How to Harness the Power of the Grand Earth Trine

We have a very beneficial astrological occurrence coming in just a few days: a Grand Earth Trine!

This is very positive energy that we can all tap into.

It’s awesome energy available to us as we’re dealing with the major Aquarius energy (we still have an Aquarius stellium with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn until March 15th). The dominant aspect for 2021 is Saturn square Uranus, and all of this is major energy for change.

We also just ended a Mercury retrograde in Aquarius four days ago, so we’ve had some wonky astrology messing with us lately. It may have felt like things were kind of all over the place at times and difficult to handle.

This upcoming Grand Earth Trine helps stop that. It’s very grounding and soothing thanks to the Earth signs, and we can be more productive, disciplined, secure, and make progress in tangible ways.

What is a Grand Earth Trine?

To understand this Grand Earth Trine, you need to understand what a trine, a grand trine, and the Earth element mean.

So let’s dissect!

A trine is an astrological aspect that occurs when two planets (or bodies) are 120 degrees, or four full zodiac signs, apart. There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology, and each sign is divided up into 30 degrees (so we can pinpoint exact locations in a sign). That means there is 360 degrees total.

Specific distances are designated as an aspect. Aspects are classified as major or minor, and every aspect expresses its energy a little differently, with some being more positive, some being more challenging, and some being more neutral.

Trines are major aspects (there are five: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition). Trines are also considered beneficial aspects and are seen as perhaps the most beneficial of the aspects. This is because their energy is easier to deal with, and trines want us to make positive use of it.

A grand trine is an aspect configuration that occurs when three planets are trine one another. They will occupy the three zodiac signs of the same element. The signs of the elements are:

This can happen in transit, as we’re going to experience, with three (or more) transit planets occupying the signs of one element.

You can also have a Grand Earth Trine in your natal chart, and this is a lovely aspect configuration to have that brings some ease into your life and sometimes a little luck. The only downside is you may be lazy with the energy (which is the downside of trines because they feel so good, we can sometimes lack motivation).

Every element has its own base energy. Fire is active, Earth is grounded, Air is mind-based, and Water is emotion-based. The element of the grand trine shows where the energy is focused.

So, we have a Grand Earth Trine coming, and this occurs with the Moon in Virgo, Mars in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is trine Pluto today, while the Moon trines Mars and Pluto on February 28th. The Moon enters Virgo on Friday, February 26th (12:07 PM ET/9:07 AM PT), and remains until February 28 (2:17 PM ET/11:17 PM PT). That’s the period the Grand Earth Trine is in effect.

Note that Uranus is also in Taurus. However, Uranus isn’t trine Mars or Pluto exactly now (but may still add a little energy to the mix with Mars).

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What Does a Grand Earth Trine Mean?

Now that you understand all of the components of a Grand Earth Trine, you can start to understand what it means for us. The Moon is emotions, and in Virgo, we can feel more emotionally driven to be productive and get things done.

Mars is energy and drive, and in Taurus, we can focus on improving stability and security and take a slow, steady, grounded approach to what we do. We can see things through to the end.

Pluto is power and passion, and in Capricorn, it has helped us transform the norms over the last decade. We’re building a new structure for our lives and the world.

All of this can work together harmoniously now. Pluto in Capricorn inspires us to go big with what we build and think long-term, while the Moon in Virgo drives us to take action now, and Mars in Taurus keeps us going.

There’s a tremendous growth opportunity with the Grand Earth Trine.

The Earth signs are big on the physical world, so what we’re building now might be something tangible and real. It’s an excellent time to focus on professional goals, your career, and your external foundation.

What do you want in your life around you?

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Grand Earth Trine Horoscopes for Each Element

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This Grand Earth Trine activates your professional areas, so you can focus on making things happen with your goals in a big way. You may find it easier to pursue or create opportunities for this, and you can build on what you feel comfortable and confident in.

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

These are your signs, so this Grand Earth Trine is excellent for new journeys, new beginnings, new projects, and new ventures you want to embark on, get started with, and pursue now.

What you create now can be something that continues to build for years to come.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Grand Earth trines lights up your emotional and internal sectors, so you may want to focus on how you can secure yourself emotionally and create a solid foundation internally to build on externally over time.

The more secure you are emotionally, the more you can create.

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This Grand Earth Trine targets your social sectors, so it may prompt you to build up your connections with others, forging new partnerships, and making more acquaintances.

You may find that working or dealing with others helps you to make more progress and achieve.

Use the Energy of the Grand Earth Trine

This is great energy available to use, but it’s only for a brief period. Make sure to use it while you can so you can actually make the most of the Aquarius (and Uranus) focuses on change and the future.

What can you build for it?

There will also be one more major Grand Earth Trine this year, August 18th – 22nd, with the Moon in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, and Uranus in Taurus (so Uranus is swapped for Pluto). That one features emotional discipline, extreme productivity, and laying the new groundwork.

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