Your Weekly Tarotoscope for May 20th – 26th, 2024

weekly tarotscope may 20

Bubbly, fizzy, and exciting Gemini energy is finally about to be all around us — how will you make the most of it?

Gemini season itself will pick up on the 20th, kickstarting our weeks with that idealistic, expansive, and inquisitive energy that we all know and love. 

Whether or not you yourself resonate with this Air sign, you’ll have to find a way to connect. After all, Venus will also enter Gemini on the 23rd, allowing this thoughtful and curious energy into our relationships and self-image.

If you’re feeling uncertain as to how you should be applying this influx of energy coming from the sign of the twins, don’t fret. We’ve referred to the Tarot for some guidance for your week ahead!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for May 20 – 26, 2024


Queen of Pentacles

Aries is using this week as an opportunity to ground and calibrate.

The Queen of Pentacles shows you focusing on practical affairs, abundance, and work and career.

This is a great week for getting finances in order, enjoying your own company, and finding solace and peace within your home.

In other words, it’s a great week for getting your dominoes set up and back in order, Aries!


King of Wands

Taurus is embracing a bold, expressive, and adventurous presence this week.

The King of Wands shows you are feeling more expressive and confident with your communication, ambition, and desires.

This is an ideal week for saying what you’re feeling, taking hold of the spotlight when appropriate, and taking on leadership roles.

Others are looking to you right now for your light and wisdom, so don’t be afraid to show it all off!


The Fool (Reversed)

Gemini may be suddenly jolted by all of their energy floating around in the stars and planets right now.

Although The Fool usually comes through with fresh ideas and plenty of ambition, this striving for newness and potential may have you stumbling over if you pursue it all too quickly.

In other words, the reversal of this card indicates that you shouldn’t do too much too fast.

Take note of the ideas and ambitions that come through for you this week, but know that the time to apply them may be later.


Judgement (Reversed)

Cancer, now is not the time to make major calls or solidify important decisions.

With Judgement reversed, the cards are hinting that seeing the bigger picture at hand right now is not all that possible.

You may know what you want and who you are, but you may not yet have the tools and information necessary to connect that knowledge with larger plans and communities around you.

In other words, you need more time to see other elements and external factors at play before deciding where you fit into the puzzle.


3 of Swords

It’s a week of healing and getting deep in the feels for Leo.

As the 3 of Swords is the traditional “heartbreak card,” you’ll be exploring some more uncomfortable themes this week as disappointments and times of loss come to the forefront of your mind and heart.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as sometimes exploring these wounds and healing them up front will be important work that sets you up for success later.

Be honest with yourself and your emotions, and be patient and self-forgiving as you approach these places of hurt.


4 of Swords

Virgo is known for their ability to work hard against all odds… but that comes with a catch.

That catch is that you don’t always know when to stop, Virgo!

The 4 of Swords hints that you may have been needing some rest and replenishment for a while and are just now being forced to a halt.

 This is a week of putting down the planning and all the action and chaos and just allowing yourself to catch a breath.


8 of Swords

Libra is feeling particularly stuck in their tracks this week, and it’s not exactly because the Universe is putting you there.

In fact, the 8 of Swords is a wake-up call that you may be holding yourself back more than anything else, Libra.

What thought patterns, self-doubts, and inner questioning may be preventing you from moving forward and making the choices that you want to make?

This week, you are called to be honest about what’s really holding you down.


9 of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio is just trying to move past their inner demons and darkness this week.

Although the 9 of Swords is usually a card of anxiety and some of our worst inner thoughts manifesting in an uncomfortable way, the reversal here indicates that you’re making active attempts to put it all behind you.

This means that this is a week of honest self-reflection, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and branching outside of daily routines that could have been holding you down before.

Although it isn’t an easy process, it will be a rewarding one, Scorpio.


Page of Pentacles

Sagittarius is approaching this week with a soft, curious, and open-minded practicality.

With the Page of Pentacles at your side, this week has the potential to be productive, engaging, and full of learning and growth for Sagittarians.

Especially in the realm of work, career, and finances, you may find more opportunities to find intrigue, new potential, and room for asking interesting questions this week.

How will you make the most of an energy so full of raw potential and open-eyed curiosity?


Wheel of Fortune

Capricorn isn’t exactly known for a happy-go-lucky demeanor, but the Universe is calling you to surrender to that attitude now!

The Wheel of Fortune asks for a trust fall into the Universe’s palms, asking you to release expectations but open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

It isn’t easy to let go of step-by-step practical approaches and backup plans for someone as serious and thoughtful as Capricorn, but good fortune is on your side this week if you’re able to do so.



Aquarius is coming into the world with bold transformations and changes this week!

There is no ignoring when Death knocks on the door, and it’s not really about any sort of literal loss here.

Instead, this card indicates that it’s time for you to metamorphosize internally — who you are, what you want, and how you perceive yourself.

In other words, this is a week of “leveling up” and embracing some true, new aspects of who you are. And it may have been a long time coming.


6 of Pentacles

Pisces is known for their generous and compassionate spirit, and this week you are called to put it to use.

The 6 of Pentacles is a card of generosity and giving freely to others, especially with your time and tangible resources.

Others may be looking to you right now for support, and a lot of the beauty and blessings that you’re likely to receive this week will come from these initial acts of kindness that you’re able to give out.

Look around, Pisces — the world is waiting for you with open hearts and palms, ready to receive.

How to Make the Most of This Week’s Gemini Energy

With your Tarotscope now in the palms of your hands, you should feel more prepared and empowered to make the most of the week ahead.

However, understanding Gemini energy on the whole can also be an essential way to prepare.

After all, this sign is dynamic and engaging, and utilizing it to its fullest can seem intimidating at first glance (even for those who already feel connected to its power).

Here are some of our favorite resources to help you get started:

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