How to Boost Your Self-Confidence With the Taurus Stellium

Earthlings, it’s Taurus season!

Taurus season is extra strong right now because it comes with a Taurus stellium since four planets: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, are all in Taurus right now.

Taurus is often tied to your values, security, and finances, but it also rules self-confidence. Taurus is self-worth and valuing yourself, so Taurus season can be a great time to improve it.

With the Taurus stellium, it’s even better! The planets are pushing for all of us to feel better about ourselves.

Wait…What is a Stellium?

Stelliums occur when there are at least three planets in one zodiac sign. Stelliums are focused, concentrated energy that zeroes in on the zodiac sign the planets are in.

Someone with a Taurus stellium in the natal chart would be extra practical, stick to whatever they start, and develop strong self-confidence. The Taurus stellium man would be seen as dependable and steady, while the Taurus stellium woman would be seen as sensual and earthy.

We now have the transit (moving) planets forming a stellium with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in Taurus. The Sun and Mercury both moved in on April 19th, and Venus moved in on April 14th.

Uranus has been in Taurus for a few years.

This stellium lasts until May 8th. Venus exits on May 3rd, and Mercury exits on May 8th, leaving just the Sun and Uranus in Taurus at that time. There will be a Taurus New Moon on May 11th, so the Moon will be with the Sun and Uranus for a few days, giving a little extra life to the Taurus stellium at the end.

There will also be conjunctions (alignments) between some of the planets in Taurus during this stellium period. They’ll occur on:

  • April 22: Venus conjunct Uranus
  • April 24: Mercury conjunct Uranus
  • April 25: Mercury conjunct Venus
  • April 30: Sun conjunct Uranus

Each of these conjunctions occurs between 10 and 13 degrees Taurus, so if you have any natal planets or other bodies in your birth chart at 10 to 13 degrees Taurus, they’re getting a direct hit!

That would mean you can develop greater confidence and security with whatever that planet or body rules.

You can see the conjunctions all occur in the last week of April, so this stellium may be strongest as we end the month.

Check this out for more on stelliums: What is a Stellium?

2021 Stelliums

We’ve kind of had a stellium bonanza over the last year since 2020 featured a Capricorn stellium with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

Earlier in 2021, from January to mid-March, we had an Aquarius stellium since Jupiter, and Saturn moved into Aquarius (and the Sun, Mercury, and Venus joined them) a Pisces stellium with the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune in mid-March.

This has given us lots of concentrated energy. We’re focused, we’re disciplined, we know what we want, and we’re on a straight path to get it.

Adding to the 2021 stelliums in this Taurus stellium, continuing with that concentrated energy, but it’s the last major stellium for 2021. Major meaning includes one of the slower-moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), making the most of the energy now!

Your 2021 Taurus Stellium Horoscopes

So what can you focus on for improved confidence and security during this Taurus stellium?

Find your Rising sign below to learn (don’t know your Rising? You can read your Sun sign, but if you know your time of birth, you can find your Rising sign using the free birth chart generator!

1st House Taurus Stellium (Taurus Rising)

The 1st house is the house of the self, so this Taurus stellium in your 1st house can be a great time for you to focus on YOU. Make your own wants and needs a priority, and give yourself some attention.

This can help you feel more confident and secure in your life. You can take the reins and feel like you’re in control, which helps you have more energy and drive for what you want to do.

2nd House Taurus Stellium (Aries Rising)

The 2nd house naturally connects to Taurus, so this Taurus stellium amplifies confidence and security for you in general, in all aspects of your life. Slow things down and be more present.

As you take more time and don’t rush yourself as you might usually, you can see things you haven’t, cut out what is unnecessary, and restore some faith in yourself.

3rd House Taurus Stellium (Pisces Rising)

The 3rd house governs the mind so that this Taurus stellium may focus on mental confidence for you. Work on being more expressive with others, sharing what’s on your mind, and being more open.

The more you feel connected to those around you and your immediate environment, the more confidence you can develop. Keep yourself busy and engaged.

4th House Taurus Stellium (Aquarius Rising)

The 4th house governs the home, family, and emotions so that this Taurus stellium may focus on emotional confidence for you. Nurture yourself, give yourself the comfort and support emotionally that you need, and your confidence can soar.

You may want to spend more time with the most familiar and supportive people and strengthen your support system.

5th House Taurus Stellium (Capricorn Rising)

The 5th house governs love and creativity, so this Taurus stellium may focus on being confident in your creative abilities. Let your creative side flow, and be confident in what you can create.

The more you do what you love in healthy and positive ways, the more confident you can feel. You can enjoy yourself and feel more secure.

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6th House Taurus Stellium (Sagittarius Rising)

The 6th house governs work, so this Taurus stellium may focus on being confident in the work you do, whether actual professional work or the little tasks and chores we all have. As you get more productive and organized, you can feel more confident in yourself.

Tackle anything that’s stressing you out right now, too, which can help improve confidence in a big way.

7th House Taurus Stellium (Scorpio Rising)

The 7th house governs relationships, so this Taurus stellium may focus on being confident in your relationships and dealings with others. Cultivate healthy and positive relationships, and you can feel more confident.

You may also help others feel more confident during this time, which may help you feel more secure yourself.

8th House Taurus Stellium (Libra Rising)

The 8th house governs transformations, so this Taurus stellium may focus on making transformations to improve your confidence. You may work on a big transformation that has been a focus for some time or work on some small ones that help you.

You may also feel more confident when you have more power and control, so look within to use the personal power you have.

9th House Taurus Stellium (Virgo Rising)

The 9th house governs expansion, so this Taurus stellium may focus on expanding in some way to improve your confidence. As you venture out and have new experiences, you can feel more confident in yourself.

Try focusing on the bright side and being more optimistic. This can help with confidence as well.

10th House Taurus Stellium (Leo Rising)

The 10th house governs goals, so this Taurus stellium may focus on setting new goals or making progress with goals to improve your confidence. The more you succeed, the more secure you can feel.

You can focus on hitting a high point and hitting your stride, and you can get comfortable with reaching new goals.

11th House Taurus Stellium (Cancer Rising)

The 11th house governs change, so this Taurus stellium may focus on making changes that improve your confidence. Think about changes you’ve been stalled on or haven’t put together a plan for, and work on making things happen.

You can also benefit from spending time with friends, meeting new people, and pursuing causes you’re passionate about as a boost to your confidence levels.

12th House Taurus Stellium (Gemini Rising)

The 12th house governs endings and the hidden, so this Taurus stellium may focus on finishing and eliminating, leading to improved confidence. Let go in healthy ways of what has been holding you back, and free yourself up to move forward more easily.

You may also want to spend more time alone, or at least away from lots of people. Being more introspective and tuning in to your subconscious can help with confidence as well.

Embrace the Taurus Stellium Energy Now!

This stellium is in play for a few weeks, so use it while you can. That concentrated energy may not be as available for the rest of the year, so think about new ways you can improve security and confidence in your life right now.

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