What is the Universe Trying to Tell You This August?

When you combine the Law of Attraction with astrology, you learn how to make it easier for the Universe to manifest and support your desires and dreams.

Manifestation is multidimensional, and we can intentionally harness cosmic momentum to fuel our manifestation practices and attract abundance into our lives.

Further, the rich, energetic qualities of each sign in your birth chart combined with the current transits in the Universe can better sync your manifestations to the rhythm of the cosmos.

We create our reality and attract money, relationships, employment, and more into our lives. Since the Universe is constantly creating new things, activating constant growth and expansion, astrological transits provide us a roadmap to better harness those energies.

August is a prime time to manifest and create a thriving future more aligned with your core values and worth. It is the month of harvesting and renewing your mind from scarcity to abundance.

August 2022 Themes

This month’s overall cosmic influences will reawaken your confidence and desire to pursue your life purpose.

To better harness celestial energies, one must understand abundance is not only limited to material things. Instead, abundance means that your higher self is intricately connected to the infinite Universe, which is the source of everything you may desire.

From a cosmic perspective, abundance means you must go beyond your worldly needs and desires to discover what the Soul truly needs to grow into its full expression.

Right now, you probably have a long list of things you need to manifest or perhaps manifestations you need to review. But, by tapping into the astrological transits of the month, you can attract more abundance and the support you deserve to achieve your goals.

So, let’s explore this month’s astrological transits ripe for manifesting material, relationship, spiritual, and self-care abundance.

How to Attract The 4 Types of Abundance in August

1. Material Abundance

The Sun continues to move through lavish Leo, encouraging you to do what you do best and shine your light bright. At the beginning of the month, there’s a strong focus on material abundance as the collective travels through the dynamic Lion’s Gate Portal.

Since material abundance plays a significant role in our lives, you tap into the energies of the following days to manifest material abundance:

  • August 8th
  • August 11th
  • August 18th
  • August 27th

The Lion’s Gate Portal’s most potent day is August 8th, a powerful time of manifesting abundance. If you’ve been struggling with finances or attracting abundance in your life, you can use this energy portal to guide your thoughts toward a more abundant state of being.

Following this, Venus enters Leo during a Super Full Moon in Aquarius.

Venus in Leo has a passion for abundance and attracting new opportunities. Since it is a Full Moon, it would be best to reassess your dreams and wishes to ensure you are working at a healthy pace and not forcing yourself to manifest. Confidence is an aphrodisiac to attract what you desire, and there’s plenty of it around this time.

Finally, the New Moon in Virgo on August 27th will help you find the magic in detail and fill your life with abundance. Although Mars clashes with the New Moon, Jupiter forms a gentle sextile to Mars during this time to ease stress and tension in your life.

In short, end the month by planting new seeds of wealth. Know your worth and learn to be appreciative of material resources.

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2. Relationship Abundance

Leo season is about entertainment, love, romance, passion, fire, and steamy connections. However, knowing that abundance in relationships doesn’t miraculously happen is crucial. You have to put in the work and align yourself.

Self-awareness, self-love, and self-reflection are cornerstones to making your relationships more fulfilling.

Great days for manifesting abundance in intimate or platonic relationships are:

  • August 11th
  • August 18th

When Venus goes into passionate Leo, some much-needed fun and flirtatious energy will be injected into your life. Confidence will prove to be an aphrodisiac, and you have plenty. So, if you are single, get out there on a date and explore your options.

Finally, Venus manifests with Jupiter, bringing optimism and plenty of love to attract relationship abundance in your life.

As a result, you can easily attract people who appreciate and support you and even thrive on social occasions—proving to be a great time to bring more heartfelt energy to friendships, business partners, family, or intimate relationships.

3. Self-Care Abundance

When we operate from a low vibration, we experience everything going wrong and not working out for us. That is why self-care is an effective and practical way to help maintain our health, wellness, and wellbeing.

Self-care is a normal part of everyday life, yet some days are more potent for better working with self-care than others.

The following August days are excellent for raising your vibration and manifesting self-care abundance.

  • August 8th – 11th
  • August 20th
  • August 22nd
  • August 24th – 28th

August 8th through August 11th is ripe with astrological transits that are excellent for jumping into your self-care bag.

The Lion’s Gate Portal most energetically charged day is August 8th, with abundance, healing, and manifestation as the main themes. The Sun in Leo will trine Chiron during that time, helping you be open and aware of draining emotions and energies.

In addition, this transit can be beneficial for healing and growth with old baggage and wounds.

Then, heroic Mars enters intellectual Gemini on August 20th, making our actions and communication forceful and intense. Since the energies make us more prone to impulsive, emotional responses, engaging in self-care will help bring balance to our lives.

Plus, since Mars is a planet that rules our bodily energies, physical self-care would be excellent practice at this time.

Types of physical self-care are:

  • Dancing
  • Eating healthy meals
  • Getting a massage
  • Taking a relaxing bubble bath
  • Going for a walk, riding a bike, skating, or taking a new fitness class
  • Breathing techniques

Next, The Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd, the sign of holistic refinement, self-care, and wellness. Virgo energy thrives at turning self-care into productivity, making Virgo season the perfect time to de-clutter, better manage your daily routine, and make every day a sacred ritual.

Finally, Uranus retrogrades on August 24th, before the New Moon in Virgo and a Venus Saturn opposition. Whenever the “Great Awakener” begins its backward dance through the skies, it indicates a time of total reinvention.

In Taurus, Uranus encourages you to pamper yourself with tender loving care.

The Virgo New Moon screams health and wellness, while Venus and Saturn trigger our comfort zones and insecurities. So, use the rest of August to reduce and eliminate anxiety and stress in your life.

Find time to do the things that help you live happy and well!

Other examples of self-care include:

  • Grounding
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sound healing
  • Energy healing
  • Unplugging for an hour
  • Connecting with nature

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4. Spiritual Abundance

In a spiritual context, abundance is less about material conditions and more about the requirements of the spirit. It is the ability to tap into our deepest inner self while allowing the Universe to provide for your needs.

Excellent days to connect with your inner spirit to uncover happiness, joy, and inspiration to enrich and increase awareness in your life are:

  • August 11th
  • August 16th
  • August 21st
  • August 24th
  • August 31st

First, the Aquarius Super Moon on August 11th brings cleansing energy to give you the strength you need to transform your inner world. It is a liberating time that ushers in change and progresses toward more holistic emotional and spiritual evolution.

On August 16th, Mercury forms a harmonious trine to Uranus, providing a dose of creative and spiritual inspiration to harmonize your mind, body, and Soul. Please pay attention to current downloads and insights, as they provide clues about your destiny.

Mercury then opposes Neptune on August 21st, stimulating your artistic and spiritual ideals—this is a day of awakening, healing, intuition, and transformation.

Finally, Uranus retrograde on August 24th leads us toward the New Moon in Virgo. When the great awakener stations retrograde, you can expect to slow down for some much-needed self-reflection.

Whenever Uranus shows up in our lives, the intensity of lighting burns down old structures for higher consciousness to emerge. The desires in your heart can fuel your spiritual journey to extraordinary heights.

Use These Tips to Attract Abundance

  1. Believe it and dream it.
  2. Stop making excuses.
  3. Do not sell yourself short.
  4. Begin every intention with gratitude.
  5. De-clutter your environment and wallet.
  6. Shift your attitude, identify, and eliminate any negative blocks.
  7. Be wary of chasing perfection, yet stay focused and committed to your goals.
  8. Learn to relax and trust that the Universe supports your dreams, goals, and wishes.

Avoid These Manifestation Mistakes

Using Limiting Words

How we speak and use words significantly affects our manifestations by either bringing things forward or blocking them altogether. So be cautious and learn how to incorporate high vibrational and uplifting communication as a way of life.

Expecting exactly what you want to drop into your lap

One of the big misconceptions around is that exactly everything you desire to manifest will magically appear before you; this causes us to become attached to a specific outcome or get stuck in thinking we know what’s best. Ultimately, this blocks off Universal guidance and support.

Being Afraid to Ask for Help

So often become bogged down in fear-based energies, thinking we have to do it all alone. Manifestation may sometimes be challenging, as it takes great strength to work toward our goals, so know that it is ok to seek healthy outlets for support.

Fear-Based Thinking

Fear can cripple your manifestation process and ability to attract abundance in your life.

Overall, fear is nothing but negative emotions and weak thoughts. But, while we all have our fears and insecurities, releasing fears and shifting your thinking will surely attract more abundance in your life.

Lack of Consistency

Our lack of consistency can be frustrating and painful. We fail to recognize that our actions don’t need to be perfect for them to be consistent. We must act!

First, decide to do something different. Then, create a daily 5-to-10-minute self-care schedule to focus on practicing consistency.

Ignoring your Subconscious Mind

The events of your early childhood or past experiences often take up a lot of space in your life, and you may not even notice. However, given that emotions are the primary language of your subconscious mind, when you break the cycle of negative thinking, you can bring your patterns into conscious awareness.

Giving Up

When we become frustrated with our manifestations’ results, outcome, or timeframe, we want to give up. But, instead of giving up, take some time to reassess your goals, strategies, and resources.

Obsessive Behavior

While being focused on your goal is imperative for success. However, too much focus can also be detrimental and quickly turn into obsessive behavior. Obsessive is your manifestation is fear that your desire will not come to fruition. Or you may manifest the thing you did not want in the first place.

What Will You Manifest This Month?

Overall, manifestation is the ability to consciously attract the things you desire into your reality by focusing on the power of your mind, body, and Soul. So, use these tips, have gratitude, and apply the deep belief that you are enough, have enough, and deserve abundance in all forms.

Remember, everything you experience is attracted to you because the Law of Attraction is responding to your frequency. Therefore, your actions, feelings, and thoughts are vital in the Law of Attraction. 

So, check in with your feelings, shift your mindset, trust yourself, and tap into August’s astrological transits to attract and manifest abundance in your life. You deserve it!

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