The Best Days for Summer Love, Based on Astrology

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Summer is upon us, and the dog days are here. While we’re all battling dry heat and soupy humidity, this can lead to daydreams of summer love and romance. What does astrology have to say about summer love for 2023?

This is actually a fascinating summer for love, and the main event just started: Venus retrograde! This retrograde began a few days ago, on July 22nd, 2023, and lasts until September 3rd, 2023, so it’s in effect for all of August until we near the end of summer.

The 2023 Venus Retrograde’s Impact on Summer Love

First, let’s review what a retrograde is. A planet or body in astrology is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. Normal motion is forward, so the planet or body may be operating in the opposite way it normally does.

Venus is the planet of love and relationships, so Venus retrograde has a direct impact on our summer love plans this year. It can make us a little bit frustrated and impatient with others, and we may demand way too much attention thanks to this retrograde occurring in attention-seeking Leo.

Don’t despair because there are ways to use this retrograde to your advantage in love. The absolute best manifestation for this Venus retrograde in Leo is going to be reconnecting. Are there any old flames you’d like to reignite?

You may not even need to actually do anything for it to happen. It’s absolutely possible you might just have an ex on the brain and then, an hour later, end up in the same grocery aisle. Retrogrades can be like that!

If you have someone specific you’d like to reconnect with, put in some effort, and it can go more smoothly than expected, thanks to the retrograde. Retrogrades love it when we bring things back, so bringing back an old love can satisfy Venus.

This energy is amplified later in August as Mercury also turns retrograde on August 23rd, 2023, adding to the retrograde effect (and the desire for reconnecting), and Mars enters Libra, the sign of committed relationships, on August 27th. If you’re not thinking of reconnecting going into August, that may change as it ends.

If you don’t want to reconnect with an ex (or maybe don’t have any exes yet), it doesn’t have to actually be someone you dated and were in a romantic relationship with. You may instead reconnect with a friend from when you were five or a coworker from your first job. Be open to who could come back into your life now and bring some unexpected sparks.

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New Summer Love With the Leo New Moon

If you’ve got your eye on someone brand-spanking new, then the Leo New Moon on August 16th, 2023, is where to aim. New Moons are times of new beginnings and have lots of new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

While the Venus retrograde is focused more on the past, New Moons are focused more on the present and future, so this would be the time to ask out someone new, invite them to a party or plan a little romantic adventure. 

Leo is the sign of love and dating, which is great for new love and having fun dates. Since Leo rules drama, try doing something theatrical on a date to leave a lasting impression.

If you’re in a relationship already, the Leo New Moon is still great for you because it can also be the time for you to make it feel fun, fresh, and new again. Try planning a mini getaway with your beau, recreate your first date, or have a romance-studded date night.

The New Moon is in the middle of the week, so if you need to push it to the weekend before or after, that’ll still work.

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Some Important Astrological Days to Watch

There is one aspect in August that should be great for some summer love, and that is when Venus retrograde is conjunct (aligned with) the Sun on August 13th, 2023. The Sun shines a light and is the natural ruling planet of Leo, so this alignment brings lovely energy for love.

And this aspect can go either way. It’s helpful if you want to reconnect since it involves Venus retrograde, and the Sun can bring greater awareness of the connection you want to make and how to make it happen.

It’s also helpful if you want to connect with someone new since it involves the Sun and leads into the Leo New Moon three days later, so the excitement, energy, and enthusiasm of the Leo New Moon may kick in with this conjunction.

Venus conjunct the Sun is in full effect August 10th through 16th, 2023.

Venus is also going to square lucky Jupiter in Taurus on August 22nd, 2023. Normally, squares are challenging aspects. However, both Venus and Jupiter are considered beneficial planets, so “challenging” aspects aren’t really challenging between them.

With Jupiter being the happy planet, these two can make us feel really great in love, about love, and advocate for love. The only issue is we may be kind of lazy about it, so some may instead fantasize about love instead of actually pursuing anything.

If you can find the motivation, this can be a great aspect for having a really good time with someone you enjoy. Romance can be amplified thanks to Jupiter’s expansive quality, and some romantic gestures may go big, bold, and loud.

Venus ends its retrograde on September 3rd as Jupiter starts its retrograde on September 4th, and they are square, so this aspect is in effect for essentially the second half of August and the first half of September. 

I also really like when the transit (moving) Moon is in Libra, which will be August 19th to 22nd, 2023. Remember that Libra is the sign of committed relationships and partnerships, and so this can be front-and-center these days, at least emotionally.

The Moon brings emotional focus, so we can be more invested emotionally in our connections and want to feel close. We can make commitments and feel more dedicated to them.

With Venus retrograde (and Venus ruling Libra), we may go about making these commitments (or strengthening existing commitments) in new, different, unusual ways.

The One Difficult Aspect to Be Mindful Of

There is one challenging aspect to watch out for, and that’s Venus square Uranus in Taurus on August 9th, 2023. 

Uranus is the planet of the sudden and unexpected, so this aspect can bring some sudden and unexpected developments in love that aren’t so pleasant. We’re also more likely to lash out under this aspect and let frustrations get the better of us.

We need to work on small changes in our lives and relationships in order to use Uranus well. Combined with having healthy outlets for frustration, this can help us use Uranus well and avoid challenges.

If we don’t do that, we may get into a fight with someone we care about, say something we regret later, react badly to something unexpected, or push too far.

One thing this aspect is fabulous for is getting out of a rut, which can include a relationship since we’re more willing to push outside of our comfort zone. If you’ve been in a bad relationship and need to get out, or you’ve been woefully single for way too long and need to jumpstart your batteries, this could be the time for it.

Venus square Uranus is in effect from August 5th through 13th, 2023.

Have Fun With Summer Love

Whether single or attached, on the prowl or playing it cool, this can be a summer for the ages when it comes to love and romance, thanks to the astrology in play. With retrogrades, there can be karmic energy swirling around, so what may come this summer might be part of your soul’s plan.

No matter what happens, don’t forget to romance yourself too!

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