Your May 2023 Energy Forecast

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Welcome to May, lovelies! As we step into a brand-new month of beautiful flowers, chirping birds, and sunshine, we are greeted by a powerful surge of energy that promises to shake things up and push us toward growth and transformation. The spiritual upgrades and awakenings brewing within us are now ready to burst forth like blooming flowers in spring.

This month, the Universe encourages us to be bold, fearless, and unapologetically ourselves. We are called to step out of our comfort zones and explore new horizons within ourselves and in our external lives. As we navigate a new month, we may encounter some unexpected twists and turns. But fear not. These are simply opportunities to expand our perspectives, learn valuable lessons, and become more resilient.

May is known as the fifth month. However, the collective numerology of May 2023 carries the “number three” vibrations of harmony, wisdom, and understanding.

The energy of 3 also holds magnetic vibrations of:

  • Creativity and fertility
  • Good fortune and wisdom
  • Abundance, joy, and opportunity
  • Growth, inner guidance, and manifestation

What to Expect Astrologically in May 2023

Buckle up your seatbelts because this month, we’re in for a powerful rollercoaster that will take us through retrogrades, a Lunar eclipse, to a New Moon, straight into Gemini season.

And let’s not forget about the other planets changing signs this month. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all switch signs, ushering in new personal and social structures.

This month is filled with wonder and possibility as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds thins. Expect heightened intuition and an increased sense of purpose guiding us toward our soul’s path. We’ll also dive deep into our subconscious minds to uncover hidden truths and shed old patterns that no longer serve us.

It’s like cosmic spring cleaning for the soul!

We are cracking the codes and algorithms embedded in our muscle memory that run the show. Once we crack the codes, we can change the game and shift the algorithm. You see, we all have patterns and habits that are deeply ingrained in our beings. These patterns are like algorithms that run the show, dictating our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

But what if we could crack those codes? What if we could uncover the underlying programming and shift it to create a new reality?

Overall, it’s time to examine the algorithms that govern our lives. We are called to look deep within ourselves and uncover the patterns that have run the show for far too long. And once we have that knowledge, we can rewrite a brand-new story that aligns with our highest potential.

Let’s explore this month’s astrological transits!

May 1: Pluto Retrograde

The Management of Collective Affairs

May begins with a bang as Pluto turns direct at 0 degrees in Aquarius.

Pluto represents death and rebirth for all that is ready to manifest a higher vision of the world. Pluto brings about necessary shedding and exfoliation to get deeper layers of vitality and truth. This cosmic shift ushers significant changes to our spiritual and physical worlds.

Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius was short. This is because Pluto will move back into Capricorn in June for its final trip through this sign, returning to Aquarius in 2024-2043. This means we will experience significant shifts in our social and political structures. Pluto’s energy is intense, transformative, and powerful. So embrace the unknown and let go of what no longer serves you. Focus on re-evaluating the systems that govern us and creating a more equitable and just society.

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May 5: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Trusting in the Mysterious Voice of Inner Guidance

Get ready for a wild ride because on Friday, May 5th at 12:35 PM CT, we will experience a potent Full Moon Lunar eclipse in 14 degrees of Scorpio. This eclipse symbolizes a transformative and intense lunation that will push us to confront our deepest fears and desires. It will transform us from the inside out. In this Lunar eclipse, we immerse in the deep waters of a new world where we can grow.

In astrology, Scorpio is the alchemist and transformation. But Scorpio is not just about transformation for its own sake.

This Water sign is connected to the spiritual realm and manifestation. Scorpio is where three lights meet – the light of form, the light of the soul, and the light of life; where we can manifest our deepest desires and bring them into reality. Scorpio’s energy is about intuition and trust in the unknown. Asking us to surrender to transformation, even when we don’t know where it will lead us.

So, trust the Universe’s power to guide us toward our highest good.

During this Lunar eclipse, the Moon will oppose Mercury and Uranus while loosely trining Mars and Saturn. The Moon’s opposition to Mercury and Uranus may make communication wonky. However, it symbolizes the integration of higher and lower minds.

In addition, the loose trine between Mars and Saturn will provide steady and practical energy that can power through any challenges. When we can’t see through the darkness, it’s crucial to reorient our inner navigation system to heightened levels of awareness. This will dissolve time and space barriers. Remember, feelings of fear, doubt, confusion, and insecurities can clog or disconnect higher channels of truth.

The eclipse asks us to surrender and trust the journey and all that unfolds. If it is too dark, always return to your heart center.

Happy Full Moon!

May 7: Venus Enters Cancer

Showing Respect for Tradition

On May 7th, at 9:20 AM CT, Venus enters Cancer for a swim through our emotions and relationships. Get ready to dive deep because this transit is about connecting with your heart and embracing your emotional landscape.

Venus in Cancer is like a mermaid swimming through your soul’s ocean. She is here to help you navigate your feelings, embrace vulnerability, and create meaningful, heart-centered connections with others.

But let’s be real, navigating the ocean of emotions isn’t always easy. Sometimes we get caught in fear, self-doubt, or past traumas. The first step to overcoming rip currents is to acknowledge them.

We can’t navigate our emotions if we’re unaware of what’s occurring beneath the surface. So, take a deep breath, and feel whatever causes the surface. It’s imperative to remember that these currents are temporary. They may feel overwhelming, but they will pass.

Venus in Cancer is the perfect transit to deepen your love and connections in your current relationships. This transit is also about valuing yourself and your worth and making smart financial decisions that align with your values. So, make time for rest, exercise, healthy eating, and nurturing your soul.

May 14: Mercury Direct

Learning the Importance of Letting Go

On May 14th, 10:16 PM CT, Mercury, the cosmic messenger, will be direct at 5 degrees in Taurus.

Mercury direct is an auspicious time when the universe urges you to learn the lessons of grief and sorrow presented during Mercury retrograde. Although Mercury is now direct, there is still a post-shadow period where we recalibrate our mind-body relationship. It is crucial to allow yourself the space to integrate the lessons you have learned.

Take this time to focus on self-care and self-love. Nurture your body, mind, and soul with rest, healthy food, and gentle exercise. Allow yourself to release negative emotions and replace them with love and positivity.

May 16: Jupiter Enters Taurus

The Expansion of Abundance & Success

On May 16th, at 12:01 PM Central Standard Time, Jupiter enters Taurus until May 25th, 2024. Jupiter in Taurus magnetizes Venusian themes of art, culture, social groups, food, fertility, sex, and money. This rare and abundant cycle will provide opportunities to benefit from sudden changes and expansion.

In astrology, Jupiter symbolizes expansion, abundance, and growth. Symbolic of the higher mind, higher learning, and spiritual development. Jupiter is associated with faith, optimism, and philosophical insight. It encourages us to seek truth and strive for a higher purpose in life. Taurus, the bull’s sign, symbolizes strength, stability, and perseverance. Taurus represents the material world, the physical body, and the senses. This bull is also associated with sensuality, pleasure, and enjoyment. It encourages us to find joy and happiness in life’s simple pleasures.

Jupiter in Taurus is a powerful combination that promises growth, prosperity, and abundance in the material world. This alignment brings stability and grounding to our spiritual aspirations, allowing us to manifest our desires in the physical realm. It encourages us to trust in the natural cycles of life and have faith in our ability to create abundance and prosperity for ourselves and others.

Over the next year, Jupiter in Taurus invites us to embrace our sensual nature. It invites us to enjoy life’s pleasures and cultivate a deeper appreciation of abundance. It encourages us to be patient and persistent in our pursuits, to trust in the power of hard work and determination, and stay grounded in our values and principles.

May 19: New Moon in Taurus

Embracing Maturity in Relationships

On May 19th, 10:54 AM CT, the Moon joins the Sun at 28 degrees in Taurus, ushering in a New Moon and the end of the eclipse season. During the New Moon, the Sun and Moon align, and their combined gravitational pull on the Earth is at its maximum. New Moon energy is both subtle and powerful. It’s a time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and setting intentions for the future.

In astrology, Taurus represents the material form of creation and the penetrating light of the path. This Venusian-ruled Earth sign also symbolizes being in the body and feeling the world around you. Archetypally speaking,

Taurus embodies stability, sensuality, and strength. Its earthy nature ensures grounding and practicality, with a keen eye for beauty and an appreciation for the finer things in life. The New Moon gently connects with Mars and Neptune, bringing powerful energy to the collective. This combination creates motivation and inspiration for our spiritual practices, allowing us to act toward our spiritual goals.

As we move through this two-week phase, we are encouraged to take inspired action, experiment, and trust our instincts. Use this time to step out of our comfort zones and explore new horizons in ourselves and the world around us. And, as we set our intentions during this New Moon phase, we plant the seeds of our desires, dreams, and aspirations. With each effort, nourish these seeds, and help them grow and bloom into reality. And when the Full Moon arrives, these intentions will culminate and blossom into their full potential.

Overall, the New Moon reminds us that we are constantly evolving and growing. We are never stagnant, stuck, consistently moving forward, propelled by the Universe’s cosmic energy. So, embrace this season’s cycle with an open heart and mind.

May 20: Mars Enters Leo

The Liberation of the Soul

On Saturday, May 20th, 10:24 AM CT, Mars swims out of Cancer and drives straight into Leo, igniting our passions and creativity and fueling our inner fire. Mars in Leo is a powerful combination that will bring us new-found confidence, courage, and strength.

This transit will profoundly impact our relationship with our body and owning our light. This a reminder to focus on your light and find blessings in every experience. When we focus on the light, we become light, and all the beautiful parts of ourselves become whole.

You can expect to feel empowered to express your true self, celebrate your unique beauty, and embrace your sexuality. Mars in Leo is highly charged with sexual energy, which asks you to find healthy pathways to sexual expression and explore new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

In addition, this is a time of abundance and prosperity. With Mars in Leo’s fiery energy, we will attract opportunities that align with our values and passions. Don’t be afraid to remain open. The presence of an open and grateful heart is the greatest service to all.

May 21: The Sun Enters Gemini

As the Sun enters Gemini on May 21st, expect a surge of energy that will release the brakes holding you back. This shift will take you to the higher dimensions of the conscious mind, where you will experience a deeper connection with your inner self.

Gemini is represented by the diamond twins, symbolizing the duality of the mind and its potential for higher wisdom. This energy invites you to tap into the interplay of light and shadow within yourself and embrace the mental clarity and awareness that comes with it.

During this transition from Taurus to Gemini season, you will learn to trust and listen to your inner operating system. This means being receptive to your thoughts and emotions without judgment and allowing yourself to explore your mental landscape freely.

Gemini energy draws you to innovative ideas and perspectives. You may feel inspired to express your thoughts and creativity in creative ways. Furthermore, enhancing communication skills and strengthen your relationships with others. Expect new insights and revelations that deepen your connection with the Universe. You may find yourself more attuned to the cosmos’ energy and more open to receiving messages from the divine.

Gemini season brings a dynamic and transformative time for spiritual growth and self-discovery. Embrace the shadow within, trust your intuition, and open yourself to new possibilities and experiences.

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

May 28: Sun-Saturn Square

Embracing Duality

On May 28th, a Sun-Saturn clash, and this transit is like fitting a square peg into a round hole. The Sun in Gemini is about communication and exploration, while Saturn in Pisces wants us to slow down and take a more spiritual approach.

It’s like driving a race car through a meditation retreat. This transit reflects the process of development and fullness. The key to making the most of this transit is balance. You don’t have to choose between intellectual pursuits and spiritual growth. They can coexist. Think of it like yin and yang – they complement each other and create harmony.

May 31: Sun Conjunct Aldebaran

Radiant Leadership & Illuminated Vision

The month ends on May 31st when the Sun joins the star Aldebaran in its annual conjunction. Aldebaran is a bright star in Taurus, known for its fiery energy and strong presence in the night sky.

When the Sun aligns with Aldebaran, it brings a powerful surge of energy that can ignite our spiritual journey. This energy can be felt in many ways, as it encourages us to embrace our inner power, trust our intuition, and take bold steps toward our goals. Aldebaran is often associated with the divine masculine, representing strength, courage, and leadership.

During this alignment, we are encouraged to tap into our inner strength and connect with our higher selves. Aldebaran’s fiery energy can help us break through any barriers or obstacles that may hold us back. It can also guide us toward abundance and success.

Use these Energy Tips for May 2023

May’s card is “Divine sun child,” blessings of the sun falcon, brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

Divine sun child is a profound reminder that victory is within reach for those who possess unwavering devotion and unyielding determination. And it’s time to let life bloom without limitations, to let your light shine brightly without fear of being judged or criticized. The energy of this card encourages you to stay true to your beliefs and never give up on your ideals. Stay connected to your inner values and seek growth. Embrace the challenges and allow them to push you forward.

The message of this card also speaks to the divine masculine and feminine energies within us all. It is a call to unite these energies and bring them into balance, birthing a new consciousness that honors both masculine and feminine principles. In essence, this card is a powerful reminder to stay focused, grounded, and true to yourself.

By doing so, you will triumph over any obstacles that come your way and experience a new level of joy and fulfillment in your life.

How to Make Productive Use of May’s Energy

This month offers a unique and powerful opportunity to tap into growth, expansion, and manifestation. When focused, expect to make significant progress toward spiritual and material goals. The energy also places an emphasis on taking action, staying focused, and staying true to ourselves.

To make the most of these energies:

  1. Wake up early: May mornings are simply magical. Get up before the sun rises and witness the world coming to life. You’ll be surprised at how much energy this will give you throughout the day.
  2. Go for a walk: The weather is perfect for a stroll in the park or a hike in the mountains. Get some fresh air and exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature.
  3. Start a garden: May is the perfect time to plant your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Digging in the dirt can be therapeutic and relaxing.
  4. Spring cleaning: Get rid of all the clutter accumulated over the winter months. Donate clothes and items you no longer use, and organize your space for a fresh start.
  5. Learn a new skill: With all this positive energy, why not challenge yourself and learn something new? Take an online course, read a book, or watch some tutorials. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish.
  6. Connect with friends and family: May is the perfect time to reconnect with loved ones. Plan a picnic, a BBQ, or a weekend getaway. Spending time with the people you care about will boost your energy.
  7. Volunteer: Spread positive energy by volunteering your time and skills to a cause you care about. It is a great way to give back to your community while feeling good about yourself.
  8. Laugh: Don’t forget to laugh and have fun. May is a month of joy and happiness, so harness its magic. Watch a comedy, tell a joke, or spend time with people who make you smile.

In conclusion, the ascension energies of May open portals to tap into our inner light and achieve our goals and aspirations. By letting go of limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears that hold us back, we can focus on the possibilities and opportunities that await us. The world is experiencing significant changes, and we must trust ourselves and our abilities to navigate this new landscape.

Time to embrace your inner power, determination, and resilience and trust that you have everything you need to create the life you desire. By staying grounded in your spiritual practice and remaining true to yourself, you can tap into the abundant energies of May and experience profound growth and expansion in all areas of our lives.

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