may feel like your usual comfort routines and spaces are not really… providing comfort anymore.

Sometimes we outgrow certain goals and stabilizing pillars in our lives. While this is scary at first, it can actually be an opportunity for later growth and expansion.

So be honest about what’s not really supporting you anymore, Aquarius. And make room for something new in its place.


King of Wands (Reversed)

Pisces, you’re just not vibing with aggressive, stubborn, and Fiery energies right now.

And yet, that seems to be all that is washing over your week. The King of Wands reversed points to a lot of ego and big personalities, likely taking up your social and workspaces.

Some of you may be tempted to isolate yourself away from these intimidating and draining energies, but it’s important that you stand up for yourself and set clear boundaries too, Pisces.

How to Prepare for the Next Steps

The stars and cards have spoken, and now it’s time for you to take your fate into your own hands. But how?

Tools like your weekly Tarotscope, personal horoscope, or personal Tarot reading can be guiding lights in confusing times. With more up your sleeve, it’s easier to prepare for what comes next.

However, what the next steps “should” look like will always depend on your individual path and journey. No one’s combination of horoscopes or Tarotscopes will look the same, so doing some compare & contrast with the information you receive can help you get the fullest picture.

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