What do All the Crystal Colors Mean?

Everything about crystals is magical – everything!

It’s not just about the powerful energy that vibrates within their delicate little orbs. Nor is it just about the individual, unique gifts that each crystal is able to bestow the user.

A crystal’s color can tell us a lot about what it does and what it is for.

For example, crystals of a certain color will often correlate to certain chakras. Purple crystals like amethyst identify with the Crown chakra. Amethyst is a great all-rounder crystal, known for enhancing spirituality and connecting you to the divine.

By the same token, a blue crystal, like blue jasper, is especially good for connecting you to your Third Eye chakra and enabling you to hear the voice of your intuition more clearly.

Crystals & Your Intuition

Then there is the power of your own intuition. You don’t have to be an expert in crystals to just know that certain colors work for you and have the abilities that you need.

After all, crystals are a very spiritual thing, and sometimes just feeling your way around them and identifying intuitively with the color is enough to let you know what it can do for you.

When I go into a crystal store, I tend to feel my way around and move towards crystals that “pull” me towards them. It’s a sense of knowing and a sense of vibration.

I never know what the crystal is for until I have bought it and taken it home. Then the magic begins, because over time, it becomes apparent why I needed the crystal.

That is the magic of crystals!

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What Do the Colors of Crystals Mean?

Of course, having some basic crystal knowledge to hand can be a great guiding light when searching for a crystal to help you.

If you prefer not to find your crystal on a whole or part intuitive basis, and you want to know more about what each color tends to represent, read on! And even if you do seek crystals intuitively, knowing this information always comes in handy.

You can use this easy guide as a reference when seeking new crystals.

White Crystals

White crystals are fantastic for healing and purity. There is a high vibration to the white crystals that helps you connect to your soul and clears your space of negative energy.

You may be drawn to the color white for its soothing qualities—there is a reason for this! White is the color of purity and the purest form of love. The more you surround yourself with white crystals, the more you feel at peace.

Some white crystals that are especially powerful and easily accessible are clear quartz, selenite, and moonstone.

Red Crystals

You may have already guessed that red crystals are excellent for passion, creativity, and taking initiative. Red crystals have an energy similar to the Wands suit in the Tarot. They can also help you feel more attractive!

Whether it’s in love or career or your personal self, red screams passion and energy. These crystals are all about motivating you and reminding you of your own awesome power. In other words, you can do anything you set your mind to!

If you find yourself drawn to a red crystal, chances are you are embarking on something new and the red crystal is shouting, “Pick me! Pick me! I’ll be your Mr. Motivator!”

Some red crystals that are especially powerful are garnet, red jasper, and ruby.

Black Crystals

We are often drawn to black crystals when we are dealing with a specific amount of negativity in our lives.

Black crystals are extremely protective and banish negativity. When we are feeling especially low, or we feel that others are zapping us of our positive energy, it is often the black crystal that we turn to.

Some black crystals are black obsidian, black kyanite, and black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is exceptionally powerful. It is not recommended to wear this crystal or sleep with it under your pillow. Meditating with this crystal is the best way to harness its energy as it dispels negative energy from the user.

Blue Crystals

The blue crystals are great for helping us with communication. If you’re struggling to find your voice, it’s the blue crystals that you need. They also help to bring greater clarity when we are feeling lost or confused.

They help you have more confidence in what you say and how you say it. For people who have trouble expressing themselves, blue crystals do a great job of clearing blockages to self-expression.

Some blue crystals are blue jasper, lapis lazuli, and larimar. Wearing them as pendants next to the throat is especially helpful.

Pink Crystals

Pink crystals are all about love and compassion! If you feel out of touch with your gentle side, or you are struggling against harsh realities, pink crystals bring greater love and compassion to you, which also helps you to protect it outwards too.

Surround yourself with pink crystals and you will undoubtedly feel the love! Pink crystals can help us move on from trauma. They are exceptionally healing.

Some powerful pink crystals are rose quartz, pink dolomite, and rhodonite.

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Orange Crystals

Orange crystals are fabulous for motivation and looking on the bright side of things! Now, these crystals really do brighten your day.

If you find yourself sinking into negative thoughts or lacking motivation, the orange crystals can be wonderful in brightening your spirits! They are fabulous for creativity and can also attract fun and exciting relationships into your life.

Some orange crystals to help give you a boost are sunstone, orange calcite, and carnelian.

Yellow Crystals

Yellow crystals are all about helping you to stay focused on your ambitions and building your confidence.

They are especially helpful for those who struggle with low self-confidence or lack faith in themselves. People who feel taken advantage of by others can benefit from yellow crystals as they help to promote self-worth and self-love.

Some yellow crystals with powerful energy are citrine, yellow jasper, and honey calcite.

Green Crystals

Often used when needing to attract wealth or prosperity, green crystals are especially helpful for enabling you to enjoy abundance.

Where there are financial or material concerns, green crystals can help draw positive energy into your life, which can likewise help build prosperity.

Green crystals are lucky crystals and seek to raise your positive vibrations and make you luckier! On a deeper level, green crystals help to promote spiritual growth and enable you to understand the meaning behind everything that happens.

Some powerful green crystals are peridot, green aventurine, and jade.

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Purple Crystals

Purple crystals are powerful tools for harnessing and enhancing your spirituality.

The purple crystal is perhaps the most spiritual of all crystals and helps you to see beyond the physical world and into the spiritual realm. They are especially good for nurturing your intuition, helping you to connect to your spirit guides, enabling you to grow your personal spiritual gifts, and putting you in touch with your Higher Self.

Some powerful purple crystals are amethyst, lepidolite, and purple fluorite.

Which Crystals Are Right for You?

The crystal colors are a guide to help you choose crystals when you are faced with an issue or problem, or when you are simply seeking helpful aid during the journey of life.

Of course, sometimes crystal colors overlap or it can be hard to make out what color they are! This is OK. In time, you will know why you chose your crystal, or rather, why your crystal chose you!

Hopefully, this guide will help you when choosing your crystals and give you some clue as to what lies in store. When a crystal calls to you, it is preparing you for things to come. Trust the crystals and above all, trust yourself!

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