Your Insightful March 2021 Crystal Forecast

When you want to work with grounding, managing, and controlling astrological energy, a beneficial tool you can use is crystals. To help you out, let’s explore the March crystal forecast!

Crystals are great for tapping into the energy that you want. They come from the Earth, helping to ground and focus.

Once you’ve chosen the crystals you want to work with of the ones mentioned below, make sure to cleanse and charge them first.

Cleansing your crystals may be as simple as leaving them out under the light of the Sun and Moon for a day or submerging them in sea salt for a day. To charge your crystals, do something positive and fun for at least 20 minutes daily for one week while holding them in your non-dominant hand.

You can check out the article to help guide you: 7 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals in Less Than 10 Minutes

Then run them through the elements (hold under some water for water, stick in some dirt for the earth, wave through the flame of a match or candle for fire, and put out the flame and wave through the smoke or wave through the smoke of incense for air).

After this, your crystals are ready for use!

Keep them in your pocket, wallet, or purse, wear them (if jewelry), place them on your desk, nightstand, counter, or in your car. They’re there for you whenever and wherever you need their help.

Now, let’s dive into it.

General Crystal Forecast For March 2021

Let’s review some general crystals for March first before we get into your crystal forecast based on your zodiac sign.

Crystals For Pisces Season

This month began with us in Pisces Season, which we’re still currently in. The Pisces energy is strongest this Pisces Season March 8th to 14th. Pisces is excellent for imagination, intuition, and compassion, but it can also make us more vulnerable, sensitive, and unrealistic.

Pisces Season lasts until March 20th. Try these Pisces crystals for using the Pisces energy:

For Strengthening Intuition

Labradorite, a stone of magic.

For Creativity

Citrine, a joyful crystal.

For Being More Compassionate

Kunzite, a stone of Divine Love.

For Having Healthy Boundaries

Black tourmaline, a protective crystal.

For a Better Reality

Larimar, which raises consciousness.

Find more crystals perfect for Pisces Season: The Best Crystals for Pisces

Crystals For Aries Season

On March 20th, the Sun moves into Aries, and we kick off Aries Season. Venus moves into Aries the next day, and the two hook up quickly, so we’ll have some nice energy right away.

Aries Season is excellent for new beginnings, energy, and excitement. It can also make us more impatient, impulsive, and frustrated, though.

Aries Season starts March 20th and lasts until April 19th. Try these Aries crystals for using the Aries energy:

For Courage

Aquamarine, the stone of courage.

For Better Energy

Clear quartz, which can help regulate energy.

For Discipline

Obsidian, which helps with self-control.

For Patience & Decreasing Frustration

Howlite, a crystal for calmness, and carnelian, which controls anger.

Find more crystals perfect for AriesSeason: Lucky Crystals for Aries

Crystals For Mars in Gemini

One other astrology event I want to point out for this month is Mars just entered Gemini two days ago and is in this sign for the rest of the month (until April 23rd).

This stimulates massive mental energy, and we can be much busier and more engaging. We may find ourselves scattered, though, restless or anxious, and have to get some control over the mental energy.

Try these crystals for Mars in Gemini:

To Slow Down Mental Energy

Calcite, which slows down over-stimulation.

For Greater Mental Focus

Blue quartz, which brings clarity.

To Calm Anxious Energy

Amethyst, a tranquil crystal that promotes tranquil energy.

March 2021 Crystal Forecast For the Zodiac Signs

Now let’s explore the crystal forecast for each of the zodiac signs for March:


The first half of March has you clearing out and cleaning up to make room for when your season kicks off, Aries. Then you can hit the ground running and make use of your increased energy.

Mars brings out lots of ideas that you want to take action with, and fast.

For Clearing

Clear Quartz

For New Beginnings



You may be focused on your dreams for the future during the first half of the month, Taurus. You can look further ahead and let yourself dream of the ideal future you hope for. Later in the month, you can listen to your intuition for guidance.

Mars helps you get disciplined with your plans.

For Change

Botswana agate

For Intuition


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You likely want to make some progress during the first half of the month, Gemini, and focus on your goals. You can think outside of the box later in the month, and Mars in your sign can help keep you moving and take the initiative for what you want.

For Ambition


For Energy



You can think a lot bigger during the first half of the month, Cancer, and focus on the bright side of life. You may get more disciplined later in the month, and Mars can keep your ideas to yourself, waiting and preparing for the right time to come later.

For Big Ideas

Blue fluorite

For Patience


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Serious matters get your attention during the first half of the month, and you can find solutions and transform, Leo. Your mood can perk up later in the month, and Mars can help you work on plans for change and experiment.

For Transformation

Smoky quartz

For Change

Botswana agate


You may try to get more time with others and improve your relationships during the first half of the month, Virgo. You can tackle challenges later in the month, and Mars can keep your focus disciplined and help you work on long-term plans.

For Relationships


For Discipline



There can be plenty of work for you to get done during the first half of the month, Libra, and you can stay focused as needed. Your attention can turn toward others later in the month, and Mars can help you be more optimistic.

For Work

Clear quartz

For Relationships

Rose quartz

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Creativity and fun can be your focus during the first half of the month, Scorpio, and you may not want to deal with any work until later in the month when you’re more focused.

Mars can prompt a transformation for the better of some sort in your life.

For Creativity


For Transformation

Smoky quartz


You can focus on matters at home or with family during the first half of the month, Sagittarius, and want to give yourself some emotional support. You can focus more on the positives later in the month, and Mars can keep attention on others.

For Cleansing the Home


For Relationships

Rose Quartz

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Your mental energy can be high during the first half of the month, Capricorn, and you can come up with lots of new ideas. Mars helps you to get practical with it and start taking some small steps.

You may focus more on emotions later in the month.

For Mental Focus

Blue Quartz

For Emotional Healing

Clear quartz


You may take things slowly during the first half of the month, Aquarius and activity can pick up later in the month. Mars brings out creative energy, and you can use it to make life a little more fun.

For Slowing Down


For Creativity



The month starts with your season, Pisces, and you can focus on what you want to get started with for yourself. You can take things slow and steady later in the month, and Mars can make you think about how to strengthen your foundation.

For Courage


For Emotional Strength


Use the Power of Crystals This March!

Let March be a fabulous month for you this year! Using some astrology paired with crystals can help you do just that. Review this crystal forecast and see which crystals you already have that can work for you, or see which resonate most with you.

You don’t need every crystal listed (obviously), and one crystal you have a strong connection with can go a long way. Trust your instincts to guide you to the right one.

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