Your March 2023 Tarotscope Has Some Exciting Insights

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A flurry of romantic, sweet, and vibrant energy is on the way for March — are you ready to take it all in?

If you weren’t already enjoying the romantic and dreamy energy of Pisces season, the planet Mercury — ruling over communication and thought — will also be occupying the sign of the fluid Fish starting the 2nd of this month.

That’s not all, either! Saturn, a planet that teaches us important lessons and carries responsibilities with high priority, will also be entering the sign of Pisces on the 7th.

But don’t fret if this excessive Water sign energy dampens your spirits. Aries season will also take off on the 20th, bringing in that vibrancy and newness you might have missed. Basically, we have a lot on our plates, which is why the trusty Tarot is here to guide us on what’s to come.

Your March 2023 Tarotscope


The Magician & 3 of Wands

After a series of seriously challenging cards, Aries is now faced with a much more delightful spread on the table.

In the past few months, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of wrestling with your ambitions, sense of drive, and actually getting to the heights that you want to achieve. And this month is all about actually being able to do the work.

The Magician comes through with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit that any Aries is sure to appreciate.

This month is excellent for getting the creative juices flowing, and the 3 of Wands supports this energy logistically by expanding your horizons with travel opportunities, new connections, and plans for the future.

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The Moon & 5 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Taurus is facing a little bit of whimsy and mystery, and stagnation in practical matters may be on the horizon.

The Moon shakes up the imagination, intuition, and emotional space, bringing in new insights and questions, but often the answers don’t come as quickly. The world may feel hazy, and a bit confused right now, but fighting the current here isn’t the answer.

The 5 of Pentacles reversed points to struggles you may have been experiencing with finances, career, abundance, or general practical stability. You’re trying to move forward, but this month you’re, again, facing some fogginess and intuitive curiosities.

Try your best to stay grounded among the haziness, but be receptive to thinking outside the box this month.

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Justice & Ace of Swords

Gemini has something on their mind, and it’s time to speak that truth.

Justice and the Ace of Swords are both powerful cards for communication, objective reasoning, and reaching breakthroughs and answers (even if the questions have been tough lately).

Now is a great time to make decisions, call the shots, and say what’s on your mind.

If you’re not in a leadership position or finding yourself easily within the driver’s seat, this month is the time to step up to the plate and see where you can make room for yourself.

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The Fool & Ace of Cups (Reversed)

Cancer is ready to take on new beginnings and adventures, but this month has some hiccups.

The Fool shows you embracing that newness and optimism and sheds a positive light on trying new things, coming up with new ideas, and putting yourself out there in the world.

The Ace of Cups reversed, however, indicates that you may run into issues with self-love from time to time or perhaps find it challenging to make connections with others that strike your fancy.

Remember that at the start of every new path, there may be some trial and error, and enduring some mistakes is a good sign that you’re learning!

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The Tower & 2 of Swords (Reversed)

It’s a difficult month for our fabulous Leo friends, but we’re here to spill the secrets of making it out in one piece (and still looking as fantastic as ever).

The Tower is not a delight to see, as it tends to point to large-scale transformation at a foundational level (say goodbye to familiar routines, commitments, and ideas that you may have been attached to).

The 2 of Swords reversed indicates that you’re likely to take this a little hard (enter: overthinking and confusion), but the trick with these cards is to remember that sometimes a slight change in the present will set us up for something better in the future. 

Schedule a few self-care days, prepare yourself with some affirmations, and you’ll already be ahead of the curve when it comes to stomaching change. 

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The Devil & King of Swords (Reversed)

Virgo is entering a phase of a struggle this month — the first battle: the mind.

The Devil is a damper in general, spotlighting any insecurities, old baggage, or bad habits that you may wish were left in the dark. Anything that has been lingering around for too long is likely to resurface front and center.

And the King of Swords reversed really highlights overthinking, feeling like you’re losing control over your mind, and having difficulties expressing your thoughts and communicating.

Remember: these are problems to address and work through — not avoid — no matter how uncomfortable or shadowy things get.

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The Empress (Reversed) & 9 of Wands (Reversed)

Libra wants to move and flow creatively but may hit roadblocks when it comes to the actual execution.

The Empress reversed creates issues regarding fortifying and creating the abundance, creativity, and comfort you seek. While the 9 of Wands reversed can indicate your desire to move forward and not wait forever, it warns against rushing the process.

This month, you may feel like you want to initiate or proceed with a plan or idea but find a wrench thrown into the mix seemingly at random.

Reversed or not, you are still The Empress. If you can’t build what you want to this month, remember to write down those ideas for later.

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Scorpio, it’s your time to shine — good luck and good fortune are on the table.

The Wheel of Fortune is a welcome sight that hints surrendering a bit to the Universe this month is likely an essential key to your success. Good luck and divine alignment are here, but you’ll have to loosen the grip on the reins of control to fully embrace the benefits of it all.

The Ace of Pentacles specifically highlights career, work, financial, and home-related opportunities, especially when it comes to new things popping into the picture.

In other words, you may have a plan or goal in mind, but it’s in your favor to be receptive to seeing a new opportunity this month!

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The Hermit & 4 of Pentacles

Sagittarius is having a contemplative, reflective month.

The Hermit is not necessarily just a card of solo reflection time, but the 4 of Pentacles, on the other hand, creates more of an aura of solitude for the month.

You may feel more concerned with your personal resources, agenda, future plans, schedule, and general life goals and philosophy this month — and you’re not as interested in hearing external opinions.

The quest for knowledge likely will be very internal this March, but with some patience and open-mindedness, it can also be very fruitful.

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The Lovers (Reversed) & Page of Pentacles (Reversed)

Capricorn, this month may not be the one to make any major, final decisions.

The Lovers reversed, and the Page of Pentacles reversed together can indicate difficulties with practical decision-making, falling into silly mistakes or errors, and generally feeling like a little kid again in some areas of life.

And hey — we can all use a little whimsy and childlike wonder every now and then. But for responsible Capricorn, it’s essential for you to have the heads-up that work may have to fall on the back burner for this month.

For now, enjoy the silliness and forgive yourself readily for any mistakes that you may run into.

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The Star (Reversed) & King of Cups

Aquarius is hitting a roadblock regarding healing and connecting with their intuition.

With The Star reversed, it may feel like you want to start anew, but there’s just something holding you back, or suddenly it’s hard to read the signs from the Universe that used to be oh-so-clear.

The King of Cups suggests that the only way through is through — journaling, reflecting, contemplating, and connecting earnestly with the heart. With honesty and some hard work, you’ll get through this.

Sometimes, you have to be the one to create your own new beginning.

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Judgement (Reversed) & Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Pisces, you may seek answers this month but come up empty if you only use the powers of logic.

Judgement reversed and the Queen of Swords reversed are both frustrating energies for those who prefer having a clear mind and swift decision-making skills at their aid. Initially, you may find yourself struggling with this energy this month.

However, remember that one of your greatest skills as a Pisces is your power of intuition — the heart and the unconscious sometimes know more than the mind.

When you are overthinking or stressing over the answers, find some stillness and quiet, and see if the answers will come to you without force.

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March Forward With Confidence

Now that the Tarot has spoken, you’re more equipped than you were ten minutes ago to charge forward into March with a can-do, confident attitude.

Here’s a truth that you may not initially believe: whether or not your Tarotscope was particularly “positive” or “negative” doesn’t matter.

This Tarotscope is like the map, and you are the captain of your own ship. You may not always be able to control the seas, but you can certainly decide your course.

In other words, it’s not wise to ignore what the cards have to say, but you can use them to approach life with the ideal attitude.

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