Forge Stronger Relationships With Libra & Scorpio

The Sun just recently entered Libra on September 23rd and will be in Libra until October 23rd when it moves into Scorpio. Libra and Scorpio are excellent signs for focusing on your relationships, and this time of the year when the Sun travels through them can bring great energy for strengthening your connection with others. The Sun will be in Scorpio until November 22nd, so it’s almost 2 months of positive relationship energy you have to work with.

During this time, you’ll also get a pair of New Moons bringing helpful energy. These New Moons amplify the energy and help us come together. Mercury and Venus are in Libra now and will tour Scorpio, though there will be a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio October 13th – November 3rd, so make sure you’re prepared for that. It may bring you out of this period addressing old issues and eliminating intimacy blocks.

Libra Traits vs. Scorpio Traits

Libra is the sign that governs other people. Libra wants to focus on others rather than themselves. The Libra personality is one that is usually trying to get everyone on the same page and find a way to keep the peace. Libra isn’t a fan of drama! This is an Air sign, making Libra quite sociable, and a Cardinal sign, so Libra takes charge in diplomacy.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is a very intense sign Water sign full of much more emotion than Libra. Scorpio is researching and wants to get below the surface to find what’s underneath it all. Scorpio takes everything seriously, and as a Fixed sign, sticks with whatever it focuses on. The Scorpio personality is strong and willful.

You may think that Libra and Scorpio don’t have much in common! They are pretty different on the surface. But every sign builds on the previous sign, and Scorpio is the sign that follows Libra, so they do have some commonalities. Relationships are one of them!

Libra, Scorpio & Relationships

Libra rules our committed relationships, the people, and relationships that are more than just acquaintances, while Scorpio rules intimacy. As Scorpio builds on Libra, Scorpio takes the commitment of Libra and deepens it with emotional bonds. Scorpio doesn’t take relationships lightly at all, which is something Libra greatly appreciates after putting so much time and energy into commitment.

With the Sun moving through Libra and Scorpio back-to-back, you have a period during the year when you can get serious about commitment and intimacy in your relationships. Keeping things loose and casual doesn’t really fly during this time. Commit and stick around, and put in the time and effort.

BTW, you’ll feel this much stronger if you have any planets in your natal chart in Libra or Scorpio, especially the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Jupiter.

Tips to Improve Relationships With Libra & Scorpio

While the Sun is in Libra, focus on the following to improve your relationships.

#1. Pinpoint areas of imbalance in your relationships

There are usually areas where you give too much attention, and areas that you neglect. Work on bringing balance to these areas by taking away from the ones that are sucking up all of the oxygen and giving to the ones that are in desperate need.

#2. Make compromises

In every good relationship, you have to agree to meet in the middle sometimes (or most of the time, or all of the time!). If you’ve been feeling the need to push your positions too much and haven’t been open enough to what the people you care about want, this is a good time to take a step back and work on having a more compromising attitude.

#3. Show respect.

When you respect others, they usually respect you back. Libra loves connections rooted in mutual respect, so if you haven’t been very respectful, or you haven’t been shown much respect, work on changing that. If you show respect and you’re not getting it back, there may be something deeper lurking, or the relationship may not be worth pursuing further.

While the Sun is in Scorpio, focus on the following to improve your relationships:

#4. Dig deeper.

Pull back the layers of your relationships and of your loved ones. This helps you understand the way they operate and the way your relationship operates. This helps improve your connection and allows you to figure out what needs more work.

#5. Find solutions to long-standing problems.

With Scorpio, if you just let things continue to grow and fester without trying to find a solution, it can lead to the unraveling of the relationship. Avoid that by facing issues that have persisted in the relationship, coming up with a solution, and committing to it.

#6. Improve intimacy.

Share more with your loved ones, and understand it’s a two-way street. You have to give as much as you get. Don’t stay closed off. Open up emotionally, and you can connect on a new emotional level. This can be scary but ultimately leads to much stronger connections. Check out this article on how to use your Moon sign to influence your love language.


Astrology provides you with plenty of chances to get things right in any and every area of life, including relationships. The Sun touring Libra and Scorpio is one of those times when you can get serious and committed. Focus on the relationships that you’d like to strengthen, and see where it can lead.

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