A Crystal Pairing for Your Tarot Cards

Tarot cards and crystals tend to go hand in hand.

Why, you may ask?

For one thing, they are both thoroughly useful tools for enabling us to gain access to our subconscious mind and the spirit world. Tarot cards have an uncanny way of helping us understand situations, people, and places we would otherwise have no way of delving deeper into.

Crystals are of the Earth, and, therefore, they connect us to the ancient powers and wisdom that the Earth holds. When we harness the power of different crystals, we can tap into energy within us, which can help us grow and develop as humans.

In other words, both Tarot cards and crystals are pretty awesome! So why not put these incredible divination tools together?

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The Best Crystals for Tarot

If you have been wondering what the best crystals for Tarot are–look no further!

There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck, so we’ll go by suits from the Minor Arcana and Major Arcana cards.

The four suits of the Major Arcana are:

  1. Wands (which represent energy)
  2. Swords (which represent intellect)
  3. Cups (which represent emotions)
  4. Pentacles (which represent the material world)

We’ll pair two crystals to each suit.

As for the Minor Arcana, we’ll pair two crystals for these cards too, which range from the beginning, the Fool card at number 0 to the final World card at number 21.

How to Use Your Crystals for Tarot

You can keep some of these crystals with you as you read. We recommend always keeping a crystal or two close by to keep you energetically balanced and grounded.

Most Tarot readers will agree that if your energy is out of whack, the reading itself can go all over the place and turn out inaccurate. Or, at the very least, your interpretation may be off.

However, once your reading is laid out, take the crystals associated with the cards and hold them in the palm of your hand. This will enhance your capability of interpreting, and you may even reach realizations you would not have thought of otherwise!

You can also place the crystals next to the cards themselves. If you are an intuitive reader, you’ll likely benefit even more from these crystals for tarot, as the information ought to flow freely towards you.

Time for the pairings!

Use These Tarot Cards With These Crystals

Wands Suit With Fire Agate & Sunstone

The Wands suit is a suit of passion and vitality. The Wands cards represent our energetic drive, inspiration, sexuality, and creativity.

Fire agate is a powerful crystal for protecting against ill wishes and for increasing sexual vitality. It is a crystal that helps you feel more alive, upbeat, and motivated.

Sunstone is a crystal of optimism, determination, and optimism. It helps to induce bravery and courage and is especially helpful for the Court cards such as the Knight of Wands, where these qualities are exemplified.

Both of these crystals for tarot can help to enhance the natural energies of the Wands suit.

Swords Suit With Blue Aragonite & Sodalite

Blue aragonite is associated with the throat chakra and is especially helpful for speaking and communication. The Swords suit is one associated with the mind. It represents action, power, force, and the power of the intellect.

Blue aragonite is a little rarer than other crystals, but it is extremely powerful in enhancing the qualities of the Swords suit.

Sodalite is likewise associated with communication and is helpful to those who struggle to find their voices. Wearing this crystal as a pendant can be very helpful with Swords cards that appear in readings as it helps to quieten an over-active or paranoid mind which can skew reading interpretations.

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Pentacles Suit With Citrine & Clear Quartz

The Pentacles suit is about the material world such as money, physical appearance, jobs, careers, lifestyle habits, and health.

Clear quartz is the “master healer” and is especially helpful for Pentacles cards that show up concerning health and well-being. Clear quartz can help you identify how to heal yourself from within as you interpret your reading.

Citrine is a crystal that is very helpful in readings about career and money! Pentacles are usually a good sign in a money or career reading, and harnessing the energy of the citrine crystal can help you understand the details of your situation at an even deeper level.

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Cups Suit with Rose Quartz & Smithsonite

The Cups suit represents our emotions, love and relationships, matters of the heart, creativity, and our intuitive nature.

Rose quartz is perfect for the Cups suit because it promotes universal love and allows us to see things through the eyes of love and forgiveness. Harnessing the energy of this crystal during readings helps you to view your reading with a loving and, in some cases, which are necessary, detached eye.

Smithsonite is one of the rarer crystals, but it is brilliant for helping to calm and soothe emotions.

If your reading is particularly “Cupsy” and emotional, harness the power of smithsonite, which can help soothe your emotions and empower your intuition, enabling you to clearly understand what the reading is trying to tell you.

Major Arcana With Labradorite & Amethyst

The Major Arcana requires two major and powerful crystals to work with them. That’s why we’ve chosen labradorite and amethyst.

Labradorite is tremendous for tapping into your intuition. It can help you access your intuition with greater ease and helps us grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

The amethyst crystal is a great all-rounder–everyone’s got an amethyst! It helps to soothe and alleviate fears, open your Third Eye chakra, relieve stress, and dispel negative emotions.

It is essential to have a clear head when interpreting the Major Arcana, which often represents life-changing aspects out of your control. Amethyst is one of the best crystals to do this while connecting you to the Universe, which is in charge of the Major Arcana cards.

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Tarot & Crystals Go Hand-In-Hand

Using Tarot cards along with crystals can make your readings and spiritual awareness even more powerful than usual!

These crystals for tarot are good for both beginners and seasoned readers to try. Harnessing the power of crystals is a great way to gain more practice as a reader – and it will make your intuition very happy, too.

Even the best readers can struggle with readings. It is something that never really leaves the reader. But using crystals for what they are there for – to help and support us – can help make our Tarot journeys just that little bit easier and be as rewarding as ever.

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