These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected With These 4 Celestial Bodies in Scorpio

Is there one zodiac sign in particular that you often recognize as your favorite? Perhaps you wish it could always be Virgo season, soaking in that productive energy, for example.

Well, here’s an important notice for those that happen to favor intense and emotional Scorpio: for the next few months, you’ll be noticing this sign have an extended stay throughout the cosmos in more ways than one.

And it’s actually not just those who care deeply for this sign, either — certain zodiac placements may feel the effects of this strange time more than others.

For better or for worse, you’ll want to catch up on when and how this energy will be occupying the sky and take note of how to prepare and take advantage of this cosmic alignment.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign 101

With an air of mystery and veil of privacy, it may feel like it’s hard to get to the bottom of the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Scorpio is traditionally ruled by the planet of war and drive, Mars, adding to that intense motivation and devotion; however, modern astrology notes Scorpio’s ruler as Pluto, the planet of change, rebirth, and transformation, which speaks to the Scorpion’s openness to the taboo and occult.

Like other Water signs, Scorpio experiences emotions incredibly deeply, being intense lovers and friends for those that they care about. And all in all, being a Fixed sign, Scorpios are in it with you for the long haul… if you can get them to break down their walls for you.

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The Scorpio Special: 4 Celestial Bodies in Scorpio

All of these transits light up the cosmos with sky energy in their designated themes and areas of life.

Mark your calendars because these are some cosmic alignments you will not want to miss!

And speaking of calendars, check out our November astrology calendar to prepare for the month ahead.

1. Sun in Scorpio

As you may expect with all zodiac seasons, the Sun will be in Scorpio for about a month. Starting on October 23rd, we’ll see the effects of Scorpio season in full swing, reigning the skies until November 21st.

2. Mars in Scorpio

If you’re not yet convinced that Scorpio will be dominating the sky enough for your tastes, you’re in luck.

Mars, the planet of war, drive, and ambition, will also be housed in Scorpio from October 30th to December 13th. This is especially important given that Scorpio is in domicile here (AKA: sitting in its home turf).

3. New Moon in Scorpio

Unlike the other rulers of the cosmos, the Moon changes every couple of days rather than weeks, months, or years.

However, it fortuitously will be aligning during this Scorpio-heavy time period to grant us a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th. That’s one day you’ll want to mark on your calendar for extra Scorpio energy!

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4. Mercury in Scorpio

For the grand finale, one final planet makes its way into Scorpio, and unlike the New Moon, it isn’t just a one-and-done event.

Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, will be joining the Sun and Mars in Scorpio on November 5th, sitting in this intense spot until November 24th.

Best Crystals to Use for Each Transit

With the calendars marked up, you’re now prepared schedule-wise for each Scorpio-centered planet coming up.

What about that Earthy, spiritual protection and good energy that a beloved crystal can provide? Here are our suggestions for crystal-lovers and newbies alike during this time.

1. Sun in Scorpio: Aquamarine

Calming and intuition-friendly Aquamarine is a sweet choice for Scorpio season.

While it can help ease up the intensity we generally experience under the Scorpio Sun, the beauty of Aquamarine is that it still lovingly taps into our emotional heart space rather than pushing us to avoid it.

So while it speaks to the Scorpio’s love of truth and emotional vulnerability, it does so in a way that may be gentler and less intimidating for those who find the season of the Scorpion to be more daunting.

2. Mars in Scorpio: Black Tourmaline

Mars in Scorpio is a fairly intense transit that demands quite a bit of our willpower and drive, pushing us to our limits if we’re not careful.

Black Tourmaline, a protective stone, has ties to our Root chakra, which speaks to our stability and comfort. When we’re comfortable with what our core needs and desires are, it becomes significantly easier to go after what we want with confidence.

And after all, isn’t that much of the beauty of working with a Scorpio Mars?

3. New Moon in Scorpio: Citrine

With a much lighter tone than the others thus far, Citrine brings productive but gentle energy to the table.

New Moons are abundant times of renewal and planning, and Scorpio energy can sometimes put a heavy damper on our initial optimism. Citrine can help bring that energy into balance, highlighting the importance of emotional investment without totally sacrificing an optimistic and joyful spirit.

4. Mercury in Scorpio: Rose Quartz

A fan favorite for a good reason, Rose Quartz may be a solid choice for Mercury transiting Scorpio.

Communication and the mind being ruled by emotionally intense and intuitive Scorpio can be overwhelming if not approached correctly.

After all, we want to remain honest and compassionate to our loved ones with that lovely Scorpio emotional awareness, but without succumbing to the sometimes-too-private nature of the protective Scorpion.

So, gentle and love-filled Rose Quartz brings the affectionate energy we need to the table but still taps into the Scorpio desire for real and honest intimacy.

The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Affected

As you may know, we all have a bit of the zodiac signs in our natal charts in one way or another.

To make the most of the next couple of months, take note of where these signs fall in your birth chart to see how the Scorpio energy will affect your personal astrological navigation.

1. Scorpio

You may have seen this one from a mile away, but Scorpio placements, as you may anticipate, will have a lot lighting up in their chart during this time.

All Scorpio energy will be intensified by quite a bit, which means that having Scorpio placements in your chart already will be dramatically emphasize this energy for you personally.

Be sure to take extra time to take care of yourself during this time, as the transformations and intensity that you typically experience will just be multiplied over the next months.

2. Taurus

Scorpio placements aren’t the only ones who will be feeling the next months with intensity.

Taurus placements will be finding themselves in a bit of an astrological pickle, as this sign happens to be exactly the opposite of Scorpio. In other words, while the sky is lighting up with all of Scorpio’s energy, Taurus is likely to be wildly uncomfortable with this astrological action.

Just remember: an opposition is not a big bad wolf to be feared, but a heads up that you may find friction wherever it lands.

3. Aquarius

What do Aquarius and Scorpio have in common? Well, they’re both Fixed signs, but that’s about it (at least on the surface).

These two signs form an uncomfortable square aspect, which means that challenges arise when Scorpio and Aquarius interact. That said, a challenge is just that: a challenge, not an impossible mission.

With an Aquarius placement, your energy will be squaring off against Scorpio, which may feel like a conflict of interest in terms of putting that Fixed motivation and drive into motion.

However, with the right attitude and awareness, you can use this as an opportunity to learn a bit more about going with the flow and adapting to new difficulties.

4. Leo

Now, what do Aquarius, Scorpio, and Leo all have in common? They’re in the same boat that we just discussed: all Fixed signs, squaring off against one another in uncomfortable tension. This means that you can expect the same difficulties that Aquarius placements will be experiencing during this time of Scorpio’s reign.

In other words: it may not be an easy road ahead, but valuable lessons, skills, and assets can certainly be learned if you’re open to the challenge.

5. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius-Scorpio interaction that occurs over the next few months may not seem as dramatic or fiery as the previous ones, but that doesn’t mean you should write it off as nothing.

A minor aspect called semisextile gets created with these two signs, which means that they’re right next to each other with little in common. This is mainly important as Sagittarius will be taking up the cosmos too.

For instance, Sagittarius is already residing in Venus, the planet of love and relationships, and it will be until November 5th. Plus, after Scorpio season and Mercury in Scorpio are done taking up space in the sky, Sagittarius will be taking over.

In other words, this is a placement you’ll still want to be paying attention to, as these neighbors may have lessons of equal importance to share.

Will Scorpio Season Be Sweet or Sour?

Are you feeling ready for the time of the Scorpion to take over?

The truth is, we all face the lessons that this intense zodiac sign has to share with us to varying degrees, whether we favor it or not, or whether it’s lighting up our chart with ease and grace or difficulty and tension.

And whether Scorpio is your favorite or most dreaded zodiac sign to see in the stars, it’s ultimately up to you to make sure this time is sweet instead of sour.

With your newfound knowledge of what to look for in your own chart, you’ll be ready as ever to take on the Scorpion reign.

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