Your Weekly Tarotscope for February 5th – 11th, 2024

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Right now, Aquarius energy is the name of the game. Mercury enters Aquarius on the 5th, and we’ll experience an Aquarius New Moon on the 9th.

Aquarius is a humanitarian Air sign that always seeks truth. This sign brings us an idealistic, forward-thinking, and often eccentric way of looking at the world and ourselves.

This week is a great time to channel that innovative spirit and allow this energy to challenge how you view your identity, current plans of action, and what you would like to pursue moving forward.

That’s what the stars and planets have to say about the week ahead. Next up, we’re checking in with the Tarot!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for February 5 – 11, 2024


King of Pentacles

Aries has a world of abundance waiting for them… as long as they’re confident enough to take it.

In the fruitful suit of Pentacles, we deal with our finances, abundance, homes, and careers. More than just the suit of the material, this is also a suit of how we invest our time (and thus invest in ourselves and the world around us).

As the King of Pentacles, you’re called to a leading role this week. Step up to the plate to call the shots and make important decisions in these areas.


Ace of Swords

Taurus, it’s time to take a stab at… everything that you could ever want.

The Ace of Swords asks for your bravery and boldness. Tune into your greatest ideas and epiphanies this week, trusting your mind to lead you to fresh, new, and innovative ideas.

It’s about listening to your thoughts now and truly being strong enough to pursue them.

Show up with confidence this week, Taurus. The world is your oyster!


6 of Swords

Gemini faced difficulties last week with The Sun reversed.

Sadness, a lack of confidence, and feeling suddenly shaky in what you want were all potential themes of the moment.

You’re leaving the shadows and darkness behind you this week with the 6 of Swords.

It’s time to move on from the self-doubt (whether that means releasing just thoughts or perhaps cutting out people or commitments in your life that are creating instability).


7 of Cups

Cancer’s heart and intuition are all in disarray.

This doesn’t mean you’re feeling disconnected from them. On the contrary, the 7 of Cups hints that your intuition may be quite over-active right now.

This basically means that you may be receiving a lot of potential ideas, opportunities, and inklings of insight that are pushing and pulling you in different directions. It can be hard to know what the “true” initial intuitive calling was.

Silence, meditation, and patience are key with this tricky card.


Ace of Cups (Reversed)

Lately, Leo has been on a streak of handling deep, intuitive energy.

Last week, you were graced with The High Priestess, but this week the Ace of Cups reversed is still pushing you to focus on your internal dialogue, particularly of the emotional and intuitive sort.

This is a fantastic week for an intentional self-love ritual, big or small. Spending time nurturing your heart is well-aligned with this card’s upside-down energy.

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Death (Reversed)

Virgo is contemplating change and transformation this week.

With Death reversed at your side, you may be resisting some aspects of change that are going to be essential to your long-term progress. We get it — moving on from the past isn’t always easy.

However, this is not the time to dwell on potential past mistakes or the “what ifs.” Getting a little contemplative and reflective is okay, but this week absolutely calls for… well, eventually making those steps forward.

Take the leap of faith, Virgo. You might like the version of yourself you see on the other side!


The Tower

Libra may feel like they were dealt an unlucky hand this week… again.

However, The Tower doesn’t always bring bad news. Yes, this card predicts some major upheaval and unexpected surprises (not always of the exciting kind), but that doesn’t mean it’s all gloom and doom.

This card can sometimes be the very definition of “trust the process.” 

Sometimes, we need the Universe to clear away old rubble and grime to make way for the bounty that awaits us.


King of Cups

Scorpio is in their feelings this week… but in a good way.

Rather than dwelling on old emotions or sitting in an uncomfortable intuitive funk, the King of Cups actually describes your position as sitting quite pretty!

You’re in control over your heart and intuition right now, Scorpio. What you are feeling and experiencing during this week should come through clearly and without too much doubt or cloudiness.

Take advantage of this emotional and intuitive clarity as you set plans for the future.


Queen of Cups (Reversed)

Sagittarius, it’s okay to not be okay.

The Queen of Cups reversed points to some difficulty in the heart space. For example, you may be re-experiencing difficult emotions and memories that you thought you healed from and released already.

That doesn’t mean that you’re not “in control” or that you’re “missing something” important. You still wear the crown, but even those in mature and powerful positions are human, too!

Remain soft, compassionate, and patient with yourself this week, Sagittarius.


5 of Swords

Capricorn may want to look toward the future right now, but there are no shortcuts to success here.

The 5 of Swords warns against jumping ahead too fast, making hasty plans, or speaking your mind too openly in front of people whose allegiances you may be uncertain of.

The harsh truth is that not everyone has your best interests at heart, and you may need to slow down and evaluate your circumstances before making sudden commitments to others’ ideas or signing off on anything major.


4 of Cups

Aquarius… there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.”

The 4 of Cups indicates that boredom and dissatisfaction are likely ahead of you this week. You may be receiving a lot of resources via the Aquarius energy floating about through the stars and planets right now, but it may actually feel overwhelming.

Despite the sluggish and uncomfortable energy this card may bring, it should also help you slow down and reconnect with your true desires. 

See it as a blessing in disguise!


2 of Swords (Reversed)

Pisces is ready to take off the blindfold and see everything for what it is.

The 2 of Swords is usually a card of confusion and a lack of genuine clarity. You may have been feeling left in the dark, not just with others around you but even within yourself.

Reversed, you’re using the momentum this week offers to get a move on.

Remember: sometimes, it’s not about finding the “right” answers… but instead just trusting yourself to pick yourself back up again after picking the “wrong” ones.

How to Use Your Tarotscope This Week

Your Tarotscope has spoken for you and your week ahead (and the rest of your zodiac sign family).

Here are some of our favorite ways to creatively utilize your Tarotscope to the best of your advantage:

  • Journal about your Tarotscope and reflect on its insights
  • Meditate upon the energy of the Tarot card you received
  • Compare and contrast the energy you’re experiencing on an individual level with the collective astrological events

How will you use your Tarotscope to make this week’s Aquarius energy your own?

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