Your May 2022 Energy Forecast

May 2022 will be one of the busiest and pivotal months this year as we make our way through major cosmic events, retrogrades, the Pleiadean portal, and a dynamic Eclipse season equipped with an ultra-potent Blood Moon.

Essentially May is known as the fifth month, yet the collective numerology of May 2022 is the number “2” vibrations of cooperation, balance, love, and harmony. This is a great month for engaging in the ultimate reflection of Self.

As a collective, we’ve dealt with a series of global events that forced us to narrow in on what is truly important. But, while more change is on the way, if we take our time and trust the rhythm and flow of the Universe, we will find ourselves emotionally and mentally in a better place than when we started the year.

Taurus season delights our senses, while the Sun in Gemini will usher in new ideas and inspirations.

We will be leveling up when Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all make their passage through Aries while the Full Moon skims the excess baggage from our lives.

Energies this month support grounding authentic expression, expanding our worldwide view and a sense of purpose. Truths will come to light that will herald a shift in your life’s direction.

Try not to stress. Change requires bravery and the ability to pick yourself up after a hard fall. You got this!

Although the planets are doing all the taking, we must decide our life path and trust that choice.

So, with that said, let’s explore the astrology of May 2022!

Looking to keep up with the major and minor transits this month? Check out the free May astrology calendar.

May 2nd: Venus Enters Aries – Creative Spark of Authentic Expression

Venus gives a new meaning to spring love when entering Aries on May 2nd. And for the next three weeks, you can expect to experience a massive transition inspired by the pioneering voice of the heart.

In astrology, Venus is the planet of relationships and divine love, the expression of beauty that unfolds as the creative principle in life. Aries is the light of beginnings, the active force of intelligence, sexual energy, and willpower. When paired, divinity activates within the heart and illuminates the creative power of the mind, initiating authentic expression.

You can expect this influence to be bold, seductive, spontaneous, and direct. Passions are emotionally charged and may strongly manifest.

In addition, you’ll find new ways to heal, grow, spice up your relationships, and fall in love with yourself all over again.

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May 5th: Uranus Solar Conjunction – Sol Restoration

Sparks fly as the Great Awakener ushers in change, intuition, rebellion, and freedom whenever the Sun and Uranus connect—trusting the heart’s messaging and navigation system as we move through global reconstruction. This conjunction is amplified by Mars engaging with the Sun and Uranus, presenting a beautiful opportunity to devote yourself to change.

Despite the intensity, there is excellent potential to shatter outdated barriers and align with incredible opportunities for awareness and change. So don’t fear unexpected events in the collective. Instead, hold faith. It’s time to move beyond the structures that have power in the 3D matrix.

May 8th: First Quarter Moon in Leo

The First Quarter is a 90-degree square between the Moon and the Sun that represents a time of testing and making good on our New Moon promises. Half the Moon is illuminated here, while the other half hides in the darkness. As a result, there is an impulse to create, stabilize, and grow as light increases.

During this First Quarter phase in Leo, the Moon will trine with Chiron, then clash with Uranus and the North Node overnight. This influence offers many great learning opportunities, but it will feel slightly uncomfortable and emotionally charged.

The Moon in Leo wants to shine bright, yet the square to Taurus energy suggests the need to make sure your foundation and skills are intact. At the same time, an Aries trine deals with self-esteem issues that need healing so you may reach your goals.

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May 10th: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini & Jupiter Enters Aries – Opportunity Knocks

Buckle up because Mercury begins its second retrograde in its ruling sign of Gemini, and you’ll want to pay attention.

During this three-week retrograde period, Mercurial energy will elevate the collective toward a higher dimension of perception and thought, awakened through the power of love. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, and how we project that out into the world.

We can expect significant breakthroughs, emotionally fueled drama, high conscious downloads, breakdowns in appliances and technology, transport issues, and delays. In addition, since we are experiencing a Pluto return while Pluto retrogrades, Mercury will bring some essential news.

Later in the day, Jovial Jupiter enters dynamic Aries with a big message: never underestimate the wisdom of your instincts! You have an uncanny ability to improvise and strategize in the face of unforeseen events.

Jupiter in Aries is a powerful time to change the relationship with your physical body, set clear intentions, and manifest what you want. Aries energy will ride hard on themes of independence, drive, desire, and embodiment, while Jupiter provides confidence in life.

May 15th: Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – Calibration of the Karmic Body

A fated turning point has arrived as this month’s Blood Moon Lunar eclipse ushers in an emotional ending that will reveal important news about significant life events.

Lunar Eclipses are dynamic cosmic occurrences that activate the Lunar nodes and bring revelations into our lives. Since this one is in Scorpio, there’s a deep reveal of karmic themes dealing with power, control, security, and lust- pulling you to examine your needs and desires closely.

The Moon will find itself T-square with the Sun, Saturn, and the Nodes, pressing you to review your values and how control drives your need for security. Saturn controls the apex of the T-square and offers a powerful solution to pent-up emotions and tension by suggesting there is a great need to take responsibility for developing genuine faith and trust in life.

The collective has not experienced a Taurus/Scorpio eclipse axis since 2012. On a grand scale, it’s sure to be an epic time while the powerhouse of the zodiacs takes us beyond the veil to experience a psychological death and rebirth.

Learn how to efficiently work with this energy to release the old motivations irrelevant to your present life and build something stable and secure for your future. Suppressed feelings and holding on to negative emotions cause stress and illness. Instead, use compassion and discernment to manage any toxicity in your life.

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May 18th: Mars Conjunct Neptune – Clouded Visions

Mars and Neptune initiate a brand-new cycle of lifting the veil and delivering us back to our original blueprint. Higher frequencies will uplift the physical body, elevating meridians and chakras thanks to this transit.

Although there are many magic possibilities of this influence, you may feel incapable of action due to the nature of Neptune. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem may feel slightly low, causing you to feel quickly discouraged. Then, you may respond to circumstances or situations with greater sensitivity and lack the courage to implement change.

Don’t take your feelings too seriously right now. Your perception is cloudy and instead of focusing on major projects, find new ways to stimulate creativity and give back to others. Perhaps charity work or something to that effect.

May 20nd: Sun Enters Gemini – Inspired by Truth

The Sun officially enters Gemini bringing us closer to Summer Solstice. Gemini Season is a time of curiosity, fun, playfulness, and youthful expression. It’s a profound opportunity to recharge the nervous system and get our thoughts and ideas out into the world.

On another level, it’s an excellent time for outdoor activities and meditation to bring calmness and peace to endless chatter.

Either way, get out and have fun this season. Express yourself and communicate your truth. Creativity flows when you are unrestricted.

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

May 21st: Mercury Inferior Solar Conjunction & Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

Mercury and the Sun bring highly charged energy during the Last Quarter Moon. This phase is a time of completion, letting go, and change.

Psychic sensitivity is also enhanced, so take things easy.

May 22nd: Mercury retrograde enters Taurus – Managing Emotional Triggers

Mercury retrograde retraces its steps back into Taurus and brings the power of the mind to the seat of the heart. Mercury previously entered Taurus back on April 10th and now offers a chance to reassess any blind spots and hidden issues.

In addition, since this transit slows down the mental process, it provides a reliable way of thinking and interacting with others by enhancing decision-making skills.

Expect finances, land, food, technology, and travel to be affected.

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May 24th: Mars Enters Aries – Initiating New Beginnings

We step into the ring of fire when Mars enters Aries and brings us back to the power of our mental body. Fire is the alchemical element of creation, cleansing, and purification. It is the agent that can initiate action and pioneer radical shifts.

The movement of Mars in Aries is the force that will help us eliminate barriers and old beliefs stored in the body’s muscle memory.

Mars’ transit’s this year are transformational, seeing as how Mars is gearing up for a significant retrograde later this year in Gemini. But for now, let’s focus on letting go of ideas and beliefs that lower your energy and stand in your way of success.

May 28th: Venus Enters Taurus – The Key to Our Deepest Fulfillment

After an eventful journey, Venus leads the way into Taurus, where the heart belongs, and takes us on a journey of emotional empowerment. The Goddess rules over Taurus and Libra, yet she expresses different qualities when home in one of these signs.

In Taurus, Venus radiates rich energy of beauty, cooperation, love, and harmony within personal values. She also shines a light on your truth and changes how you see yourself.

While Venus makes her annual journey through Taurus, influential transits are strongly felt from June 10th – to June 16th, signifying a profound time to heal from insecurities and walk your journey with new confidence.

May 30th: New Moon in Gemini, Mars/Jupiter – Encompassing Duality

After a high-powered Mars/Jupiter conjunction full of ambition, optimism, and success, the New Moon in Gemini turns desire into devotion and guides us on a new chapter of clarity, intuition, creativity, and empowerment.

The Blood Moon Lunar eclipse cleared the path, and now the New Moon delivers us precisely what we need for our highest growth. There are brighter beginnings ahead, but you must apply patience and trust as new energies unfold in your life.

Happy New Moon!

Energy Tips for May

Eclipse season brought many endings that took us beyond the edge of our seats and into a brand-new beginning of authentic expression and Soul empowerment.

Themes this month taught us how to stand up for our truths; they taught us how to get in touch with our feelings and core values and learn how to protect them without feeling as if we constantly have to fight or dominate our way through life.

This month’s oracle card is “Healing The Divine Masculine,” Osiris Rises, brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

The divine masculine is an archetype within men and women which allows for protection, discernment, Healing, safety, and security. It is the active force of creation and inner strength—an essential part of us that often needs Healing and love.

This oracle indicates that your inner masculine will benefit from restoration and Healing. If you’ve been already working on Healing, this is confirmation that you are on the right path. Continue to let go of feelings of disappointment or dissatisfaction. Cut through manipulation and allow your feminine energy to empower the masculine energy with tender loving care.

The vibrancy of May brings us to a whole new world, making it a perfect time to:

  • Chant, dance, and laugh.
  • Approach practices with playfulness.
  • Connect with nature to maintain peace of mind.
  • Work with the colors green and yellow to boost creativity and promote positivity.

Transcending the past means confronting all you’ve suppressed. It means taking the initiative to face your fears, move beyond the hurt, and discover new meaning in life.

With love, May

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