What Major Arcana Card Are You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Have you ever found overlap between two mystical systems that seemed to have nothing in common but actually shared more insight when combined?

For instance, if you’re a fan of the Tarot, you may have noticed some astrological correlations between the Tarot cards and the zodiac signs. Bold, beautiful, and a powerhouse of its own kind, the sign Leo has ties to the Strength card, for example.

What if we take it a step further and look at the Chinese zodiac instead, though?

While the association between these signs and the Major Arcana in Tarot may seem less obvious at first, it’s not impossible to connect the dots. Let’s explore!

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Your Major Arcana Card, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

If you are not yet acquainted with your Chinese zodiac sign, you can take a little detour first to our free Chinese zodiac sign calculator.

Once you’re equipped with that info, you can come back and discover your Major Arcana card based on your Chinese zodiac sign.

Rat – Temperance

Speedy and quick-witted, being the Rat comes with a large life lesson of finding balance and moderation.

Temperance holds that balance but also acknowledges the good in Mutability and swiftness. Tied to Sagittarius, this card is full of harmony and philosophical wisdom but demands some patience and calm in order to achieve it — something the Rat can very much need from time to time.

Ox – The Devil

Steady, resilient, and holding a strong sense of will, the Ox is a sign that can appropriately bear the weight of The Devil.

This ominous card can seem like an overtly bad omen, but it always points us in the direction of our biggest obstacles and lingering burdens.

Because the Ox is always capable and ready to carry a heavier load, this card can actually often be the message you need to keep going, as the true and raw acknowledgment of what you actually go through as the Ox.

Tiger – The Star

Tenacious but full of wisdom, the Tiger resonates with The Star.

It is really the inner resolve of the Tiger that grants the animal its perceived strength. This card echoes the wisdom and peacefulness that must come from within this special sign in order for it to be at its best.

Rabbit – The Moon

Slippery and hard to catch, the Rabbit is often linked to the Western zodiac sign Pisces.

As such, both of these signs find resonance with The Moon in the Tarot. Rabbits are quick to act, being intuitive creatures in that way.

Dreamy from time to time with a heart of gold, the Rabbit understands the mysticism and mystery of The Moon in a way you may not initially expect.

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Dragon – The Emperor

Energetic with a slew of leadership potential, Dragon energy is rightfully associated with The Emperor.

While the Dragon has trailblazer potential, it is a sign that equally knows the importance of holding down the fort in a stable manner. This is why the Dragon, although seemingly bearing some resemblance to the element of Fire, ultimately holds the association to Earth, caring deeply about the foundational aspects of leadership, too.

Snake – The Hierophant

Smart and cunning, the Snake is linked to The Hierophant.

There is a kind of reserved nature to the Snake, only acting when necessary and capable of lying in wait. Like The Hierophant, this creature is full of keen awareness of the inner workings of their environment, known to hold the keys to much wisdom.

Horse – The Lovers

Free-spirited and passionate, the Horse is understandably known to be tied to The Lovers.

This sign has a zest for life and love that can only be truly matched by the essence of The Lovers, both carrying a deep enthusiasm for everything the world has to offer.

Quick-witted and full of unpredictability, this sign also encaptures the aspect of The Lovers that embody choices and forks in the road.

Goat – The Chariot

Without knowledge of the Chinese zodiac signs, you can still come to some understanding of what the patient and steady Goat may bring to the table.

This strong-willed but soft-hearted sign is associated with The Chariot, both capable of carrying a responsible workload.

With a sensitive and kind nature, however, the Goat never loses sight of what is important, making the success of The Chariot all the more sweet and worthwhile.

Monkey – Strength

Confident and intelligent, the Monkey knows how to draw in a crowd but is always drawing on wisdom from within in order to do so.

This is why it is represented by Strength in the Tarot, which truly embodies a kind of mental and emotional balance required in order to retain resolve and strength.

It’s certainly a reminder not to underestimate the seeming jokester Monkey — there’s always a nugget of insight and strength in its words.

Rooster – The Hermit

Slightly an enigma of the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster is meticulous and detail-oriented but equally outspoken and full of insight.

While The Hermit may seem like a strange match at first, not quite embodying the louder nature of the Rooster, it certainly resonates with the attention to detail.

Overall, both of these energies embody a kind of wisdom and knowledge that comes from careful observation and experience.

Dog – Justice

Loyal and fair, the Dog easily vibes with the Justice card.

A protector of what is right and fair, the Dog will jump to defend any cause worthy of its time. Justice definitely captures the desire for honesty and a balancing of the scales.

There may be a certain amount of stubbornness to this endeavor, and Justice equally can embody the Dog’s penchant for sticking to a cause.

Pig – Death

Pigs hold a kind-heartedness that is often directed towards creating harmony and balance in the lives of everyone they know.

So while a tie to Death may seem strange at first, keep in mind that Death, too, is about maintaining balance in our lives. After all, the Pig is most closely associated with the Western zodiac sign Scorpio, both carrying a kind of internal reserve and emotionally focused presence in their own way.

With all that in mind, the Death card notes the importance of embracing emotional change and transformation, much like the Pig embodies in their day-to-day life for their loved ones.

Ready to Dive Even Deeper?

You may still be hesitant to draw the connections between the Major Arcana and the Chinese zodiac signs, or maybe you’ve found connections of your own that stray from the typical associations.

This truly just goes to show how we often just scratch the surface in learning about astrology or Tarot and that there are a variety of things that we can turn to for insight.

Use this as a springboard for deeper study into Tarot or the Chinese zodiac system, or maybe take it as a sign to start finding connections in other systems of your liking!

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